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Zack and Miri Put on a Show

By Spurtz

Zack and Miri put on a sex show

My name is Zack and I’ve been married to Miri for almost eight years. No kids, which is our choice. I make good money as a corporate attorney and Suzie brings in a healthy second income repairing high end guitars. She has a complete shop in a separate building behind our home.

We’ve managed to keep our sex lives alive and well. It’s taken a bit of an upswing recently when we met Rod and Heidi who live in the same upscale private gated community that we do. We started socializing with them by going out to dinner and to shows and then taking turns entertaining each other at our homes. Things got a bit more exciting one night when we were at Rod and Heidi’s for dinner. After the meal, we all had a bit too much to drink and Rod started getting a bit frisky with Heidi on the oversized sofa, as Miri and I watched from across the dimly lit room. The two of them got carried away and I guess they totally forgot we were even in the room.

Before we fully realized what was going on, Heidi had Rod’s erect cock out of his pants and was working it over with both her lips and hands while he was sucking on one bare breast and exploring the crevice between her legs with his fingers. The next thing we knew Rod had pulled off her panties and was spreading her legs and guiding his cock home.

Miri and I had never actually watched anybody else having sex right in front of us and it was one helluva turn-on. Miri unzipped my pants and had my now instantly erect cock in her hand jerking me off. Without going into a lot of detail it wasn’t long before my cock was pistoning in and out of Miri’s wet pussy. Even though there was no sexual contact between us and Rod and Heidi, believe me when I tell you the room was supercharged with sex as orgasms were reached on both sides of the room.

As the four of us lay there in post-orgasmic bliss, we all laughed self-consciously and joked around about what had just happened. I had heard of “soft swinging” before where couples engaged in group sex, but limited any actual sexual contact to just their own partner. We all agreed it was a lot of fun and sexually arousing. Rod suggested that we make a regular night each week set aside for “soft swinging.” And we did.

Miri and I discussed the possibility that what we were doing could actually lead to partner swapping. Miri liked Rod but frankly did not see him as a sex partner. I didn’t admit it to Miri but the idea of fucking Heidi was a very exciting to me. But we decided not to do anything more than what we were already doing.

Rod wanted to take things further. He was disappointed when Miri and I said we would like to keep things as they were. Miri is a real hottie and I know Rod would love to fuck her. Then Rod had another suggestion. He told us that he and Heidi were members of a local swinging group that met once a week at a local mansion. The mansion was owned by an older lesbian woman and her partner. Members of the group would meet at the mansion and basically have sex with anyone who was willing. The group had about thirty couples as dues paying members and no singles were allowed. On a typical week anywhere from ten to fifteen couples would show up. Rod invited us to join him and Heidi at this week’s session. He pointed out that members were free to bring a guest couple. He went on to say that we didn’t have to do anything but watch or fuck each other if we wanted to. In that respect it was no different than the “soft swinging” we had been doing, but just with more people watching.

We told Rod we would think it over and let him know. That evening Miri and I discussed it at length and decided to give it a try. We didn’t have to do anything we didn’t want to do and it might be fun to watch a bunch of people having sex. The scheduled session was only two days away so we told Rod and Heidi that we were up for a new adventure.

Heidi explained the mansion’s rules. Men had to be completely nude except for sandals. Women could wear a short teddy but no bra or panties. See-through teddies were encouraged. Heidi explained that once activities heated up, all of the teddies, if even worn initially, were discarded and basically everybody was naked.

I know Miri had serious concerns about the whole thing. But considering her fantastic figure and beautiful face, she had nothing to worry about.

Upon arriving at the mansion, we were directed to a room that was equipped with lockers where we could store our clothes and personal items. Miri was a bit put off that it was a coed locker and that she had to undress in front of several strange men. I pointed out that she would be mingling nude with all these same men in a few minutes anyway.

After disrobing, the four of us proceeded into the main room, which was huge and filled with sofas, chairs, futons, and large pillows on the deeply carpeted floor. I was surprised to see that everybody in the room was relatively young. By that, I mean under 45 or so. And also physically fit. Rod had told me that the requirements to join the group were fairly strict.

I saw Miri’s eyes going around the room obviously entranced with all the naked men. Like many women, she had most likely never seen that many bare cocks in one setting. Although most were flaccid there were a few guys sporting semi hard cocks. But no visible sexual activity had commenced at that point.

Rod said he wanted to introduce us to some of the couples who he and Heidi knew intimately. The first couple was Steve and Julie. The first thing I noticed was that Steve was good looking and quite well endowed and was already showing signs of arousal. Miri’s eyes zeroed in on Steve’s prick with obvious interest. Upon being introduced Steve gave Miri a brief hug. As he did so, I noticed the head of his impressive cock brushed across Miri’s thigh. She looked down with obvious pleasure at the contact. A momentary shock of jealousy flashed through my mind as I realized my wife was attracted to another man’s prick.

As we stood together talking, it was obvious that my wife could not take her eyes off of Steve’s large prick. He was fully aware of it and as a result, he started to harden. I couldn’t believe this guy was getting a hard-on because of my wife’s attention. I was jealous but also turned on. I felt my own prick start to swell and harden.

Rod suggested we move on and meet some other couples. Steve again stepped forward to give my wife another hug. But now his large cock was sticking straight out and as he lightly embraced Miri, his cockhead touched her pussy. I saw her open her legs slightly and damned if Steve’s prick didn’t slide right on through between her legs. There was no penetration of course, and when he reluctantly withdrew, I saw that the shaft of his cock was wet with her juices. Pangs of jealousy raged through my mind but I felt my own cock stiffen with excitement and I involuntarily reached down and gripped it and gave it a few quick strokes.

Heidi laughed as we moved across the room. “Looks like Zack got a bit excited seeing Miri’s interest in Steve’s big prick,” she said. I know my face must have flushed red. I admitted my conflicted feelings about what just happened. I told Rod and Heidi that Miri and I were going to the bar for a drink and we would catch up to them in a few minutes.

As we walked away I questioned Miri about why she had so shamelessly focused on Steve’s cock. There was some anger in my voice. She reached down and stroked my hardening prick. “I’m sorry if I upset you,” she said. “But I couldn’t help myself. This whole room is full of exposed cocks and it’s a real turn-on. To have a strange prick as nice as Steve’s pressing right against me was more than I could handle. I’ve never had the hard cock of a complete stranger touch my pussy and it was really exciting. And I saw your reaction. You were really turned on when Steve’s big hard cock slid between my legs. Admit it.”

Now my own cock was fully hard. Although not quite as big as Steve’s, I was still bigger than most of the men in the room. Talking about it and visualizing Steve’s wet prick between my wife’s legs was turning me on more than I could ever imagine. As we leaned against the bar waiting for our drinks, I lifted one of Miri’s legs and directed my now fully engorged cock towards her dripping pussy. Her hands reached down. One grabbed my cock while the other spread her lips and my thick prick slid right into her juicy slit. I grabbed her ass and lifted her up. Both her legs wrapped around me as I drove my cock in deeper and deeper.

Everybody in the room looked at us in shocked silence. No other sexual activity had even started and here the two newbies were going at it like a couple of sex-crazed maniacs. We fell onto a pile of pillows on the floor and I pumped away with a level of total abandon that I had never come close to experiencing before. I didn’t care who was watching. In fact I would have been happy if the entire world could see us. I pounded Miri’s cunt with a violence that I didn’t even know I possessed. And Miri was equally caught up in what had to be the all-time best fuck of our lives as she jerked and bucked against me..

She whispered in my ear, “Pull out and give these people the best cum shot they’ve ever seen.” Miri knew I was quite a cummer and with the raw animal throes of sex we were into, she knew a great cum was on the way. She had already orgasmed a half a dozen times and just before I started to unload in her cunt, I pulled out, grabbed my throbbing cock and started pumping stream after stream of hot jism halfway across the room. I knew my semen had splattered on several onlookers but I didn’t care. The feeling in my whole being as the cum continued to spurt was like nothing I had ever felt before. This was the orgasm of all orgasms. I let out a scream as the jets of life-giving juice sprayed the room as well as all over Miri.

People begin to cheer and applaud as I knelt between Miri’s lewdly spread legs. Stray strings of jism drooled out of my still erect prick. I actually wondered if it would ever go soft again. I felt like some kind of sex god. I honestly thought that I could reach down and jerk my cock and keep the semen splashing forever.

It took a while for the two of us to recover. We finally struggled to our feet. We sat down at a table with Rod and Heidi and attempted reach some level of normalcy. “Damn,” Heidi said, “I wish somebody would fuck me like that.” She grinned as Rod gave her a look.

Steve and Julie came over to our table. That damn dick of his was sticking straight out and was level with Miri’s face, and only a few inches away. Without the slightest hesitation, she leaned forward and took the enlarged head of his cock into her mouth and started sucking. Her left hand gripped the shaft while her right hand lovingly cupped his balls. Her head bobbed back and forth as she sucked away. What would appear to be an outrageous action on her part actually seemed to be quite normal and accepted.

Still high from the best orgasm of my life, I thought the sight of his big prick sliding in and out of my wife’s mouth was the hottest, most erotic thing I had ever seen. I grabbed my still rock hard cock and started to jerk off. Julie quickly came around the table and pushed my hand away. “Let me do that,” she exclaimed. “After that show you just put on, every woman in this place is going to want to experience getting fucked by you.”

Rod chimed in, “And every guy is going to want to fuck that hot wife of yours.” As Rod said this, we all saw Steve’s entire body stiffen and it was obvious he was unloading his hot cum down Miri’s throat. She struggled to take it all but some cum spurted out of the corner of her mouth. But she kept sucking away until poor Steve was totally drained.

Even though I had just cum buckets a few minutes ago, Julie’s handjob expertise was bringing on another orgasm. By now our little table was surrounded by onlookers. All of the men had full-on erections and most of the women were furiously rubbing their clits. Miri had pulled her lips off Steve’s dripping penis and started looking at all the bright red throbbing pricks surrounding her. She reached out and grabbed the two that were closest to her. She slipped off her chair and bent over for a closer view of the two pulsing cocks. Rod stepped up behind her and slid his rock hard prick right into her juicy pussy. His cock thrusted in and out of her cunt. I could see his dick was covered in her pussy juices. The sight of her being fucked while simultaneously sucking one guy and jacking off another was sexual overload for me.

Julie sensed that I was heated up way beyond belief and she gripped my prick harder and pumped it for all she was worth. Despite having just experienced a huge orgasm, the cum started spewing from the end of my prick with amazing force. Julie aimed it right at Rod’s cock sliding in and out of my wife’s cunt and my semen shot all over his prick and balls as well as Miri’s ass with another monster cum load.

Rod continued to furiously fuck Miri with his cum coated prick while she sucked the one guy to orgasm and managed to jerk off the other guy which, based on the scream he let out, was maybe the best handjob of his life.

At that point, I was literally done for the night. All of that mind blowing sex had wiped me out. I had to lay down on one of the sofas just to catch my breath. Several women came over to me to try and get something going and I had to ask for rain checks. I promised all of them that they could sample my cock the following week. As each woman reluctantly left, they would bend over and give the head of my cock a very wet and loving kiss.

Miri, however, was just getting started. After sucking Steve off she wanted him to fuck her. Which he did. Then she fucked the other two guys, one of whom she had sucked off and the other who she had jerked off. Then for good measure, she fucked Rod again. The same Rod she told me previously she had no interest in having sex with.

But having four different hard cocks inside her was not enough. Before I finally talked her into going home, Miri managed to wrap her cunt lips around another four or five more hard cocks. When she finally had enough, I watched her walking towards me with cum dripping from her pussy and running down her legs.

Did I care? Not one iota. Miri was obviously having the time of her life. It was plain to see that there was nothing personal between her and any of these guys. To her they were just hard cocks to be used to give her pleasure. Why should I be jealous? The same was true with me and all the women that I knew I was going to get to fuck over the coming weeks and months.


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