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Wrestling Club

When I was 13, and in my first year of junior high school, I joined the wrestling team. Oh, I wasn’t particularly interested in sports, but being an only child, found the idea of grappling with other kids my age somehow vaguely erotic. Now, in school, we wore the proper clothing and jock straps, but…

…I was soon informed by the other kids on the team that there was informal wrestling at Jason’s house. The regular team meetings at the school gym met on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. On Fridays, they met informally in Jason’s basement. His father had installed wall to wall carpet that was thick and padded, so it was an ideal place for wrestling. Furthermore, his parents both worked until 5:30 every day, so we had two hours of unsupervised activity.

Most of these kids were 14 years old, and had been on the wrestling team since last year and had been meeting at Jason’s house for quite a while. They explained to me that we didn’t wear jock straps at Jason’s, and acted kind of strange about it, as if it was somehow a very big deal not to wear jocks. I didn’t get it.

So on a Friday afternoon in September of that year, I went for the first time to Jason’s basement with the other kids on the team. It was close to school, so we walked there in a big clump of eight guys. As soon as we got there, everyone took off their hats, jackets and shoes. But they didn’t stop there. They took off their pants, and while I thought that wrestling in our underwear was a bit strange, I wasn’t overly concerned. But then they kept going, and took off their underwear too.

Wow! I didn’t see that coming! Part of me wanted to run up the stairs and go home. But I realized that wouldn’t be ‘cool’ and you know how important fitting in is to kids at that age. So, I pretended to act like I wasn’t shocked. Then I realized I was the only one still wearing my underwear. So very reluctantly, while trying to act nonchalant, I pulled my underpants off, too.

One of the boys explained to me that the Greek Olympians used to compete nude, so they competed that way here.

I was horrified to notice that my penis was half-erect. But then, looking around, some of the other kids were fully erect. Next, I was embarrassed to notice that most of them also had a clump of hair above their genitals. One kid even had hair on his legs. I, and two of the other kids, on the other hand, had nothing more than peach fuzz, if even that. The erect older kids had cocks that were around five inches long. Mine was four inches at best, and skinnier, too.

I thought they’d start making fun of me. That’s what I was expecting. But on the contrary, they were very friendly and inviting. This was starting to become a dream come true. The thought of wrestling around with other naked boys, while not well-formed in my mind, was very, very interesting! I couldn’t wait for the activities to begin.

And soon enough, we were having matches. We wrestled in earnest. Even though almost all the kids had erections most of the time while wrestling, they were all respectful of each others ‘things’ and didn’t grab, poke, or do anything of that sort. They just wrestled, plain and simple.

As the two hours was nearing an end, we put on our clothes and went home. At home, in my bedroom, I immediately pulled off my underwear and started playing with my cock. I had learned to jerk off only months before, and could now cum, although it was usually only a single drop of clear fluid. I would imagine that the other boys jerked off when they got home as well. Thinking of that had me cumming right away.

Wrestling at Jason’s on Fridays went on for a couple of months in the same way. There was nothing sexual about it – kind of. I mean, we always wrestled naked, and we mostly had erections a good bit of the time, but we ignored those erections. Frankly, it was a very sexual environment. I was believing that not doing anything about our erections made it more exciting, so we could all go home and jerk off afterward.

As time went on, we started taking small liberties in our matches. A boy might cup anther’s balls for a moment, or put his fist around a guy’s cock. More than once, I felt a fingertip enter my ass for a moment. When that happened, if I wasn’t erect at the moment, I became very fully erect only a few seconds later.

Then one day, Ron suggested we ‘make the matches count for something.’ When asked just what the prize for winning a match might be, he suggested that the winner gets to jerk off the loser. Cool! We started doing that for the last matches of the afternoon. We developed a specific format. The loser would lay on his back on the carpet and draw his knees up to his chest. The winner would sit in front of the loser’s butt, placing a finger in the loser’s ass, pressing forward to massage that sweet spot on his prostate, and wanking him with his other hand until the loser ejaculated. We all got to do this at various times. Me especially, because I was a bit smaller and less athletic than the others, so I lost most matches. One boy was not yet able to ejaculate, but he enjoyed the attention just as much as the others.

After a couple of weeks, it came to our attention that the final matches of the day had become weird. We were all trying to lose. So, we changed the rules so the winner was the one who got jerked off. In time, this made me a much better wrestler. Although I rather enjoyed jerking kids off, I wanted to be ejaculated by the others too, so I worked really, really hard to win matches from time to time.

The following year, I was bigger than many of the new kids, and was able to win most matches. Sometimes, I’d throw a match, so that I could jerk a kid off, rather than being jerked. Oh, we had fun!

I don’t know why, perhaps it was our sexual naivety, or something, but we never did anything more. We didn’t suck each other, and we never kissed or anything like that. In later years, most of us got married, and had kids of our own. When my own son entered junior high, I tried to interest him in wrestling, but he wasn’t having it, and I wasn’t about to explain that there might be more to wrestling than meets the eye.

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  1. Rug burns…..

  2. Seems like the winner should be the jerkee not the jerker.

  3. Naked wrestling as a teen sounds incredibly hot. Two hard dicks sliding all over each other’s bodies would would have me spurting my cum all over my partner in no time.

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