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With Dad

My father and I get together every week or so and practice a technique that we are far from mastering, but we keep getting better.

We’re both married. Our wives know what’s going on. The women play their own games.

We’ll both get naked. I’m no longer embarrassed to be erect right away in front of him, as I once was. He’s fine being hard around me, too.

Sexual massage play with father

One of us will get on the massage table. The other will give the guy on the table some attention. It might be light testicle massage, some frenulum pulling, or something like that. Just for fun, every now and then, when we’re feeling particularly feisty, one might rub the palm of a hand over the other’s glans. I like seeing my dad jump, squirm, and jump some more!

Then we get down to the real business. The goal is multiple, ongoing orgasms. We want to be able to have dry ejaculations or release a drop of cum at a time, so we can stay charged up and enjoy more. We can make it last hours.

We have a specific format. He’ll lay on the table and I’ll do him, or I’ll lay on the table and he’ll do me. Generally, when he’s doing me, he’ll stay hard. Sometimes, I’ll reach out and touch his dick, or stick a finger in his butt, but he wants me to focus just on myself, to totally enjoy the ongoing orgasms. And, it’s the same the other way around. Sometimes as I’m doing Dad, he’ll reach out and fondle his son’s dick, but I discourage that. I want him to fully experience my ministrations.

What we’re doing is we bring the other guy right to the edge, then let go or slow down. But only for a second. We can’t let the pre-orgasmic feeling fall entirely away. With practice, one stays in what we call ‘low orgasm.’ One doesn’t cum, but it feels like you are. We’ve both gotten pretty good at low orgasm. When everything is just right, we’ll reach ‘high orgasm.’ In this state, the penis pulses with orgasmic contractions, but nothing comes out. Or just a drop comes out.

That’s what we’re working on. We want to absolutely master low and high orgasm.

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