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Wild Stewardess

by Spurtz

Many years ago, in the days when flight attendants were called ‘stewardesses,’ when I was single, I lived in high rise apartment building in northern Virginia that was close to Washington National Airport. A lot of stewardesses and pilots lived in the building. I eventually met one of the stewardesses and married her but this is a different story.

Two stews lived across the hall from me. They were both above average in the looks department. I forget what airline they flew for but they only flew international flights to Europe. They were technically based in New York and all their flights originated there but due to the high cost of living in NY they were living in Alexandria and took the Eastern shuttle from National to NY any time they had a flight to Europe. At the time the shuttle cost was only $18 each way.

I had met them both casually either just passing in the hall, in the elevator or in the laundry room. One evening I was in the laundry room when one of them came in and we started talking. She was bemoaning the fact that her roommate had a different schedule than she did this month (most times they flew together) and she was bored and lonely. I asked her if she would like to come over and watch tv with me and she said she would.

A few minutes later she showed up at my door and we began to watch tv while snacking on some popcorn I had made. I was debating whether to make a move on her but for some reason she just wasn’t giving off those kind of vibes. At least that was my perception at the time.

After a couple of hours of small talk with nothing of a sexual nature being mentioned, she asked me if she could stay the night with me. She said she was lonely and didn’t feel like sleeping alone. I was blown away by this question because I had assumed that nothing close to that was going to happen. Of course I said yes.

We continued to watch tv and after whatever we were watching ended she suggested that we go to bed. I was more than ready. I really didn’t know what to expect but what happened was more than I could ever have hoped for.

This gal looked and acted like a perfect lady in all the times I had been around her. But once the clothes were off and we were in bed it was like a wild animal was unleashed. Frankly I was not ready for the level of passion that exploded from her. It was literally one of the wildest sexual experiences I have ever had. There was nothing she would not do although most of what happened was initiated by her. I was just along for the ride. And what a ride it was.

This was the first time that I realized that women were as capable of having all out sex with a near stranger as men are. I now know this isn’t as unusual as I imagined at the time.

The odd thing was it never happened again although realistically with her schedule of being gone most of the time and the fact that just a short time after that I met the gal who later became my wife, there was really no opportunity for a repeat performance.

I have been propositioned before and since, but I could easily see those coming. This one came totally out of left field.

2 thoughts on “Wild Stewardess

  1. I was blown away the first time I figured out women liked sex as much as men, hot experience great story.

  2. Not so true any more, but back in the day, women were raised to be non-agressive with sexual urges. So the common perception among men was that women were not as interested in sex as men. Definitely not true. All my more recent sexual experience has proved that women desire it just as much as men do.

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