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Widow Lady

My wife set me up for such an intense sexual experience that I couldn’t cum. Let me explain.

There’s this widow lady we met at church. She and my wife really hit it off, always talking on the phone, going out to lunch, etc. I have no idea what they talked about.

Actually, I do. At least one thing I know: They were plotting.

Background: My wife and I haven’t been very sexual lately. After menopause, her hormones shifted. Oh, she tries to please me from time to time with handjobs and so on, but it isn’t quite the same. Out of frustration, I’ve said more than once, “If I can’t get it from you, I’ll find sexual outlets elsewhere.”

I know it hurt her feelings, but I couldn’t not say anything. Besides, I was really planning something. Just what, I don’t know. Maybe get together with a guy for mutual blowjobs or something.

This widow woman, Sally, isn’t much to look at. Maybe 10 years older than us, she’s probably in her early sixties. She could lose some weight. But she’s friendly and nice.

Well, it turns out that Sally and my wife decided that Sally could do something for me that my wife could not, or would no longer do.

I’m not talking about fucking. That would be too… well, it would be unfaithful, even under the circumstances.

Sally explained what she used to do to her husband, which he evidently loved, and they arranged that she’d do it for me.

I was totally set up. After church one Sunday, I was supposed to go to Sally’s house to help her with a stopped up drain. I showed up with my snake and wrenches and everything, but it turns out there was nothing wrong with her drain.

She explained the set up, and requested that I step out of my clothes. I was reluctant, and a bit distrustful, but I had become so unrequited horny over the past few weeks that I was up (literally), for anything.

She laid me on her massage table and started by ever so gently stroking my thighs, and then my scrotum, and then barely touching my frenulum at all. It was totally amazing. I became extremely erect, and it wouldn’t take me long to cum.

Then she explained that she was now going to start what her husband loved. Before I could ask what she was talking about, she started rubbing the oiled palm of one hand over the tip of my penis, while holding the shaft in her other hand.

I practically jumped off the table. It was an excruciating tickle! She didn’t stop. I squirmed and started to get off the table. She stopped, explaining that she’d have to tie me down if I couldn’t just lie there and take it.

This was so weird. Part of me wanted to throw my trousers back on and just head home. But the other part of me was too horny to be sensible.

She went back to rubbing my glans, and I jumped and squirmed all over the place.

“You asked for it,” she said, producing some soft ropes that I hadn’t noticed before. In five minutes she had my wrists and ankles tied to the corners of the massage table. During the whole process, my penis was sticking straight up, as hard and proud as it had ever been.

Yes, proud. For some reason, I was happy for Sally to see my penis like that.

After I was sufficiently tied down, she started talking about a ‘safeword,’ explaining that in ordinary BDSM a man is given a word he can say if the intensity becomes too severe.

So, this was BDSM! I had heard the term, but never paid any attention, never quite knew what it was.

Sally went on to explain that what she was going to do would not be harmful, and therefore there’d be no safeword. She asked me if I wanted her to proceed.

I mean, here I was tied to her table, with the hardest erection of my life. Was I going to say “No?” I thought about it. This was a very weird experience, beyond anything I’ve ever done, or had done before. But instead I quietly acquiesced.

She started in on the rubbing of her palm over my glans again. But this time, she didn’t quit. I squirmed and pulled so hard against the ropes that my wrists and ankles hurt. She just kept rubbing. My cock stayed as hard as it had ever been.

Then, an odd thing started happening. I felt like I was going to pee.

“I’m going to urinate,” I said between moans and screams.

Sally acted as if she didn’t hear me, and just kept rubbing. I felt the wetness. Piss was leaking out of me, and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. She just kept rubbing. I kept peeing all over her hands and my body and the table.

After the urination ended, I was starting to settle down. Even though she was rubbing just as much, and even experimenting with angles to make me squirm more, it just wasn’t as intense. Soon, I felt like I might cum. The orgasmic feeling was building up. However, instead of the usual sequence, the way I had experienced it all my life, in which I go from that first chill of feeling an orgasm building up, all the way through ejaculating, it didn’t happen. The orgasmic feeling died down, and the glans rubbing became more intense again. I was still squirming, but not as much. I was hating this treatment, and at the same time loving it.

Sally went on for a few more minutes. I didn’t cum. I couldn’t cum. I was thinking if I could cum, she might end the procedure. But it wasn’t happening. My penis softened. Finally, Sally quit, saying if she went any further, she’d be wearing out my skin – chafing the glans.

That’s it. After cleaning up in her shower, I dressed and went home. In a way you could say I was ‘unsatisfied.’ It was the first time in my life that I had done anything so sexual, if you want to call it that, without cumming. On the other hand, I was quite satisfied.

During the whole affair, Sally never took off any of her clothing, which was fine. I never thought of her in a sexual way. But I certainly enjoyed being naked, hard, and tormented in her presence.

Back at home, with a twinkle in her eye, my wife asked how it went. I gave her a blow-by-blow description. She told me that I should go back next Sunday after church and get more from Sally. I was all for it.

That next Sunday, my wife came with me, and watched the whole thing. I can’t tell you how much that added to the experience. I loved having my wife see another woman manipulating my rock-hard cock!

I’ve been back several times, mostly without my wife, but sometimes she comes along. Sally showed her how to give me the treatment, and now sometimes I get it at home. Recently, I woke up to a mild shaking of the bed. My wife was masturbating next to me. This was very encouraging. I believe she’s starting to have a sexual awakening, but I won’t push her. I’m satisfied with the way things are.

Sally, and now my wife, have other techniques as well. One is testicle massage. For that, there is a safeword. They start off gently, and gradually work up until they’re really hurting my balls. They just keep going until I yell the safeword. I try to take it, but eventually it’s just too much. As soon as they stop, I regret having wimped out so easily.

On one occasion, one woman stood on each side of the table, each squeezed one testicle. It was so amazing, I ejaculated without either woman touching my dick.

My favorite is what they call edging, where with ordinary handjobs, they bring me to the brink of orgasm many times, working hard to keep me from going over the edge. That’s tons of fun.

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  1. Wow, what a lucky guy. I liked that your wife would come along and watch. Hot, story, I might start going to church to find my own ‘church lady’.

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