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Who Has Seen You With An Erection?

Who has seen you with an erection?

Besides your significant other(s), who has seen you with an erection? Your doctor? A massage practitioner? A sibling? A parent? An educator? A co-worker? A whole roomful of people? Please answer in the comment section below, and of course feel free to describe as much detail as you’d like. If you’re a woman, please feel free to jump into the discussion with your similar experiences.

In my case, a few things come to mind. I’m sure there are others that I can’t remember just now.

At the Thursday evening tantric massage ‘classes’ at Body Electric in Berkeley, California, I got a big old erection in front of the other guys when I was being worked on.

I traded handjobs with a roomful of guys at the biweekly San Francisco Jacks meeting.

I jerked off along with more than a hundred people of both sexes at the annual Masturbate-A-Thon in San Francisco.

One time I was having sex with my girlfriend, and my roommate came home, but forgot his key. He kept banging on the door, so I dropped what I was doing with her, went over to the door and opened it for him. When he came in, he saw me all oiled up, with a big boner waving in front of me. I had been meaning to come up with an excuse to show him my willie for a while. Unfortunately, he acted disgusted. It was in a time and place where straight guys felt they had to act disgusted to cover up any ‘homo’ tendencies they may have. I just laughed.

When I was 14, my 13-year-old sister, the 13-year-old girl across the street and her 14-year-old brother got together every few days in our ‘sex club.’ We didn’t know what we were doing, and just did simple little things, like gently tickling each others’ genitals with paint brushes.

I’ve had a number of jack buddies over the years. We don’t generally kiss, do oral or anal or anything like that. We usually just watch some porn and jack off next to each other or jack each other off. A few of these sessions have involved several guys at once. In one, I was introduced to the guy’s beautiful wife, who watched him and I give each other hand jobs the first time. The second time I got together with them, she joined in the fun. We didn’t do anything penetrative other than that I put my finger in her ass. Instead, we all gave each other long, edging hand jobs.

I have discovered that I enjoy a good hand job at least as much as any other sexual activity, and so have focused on that over the years along with my friends, since masturbation, whether solo or mutual, is far healthier than more ‘intense’ activities, yet gives an equal and sometimes better orgasm – or multiple orgasms. But that’s me. What about you?

3 thoughts on “Who Has Seen You With An Erection?

  1. I grew up in a nudist household, although I didn’t think of it as that. We just didn’t happen to wear clothing at home very often. I don’t remember being taught the difference between being nude at home, yet nowhere else, probably because I learned that at a very young age. So, to my friends and classmates, I was just like anyone else. I was probably 12 years old when I realized being nude among your family is not common.

    I had seen my older brother and my father with erections, and I too sported my share of erections. My sister never seemed to care, although just every now and then she might poke fun at me, like, “If that thing gets any longer, you’re going to trip over it.”

    Us kids were allowed to masturbate while watching TV, which we enjoyed. There was no special excitement being seen by my brother, sister, or parents. It was just what we did if something made us horny, like an actress in a movie, or a random thought. I never saw my parents masturbate in front of us, although we caught them making love from time to time. I say ‘caught’ but no one seemed to really care. It was just our family reality. For us kids, masturbation in front of each other was just ‘business as usual.’

  2. Not counting the direct people I was having sex with, my memories are as follows:
    1. When I was about 14 or 15 I had a very brief exposure to two other boys. I, and one other of the two boys had erections.
    2. When I was 17 another couple caught me having sex with my gf. I don’t know how much they actually saw. It’s possible they saw my hard cock.
    3. I participated in a circle jerk with 5 other guys as an adult.
    4. I participted in a second circle jerk, this time with three other guys.
    5. I was in a third circle jerk with three other guys.
    6. I was in a fourth circle jerk with three guys and my girl friend.
    7. A guy I met in the first circle jerk watched his fiancee jerk me off.
    8. I had a threesome with two high class hookers. Both saw, sucked and fucked my hard dick.
    9. Was in a threesome with my wife and another guy who obviously saw my erect cock.
    10. Another threesome with my gf and a guy who saw my hard dick.
    11. I attended a sex club and numerous women and other men who all saw my erection.
    12. I attended a masturbation club where numerous patrons were treated to a view of my erect penis.
    12. I attended a very high end brothel in Germany where the guys sat around in a nightclub-like atmosphere where multiple women stroked my hard-on attempting to get me to take a private room with them. Two of them were successful. My hard-0n was in plain view of other patrons.
    13. I went to a Tantric Sex session where two different women saw my hard cock.
    14. I got caught up in a session with a buddy and two hookers. I really wasn’t in the mood but kind of got trapped into it. I fucked one of them while my buddy pissed away his opportunity to get laid by arguing with the other hooker. We were all in the same room so they both saw me fucking the one I was with and couldn’t have missed seeing my erection.

    There may have been others that I’ve forgotten. I’ve never been erect in front of a doctor or nurse.

  3. I was laying on a raft in my pool totally naked doing my thing, naked sun bathing, and of course some masturbation included. This was a daily ritual for me as I worked nights and my wife worked days, perfect scenario. We had lived in the same house for many years and had a good relationship with one of the neighbors on one side another husband and wife, he worked days and she was a Nurse so she was home during the week only working three days during that week.
    So there I was and little did I know she had been watching me for weeks and weeks through the fence and bushes that separated us. I had very little clue of what she was doing and apparently it was also masturbating and having some type of fantasy to satisfy herself.
    This one day as I was playing she was also and she went to far and had an orgasm but it must have been a massive one as she moaned and I heard her. I could hear her as she moved away from the fence apparently embarrassed. I called her name and she sheepishly answered and apologized and I told her no problem I was fantasizing about her at the time. She was a beautiful woman in her 40’s just like I was, well built and sexy.
    I got out of the pool wrapped a towel around me and asked her if she wanted to come over for coffee and she did. That was the start of a 25 yr relationship with her and ir was amazing and sexual, she had never seen an uncut cock before mine and was totally intrigued

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