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What’s That?

“What’s that?” he asked, pointing to the shelf in my bedroom. He was looking at a clear plexiglass contraption about the size and shape of a sandwich, with a couple large holes in the middle, and thumbscrews around the edges.

“It’s a testicle vise,” I answered, trying to sound casual, and not as excited as I actually was. If this conversation went the way I thought it was going to go, we’d be having a fun time shortly.

trying out a testicle vise to squeeze the balls
In this image, Jeremy plays with his own testicle vise.

I went on to explain that slowly squeezing testicles to a reasonable degree isn’t particularly painful, but actually feels nice. “Comforting in a way. It’s hard to explain. Temple Grandin, who is a high-level autistic person with a PhD in animal psychology (or something like that), explains something similar that may help you understand. She invented a bed in which the mattress presses all around her. She feels comforted by being squeezed like that, and discovered that animals like it too. That’s why a veterinarian can put a cow or a horse in a squeeze frame, and the animal calms down to be injected or whatever the vet needs to do. So, it’s like that with ball squeezing. When done right, it’s really quite nice.”

I finished with, “Wanna try it?”

“Are you fucking kidding? No way!” he retorted, acting as if he was so straight that he couldn’t enjoy some interaction with a guy.

I expected that response, and was not alarmed. All I had to do was wait, and not long.

“Well, actually, it would be kind of interesting.”

“OK, here’s what we’re going to do…” I said in a commanding voice.

Soon he was sitting stark naked in my office chair next to my bed, with his erect penis sticking straight up out of his lap. I was on the bed, and he was pulling my rapidly hardening penis through the holes, and slipping my balls between the two thick sheets of clear plastic.

He gently turned down the thumbscrews. It felt nice. Very nice. He stopped when my balls seemed reasonably flattened.

“More,” I beckoned.

Reluctantly, he continued turning the screws. My balls were finally squished down to a bit less than a quarter-inch or 5 millimeters. It didn’t hurt very much, but it was certainly noticeable pressure. My penis was as solid as a baseball bat, swinging slightly with my heartbeat, and twitching occasionally in pre-orgasmic anticipation.

I don’t know exactly how testicles can become that flat. When you take into account two layers of scrotum, those testicles of mine were flat indeed. My theory is that the fluid is squeezed out, joining the bloodstream. The balls must be somewhat like sponges in that respect.

Suddenly, it was just too amazing. Sperm shot out of my dick quite forcefully, maybe eight inches into the air. When he slowly undid the thumbscrews and removed the press, I was disappointed. If I hadn’t ejaculated, I might have enjoyed the pressure for an hour. My balls returned to their normal shape so quickly, by the time the device was removed, they were absolutely normal.

Then it was his turn. We didn’t get his balls quite as flat. He came even before I had the screws turned halfway to where I think they could have gone.

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