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What A Woman’s Orgasm Feels Like

On Quora, someone asked, “What does it feel like for a woman to have an orgasm?”

What follows is one woman’s answer:

It depends on the type of orgasm! Yes you read that right, women and guys are very different in the orgasm department. Guys just have one type, and typically they are one and done for a while. Meanwhile women have several types of orgasms that affect them differently and they can continue having orgasms over and over without a break.

I basically have 3 types of orgasms.

First is the Clitoral orgasm. This is the MAIN orgasm that most women experience!! It comes from, you guessed it, clitoral stimulation. This can be achieved during masturbation with fingers or any toys or random objects, getting fingered by someone, receiving oral sex, or even during missionary sex if the guy is angled right. Pretty much anything that rubs the clitoris in any way can cause a clitoral orgasm.

For me, this is an easy orgasm to achieve, and usually only takes me minutes or even under a minute. I am a horny person in general and typically always at least a little wet and ready to go so it happens quickly for me. I compare this to a man’s orgasm because it is so easy to achieve lmao. It feels like an intense contraction and spasm in my lower abdomen, pelvis, ass, vagina, and thighs. It’s like every muscle in that region contracts and releases in a pulsation-type motion that typically causes jerking movements in my hips and makes my toes curl. Needless to say, it feels AMAZING!

The downside is my vagina is superrrrr sensitive and almost ticklish after one of these orgasms. I can have orgasms like this over and over again but it’s like a pleasurable form of torture the more that I orgasm repeatedly this way. Also after orgasming once it typically makes the next orgasm come more easily. This produces a lot of wetness from my vagina, clear sticky sweet-tasting fluid. It is my most common orgasm that I have at least a couple of times daily.

Second is the vaginal orgasm. This happens less often than the clitoral orgasm because it is a bit harder to achieve and requires internal stimulation as opposed to external, as with the clitoral orgasm. This is mainly achieved through vaginal penetration, either by masturbation using fingers or inserting toys and objects, or through vaginal sex. I also often achieve this type of orgasm through anal sex and anal masturbation, likely because of the positioning and how the dick or toy thrusts the anal canal toward the vaginal canal.

Basically any type of vaginal or anal penetration can bring me to this type of orgasm. Like I said it is a little tougher to achieve because it takes a little longer than clitoral orgasms and the more stimulation the better the orgasm. Once achieved it makes each subsequent orgasm easier to achieve. This is felt mainly in the pelvic region, mostly the vagina. It is a very warm sensation with a slow and long contraction. It is like a very long and slow orgasm that can last for minutes if the stimulation continues. It’s a very relaxing type of orgasm that can make sex almost hypnotic when it occurs. This type of orgasm makes me wanna spread my legs eagle and just lay there and take whatever he has to throw at me. It makes sex incredibly pleasurable. It usually produces a different type of wetness from my vagina, a much thicker and creamier substance that tastes much stronger than the normal wetness and almost resembles the appearance of male cum.

Finally is the squirting orgasm. This is the most rare, but quite easy to obtain in you know what you’re doing. It is by far the most pleasurable so it’s well worth it. The key is being really turned on. Luckily for me being horny is my default so I find this orgasm easy to obtain in most instances. This is achieved similarly to the vaginal orgasm because it needs stimulation on the G-spot which is in the vagina. So I have been able to squirt by both vaginal and anal stimulation likely because of the positioning same as the vaginal orgasm. So any type of vaginal or anal penetration either by myself or someone else can get the job done, the key is stimulating that particular spot.

For me, I can achieve this orgasm in a couple of minutes, and most guys that try can do the same. Even guys who don’t try typically end up making me squirt because of how sensitive I am. The feeling of this type of orgasm resembles a clitoral orgasm, but on steroids!

The clitoral orgasm is more localized to that pelvic area, while the squirting orgasm is a full-body orgasm. Literally every part of my body from my head to my toes starts to shake uncontrollably, convulse, contract and relax rhythmically. It is soo strong that I lose the ability to control my own bodily functions and clear liquid comes pouring or shooting right out of my vagina from my urethra. All the while there is an incredible warmth and pleasure directly in the vagina. This normally lasts for up to 10–15 seconds but can linger for minutes. Also I find that once I squirt the first time it becomes easier for me to squirt and I do it more frequently. This is the most amazing orgasm a woman can experience and I try to at least give myself one daily!

So hopefully you have a better understanding of the female orgasms after reading this!

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