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Wayne Bobbitt

Remember Lorena and John Wayne Bobbitt? They were a lovely couple living in Manassas, Virginia and all was well until June 23, 1993. That night, they made national headlines when she cut the top half of his penis entirely off with a large knife while he was asleep. Still holding the severed penis, she then drove off in her car and tossed it out the window into a nearby field.

You’d think the story would end there, and poor old John would go through the rest of his life having to sit down to pee. But no, she thought it over, and decided it would be a good idea to dial 911, and let them know approximately where she threw his penis. John went to the hospital, and after a while, emergency workers found his penis. During a 9.5 hour operation, doctors managed to reattach it.

Now, it turns out that John might not have been the ideal husband and so Lorena’s action, while not very kind-hearted, could be at least understandable under the circumstances. In court, it was revealed that he was constantly violently abusive in many ways. Major infractions including beating her. Lesser infractions were stealing money she had earned, and having his orgasms, then quitting before she had hers. All in all, it was decided that she had acted out of temporary insanity brought on by his treatment of her. She was sent to a mental hospital for 45 days of evaluation. He was acquitted of rape. Two years later, they divorced.

John’s debts were through the roof after all the medical and legal expenses. In an attempt to cash in on his fame, he and some musician friends formed a band called The Severed Parts. The band was not financially successful.

He then appeared in a few adult films, leveraging his famous reattached penis which came out quite bumpy-looking, “Frankinpenis.”

In following years, John took a number of unskilled jobs such as bartender, pizza delivery, and tow truck driver. He has been in minor trouble with the law numerous times. According to a Wikipedia article, he was severely injured in a car accident in 2014.

Lorena has remarried and works to bring attention to the issue of domestic violence.

Unfortunately, shortly after this widely publicized crime, it was copied hundreds of times throughout the world, especially in Thailand. Most of the men weren’t as lucky as John Wayne Bobbitt.

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  1. Coincidentally one of my daughter’s lived just a couple of blocks from the Bobbit’s when this happened. I remember he made some porn movies but I never saw any of them and always wondered what his dick looked like. Sounds like I am better off not having seen it.

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