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Waxing, Erect or Not?

Waxing, erect or not?

I’ve been shaving my crotch almost from as the time I’ve been shaving my face. I like the smooth look. But it’s not really that smooth. My wife tells me it’s like sandpaper down there against her face and her other parts. I therefore started thinking about waxing. I looked it up on YouTube, and to my surprise, you can actually see videos of guys getting their cocks and balls waxed. They guys didn’t seem to be flinching, because that was my concern, that it would hurt. So, I signed up for an appointment at a local spa.

The practitioner was a woman, and pretty good-looking too. She had dark hair and really white skin. She could loose a couple of pounds, but only a couple. She had really nice, ample breasts, which I always appreciate.

I was nervous. Not that it was going to hurt, but just the idea of being seen naked by a strange person, a woman at that. I didn’t even really think about her actually touching my penis and all, but of course, logically, that would happen, right?

The spa had given me a white robe. After saying ‘hi’ and introducing herself, she asked me to remove it in a very matter-of-fact clinical way. Part of me wanted to run out of the room, Another part found the notion of what was about to happen terribly sexy. I do believe I was actually shaking a bit. Of course, I did step out of the robe, trying to act as casual as possible.

She instructed me to lay down, then just like a doctor or an accountant or bricklayer for that matter, she went to work. She wasn’t much of a talker, doing her work quietly.

Don’t let anyone tell you that waxing doesn’t hurt. It hurts like a mother! Why those guys on YouTube didn’t flinch, or even yell out, I have no idea.

I guess I’m proud to say I didn’t get hard. I had to do some pretty intense math in my head a couple of times, but mostly what she was doing just stung too much.

It seemed to take forever. I didn’t actually yell, but I’m sure I jumped pretty good a couple of times. I had pretty well decided I’d never go for waxing again. Then she said, “Finishing touches.”

She reached over and grabbed a pair of tweezers, announcing, “For this procedure, you’ll need to be erect.”

I was floored! Did she actually just say that? She went on to explain that in this procedure she pulls out a few remaining stubborn hairs. It seems to hurt guys less if they are hard. And, she can better see the hairs when a guy is in that condition.

I just laid there like an idiot.

“Go ahead and get hard,” she said.

I couldn’t quite understand that she expected me to lay there and jerk off for her, but that’s exactly what she expected. So, I did. What else could I do? It took me like 30 seconds, and I was hard as a rock.

She went to work, pulling out a half-dozen hairs, holding my erect cock this way and that, pulling on my scrotum various ways. I was just starting to get that wonderful tingle, that gonna-cum feeling, when she announced she was done.

And that was that.

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