If you haven't seen Chaturbate, you're in for a treat, and it's free, no sign-up required!


Waitress – Male POV

Waitress: It Helps Being a Waitress – Female POV

Wait! Wait! – Video

Wanking: Circle Jerk – Information and Memoir

Wanking College Roommmate

Wartenberg Wheel – a BDSM device

Watersports – Info

Watson – Jenelle and Jeremy, co-authors

Waxing: Don’t Cum While Being Waxed

Waxing, Erect or Not?

Waxing, Female – Very Intimate Memoir

Waxing: Mother Waxing Son – Family Erotica

Waxing – Sister Waxing Brother

Waxing Spa – Female POV

Wayne Bobbitt – Info

Wealthy Girl – Female point of view story

Weasley, Ron – and ejaculation

Webcam, Cam Show Guy

Webcam Girl – Female point of view story

Webcamming In Front of 621 People – Male point of view story

Weekly Get-Together

What Are They Feeling? – Female POV

What Could Be Better than Ejaculating?

What I Want Next – Male technique
Jeremy Watson's Penis

Why My Jewish Brother Is Not Circumcised – Strange Erotic Tale

Widening the Meatus – (peehole)

Widow Lady – Male point of view story

Weird Double Massage

Weirdo, My Boss is a Weirdo – Female POV

Weird Translation

Who Has Seen You With Erection? – Query and memoir


Wife Edging – A short, unusual handjob situation

Wife’s Experiment

Wife and I Fall Asleep

Wife Swapping – Multiple viewpoints

Willie – Naked Erection in Church

Without Ejaculating

Womens’ First Reactions to a Hard Cock

Women’s Guide to Masturbation

Women Seeing Men ejaculate for the first time

Working for Mr. Thompson – Female POV

Works Every Time – Pickup Technique

WNBR: Family Riding Naked

World Naked Bicycle Ride – Information

Worry – Information

Worst BDSM erotica ever – Story

Write Your Own Story

Wrestling Club – Male POV, youth

Wrong – The downside of masturbation

Wrong Beach – Baker Beach Fun, San Francisco

WWII Sexual Submarine Duty – Story

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If you haven't seen Chaturbate, you're in for a treat, and it's free, no sign-up required!