Waitress – Male POV

Waitress: It Helps Being a Waitress – Female POV

Wait! Wait! – Video

Walking and Cumming

Wandering Eye: – A person with a wondering eye is faithful to his or her significant other, but does tend to look lustfully at others.

Wanking: Circle Jerk – Information and Memoir

Wanking College Roommmate

Wanking for Mom and Dad

Wartenberg Wheel – a BDSM device

Watching Sarah Service Another Man’s Cock

Watersports – Info

Watson – Jenelle and Jeremy, co-authors

Waxing: Don’t Cum While Being Waxed

Waxing, Erect or Not?

Waxing, Female – Very Intimate Memoir

Waxing: Mother Waxing Son – Family Erotica

Waxing – Sister Waxing Brother

Waxing Spa – Female POV

Wayne Bobbitt – Info

Wealthy Girl – Female point of view story

Weasley, Ron – and ejaculation

Webcam, Cam Show Guy

Webcam Girl – Female point of view story

Webcamming In Front of 621 People – Male point of view story

Weekly Get-Together

Westermarck Effect – This is a tendency for people not to be sexually attracted to the people they were raised with up until at least age six. In other words, One may be sexually attracted to another person in a classroom or sports group, but a person in one’s own family. This is also known as ‘reverse sexual imprinting.’

What Are They Feeling? – Female POV

What Could Be Better than Ejaculating?

What I Want Next – Male technique
Jeremy Watson's Penis

Wheelchair, Caregiver – Female POV

Wheelchair, Gay Lewis

Why I became a prostitute

Why My Jewish Brother Is Not Circumcised – Strange Erotic Tale

Widening the Meatus – (peehole)

Widow Lady – Male point of view story

Weird Double Massage

Weirdo, My Boss is a Weirdo – Female POV

Weird Translation

Who Has Seen You With Erection? – Query and memoir


Wife Edging – A short, unusual handjob situation

Wife’s Experiment

Wife and I Fall Asleep

Wife Sara is a Real Piece of Work

Wife Swapping – Multiple viewpoints

Willie – Naked Erection in Church

Without Ejaculating

Womens’ First Reactions to a Hard Cock

Women’s Guide to Masturbation

What a Woman’s Orgasm Feels Like

Women Seeing Men ejaculate for the first time

Working for Mr. Thompson – Female POV

Works Every Time – Pickup Technique

WNBR: Family Riding Naked

World Naked Bicycle Ride – Information

Worry – Information

Worst BDSM erotica ever – Story

Write Your Own Story

Wrestling Club – Male POV, youth

Wrong – The downside of masturbation

Wrong Beach – Baker Beach Fun, San Francisco

WWII Sexual Submarine Duty – Story

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