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Voyeur’s Strange Sighting

I’m a professor of mathematics at UCSD. Two years ago I made a discovery in three-axis charting. Since then, I’ve been doing college lecture tours which will help me put my three children through college. The thing is, I’m on a different campus almost every day. I miss my wife and kids.

I like to go on evening walks. One winter night, around 8pm in Toledo, Ohio, I was out walking as usual. I was passing a low, wide building on the campus. There was no sign. It appeared to be a dance or maybe a yoga studio. It had windows all along the front, but they were obscured by shades or curtains of some sort. Except at the corner, one of the shades left a gap.

Now perhaps I’m a bit of a voyeur. I do enjoy glancing in open windows on my nightly constitutionals. I like seeing people in their homes washing dishes, watching TV, or whatever. It’s nice to know how other people live. One time, I happened to look in an upstairs window, and saw the top half of a white woman who was changing. Her big breasts were as plain as day. I have to tell you, I jerked off big time that evening remembering that scene.

So anyway, the gap in the curtain at this long low building enticed me, so I walked over, and took a little look inside.

What I saw in there was absolutely shocking! Let me try to describe it:

There were six couples. All as naked as the day there were born. They were all facing the front of the room, evidently listening to someone speaking to them. Each couple was in the exact same position. The women were on their hands and knees with their heads raised looking at the instructor. The men were more upright on their knees. Each man was on the right side of the woman with his left arm wrapped around the woman’s waist. The craziest part was that all the men were erect.

I very badly wanted to stay and figure out what they were doing. What were they going to do next? But I absolutely couldn’t. Imagine what can happen to a black man, caught lurking at night, peeking in a window, right? So very reluctantly, I walked briskly on. I returned to my room, and jerked off tremendously, wondering what they were up to. The next morning I tried to make inquires as to what that building was, and what goes on in there, but found out nothing. Then it was time to leave. That was a year ago, and to this day, I still wonder what was going on.

It wasn’t quite as pictured below, and they were all naked, but maybe the picture below will give you an idea.

If you have any idea what was up, maybe you can leave a comment below.

Voyeur sees naked people in yoga studio

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