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Unusual Beach Party

beach party erection boner on Marshall's Beach

Laying on my towel in the sand, it felt nice to be fully erect in front of everyone. The attention Michael was giving my penis was just wonderful.

Everyone there on Marshall’s Beach, including my girlfriend, were urging me on. The challenge was to not cum for as long as possible.

Kirk was holding his phone, in timer mode. He announced that I had already managed six minutes.

Now, Cindy took Michael’s place and was sucking my dick. I’m surprised she didn’t mind getting the suntan lotion in her mouth. That thought actually helped me avoid ejaculating.

Next came Zack, who seemed particularly interested in spreading open my peehole with his fingertips and looking intently inside. Somehow, the strangeness of that almost got me. Almost made me cum.

John, who was as erect as I was, with his penis sticking straight up out of his lap as he set next to me, gave me a great one-minute handjob.

Connie’s turn involved a finger in my butt, and a concurrent handjob. That was it. That did it. There was nothing I could do. Squirting my cum straight up, having it splash back down on my belly in front of everyone was a real joy.

The group applauded. After a minute of recovery, I got up, ran into the ocean to wash off, and came back. Now it was my girlfriend’s turn. She laid down on the towel, looking as pretty as ever, ready to see how long she could hold off an orgasm.

4 thoughts on “Unusual Beach Party

  1. Your girlfriend probably beat your time. Most women will take longer to cum than a guy although my last wife was unbelievably orgasmic. No joke, I could make her cum with my fingers or my tongue in about ten seconds.

  2. Dang sounds fun

  3. What was done to your girlfriend to make her orgasm ? Did anyone try anything to make her Orgasm ? If so Please tell us !

  4. She was sure she could hold out. It turns out that Michael, the first one to work on her, concurrently licked her clit and stuck a finger less than an inch into her butt. She orgasmed within one minute. I suspect if I had been the one working on her, she could have held out. You know, same old, same old. But Michael, and everyone watching, well, that was a unique and powerful experience for her.

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