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About twenty years ago, in college, my roommate and my girlfriends and I all got raunchier and raunchier. It culminated in a party in our dorm room. There were three guys and three girls. We had one of those Twister games from the 1960s, where you spin a dial, then have to put a hand or foot on a colored spot on a plastic sheet on the floor. It’s quite hilarious.

Twister, a popular game in the 1960s, often played naked.
Twister, a popular game in the 1960s, often played naked.

We weren’t terribly drunk. In fact, we hadn’t been drinking at all, but the game was really fun. One of the guys suggested we all do it naked. We all laughed, not taking him seriously.

One of the other guys said, “I’ll do it if you will,” looking directly at my roommate Cindy. They had a little thing going on, but I don’t think they had fucked yet.

She responded with, “Well, if it was just you and I…”

In unison, the other two guys said, “We’ll do it to.”

Peer pressure being what it was, we were all naked in short order, and all feeling very adult, if not also kind of embarrassed. I was the only girl who was shaving my crotch hair, and I was more worried about what everyone would think of that, than the reality about to unfold. At the same time, looking more at Cindy and Jennifer, than the guys, I was getting all tingly inside. Then, I really looked at the guys. They all had erections. That practically sent me over the edge. Hell, it did send me over the edge. There’s nothing I wanted more than to fuck one of them right then and there. And strangely, it didn’t really matter which one. I just wanted a nice, fufilling dick inside me. I wasn’t a virgin, but on the other hand, had never been seen fucking, or done anything with a group.

Oh, I so wanted to fuck right then and there. But everyone decided they wanted to play a naked round or two of Twister first. At one point, I felt Jason’s hard penis pressed against my back as I was trying to maintain my balance on slightly aching arms.

After a lot of giggling and carrying on, Jason asked who had rubbers. It turned out no one did. My two girlfriends, I, and two of the three guys all decided it was OK. We’d just go ahead and have a fuck-fest.

Jason, who had definite leadership qualities, and is now the mayor of a fairly large city, hung back. “No can do. No can do,” he muttered a half-dozen times.

So, the evening went in a different direction. We ended up doing a lot of kissing, and rubbing together of bodies, and then a bunch of masturbation things. I ended up with some excellent orgasms as Cindy, of all people, licked my vagina. I never thought she’d do anything like that. I rubbed Jason to a great orgasm, and well, everyone was taken care of. No one penetrated anyone, but boy, that was a close call! Chances are, we were all clean, but who knows? We might have killed ourselves that evening. That was before there was any sort of reasonable treatment for AIDS.

A funny thing came from that experience. My husband Kevin, and I seem to enjoy mutual masturbation and oral sex way more than intercourse. Before we were married, and for the first couple of years, all he wanted to do was fuck. When I introduced him to the idea of mutual masturbation, like an extension of foreplay that doesn’t end until we both orgasm, he was skeptical. Now, he loves it.

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