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Trunk Full of Toys

I enjoy seeing other people have orgasms as much as i enjoy having orgasms. Maybe I’m kind of on the Asperger’s scale or something, but I’m not interested in real relationships, at least not at this time. Instead, I really enjoy doing masturbatory things with people, All sorts of people. You don’t have to be fat or thin, young or old, black or white, or even male or female to suit me. You just have to want to play orgasmically.

To that end, I have taken to carrying a dozen sex toys in the trunk of my car. I’ll meet someone at a PTA meeting, a car show, a pizza place or whatever.

[In response to a question]

What? No, I don’t go to bars. Bar hopping is for idiots.

So, here’s an example of how it works for me. I get to talking with a stranger. I maneuver the conversation into ever more intimate details. Finally, I find a place where I can admit something makes me horny. Then I admit to being so horny that I masturbate – a lot.

Almost every time, the person I’m speaking with, typically after a moment’s hesitation, admits that they masturbate a lot also. Then I’ll ask whether they’ve ever tried – whatever my current interest is. For instance, have they ever tried electro-stimulation?

When they say no, I say something like, “Geez, I happen to have one in my car. Would you like to try it out?”

90% of the time they eagerly agree. Maybe eight percent of the time, they say something like, “Um, well, maybe another time.” Sometimes I can talk them into it, but generally, I don’t. For some reason, there’s a group of people who are just too shy, but really want to, if only they’d let themselves. But trying to get them to turn around on the spot is difficult. On the other hand, if I see them again, which is common, they sheepishly bring up the topic, and sure enough, we end up naked and playing together.

Maybe two percent of the time, they get all shocked and crazy, excusing themselves from the conversation right away. That used to bother me. I felt terribly embarrassed. But now, I just feel sorry for them, and move on to the next person.

The biggest problem is time and place. Quite often they’re all for it. I can tell they’d have no problem getting naked and playing with me, but there’s a time constraint, or we have no place to do it. A couple of times I’ve rented a hotel room for an afternoon of play, and while that’s nice, it gets expensive.

One of the strangest was a thin, young, blond woman who wanted to try a skinny dildo. She claimed, and I believe her, that she had never had anything stuck in her ass. She was beautiful, and I was hard right from the start. I felt proud waving my erection around in front of her – as I usually do. I started by gently running my finger around her asshole, but not in it. Then, ever so slowly, I slipped my oiled finger in. She had an orgasm right away, and I hadn’t even touched her vagina. I thought she might be done. Because as you know, some women, like most men, are finished right after their first orgasm. But others are like the Energizer bunny. She was one of those. She wanted the finger in deeper and deeper. Then she wanted two fingers. Then the dildo. During the process, she came a dozen times. I wanted to finger her pussy too, but every time I tried, she pushed me away. She was in such anal bliss, well… I can’t even describe it. Yes, after she was done, she eagerly stuck the dildo in my butt, started to stroke my cock, and I have to admit, I came too quickly with a very strong orgasm.

There was an older fellow with a penis that had a strong upward curve. It really presented the frenulum area, so I made it a point to press a little vibrator against his frenulum. I could see by his muscle tension and everything that he was approaching ejaculation quickly, so at the last moment, I pulled the vibrator away. He came, but only a few drops. I applied the vibrator again, and after a minute, he came a couple more drops. On the fourth time, he went over the top, cumming long and hard, his cum flowing across his belly. We talked about it, and he told me that was the first time in his life he ever came more than once.

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