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The Masturbation Emporium

by Spurtz

I am the owner/manager of a relatively new business called “The Masturbation Emporium.” We offer a number of services that I can outline for you:

Package A. This is for women customers who want to just watch one of our men masturbate and ejaculate for them. This includes solo sessions or group sessions.

Package B. This service is similar to “A” but in this case the woman can masturbate one of our men. Or women, if a group is involved.

Package C. This service is for men and provides a one-on-one experience with one of our men for a procedure called cock-to-cock jackoff. Or, if desired, just straight masturbation between two men.

Package D. This service is for men and provides a communal room where several men can congregate and masturbate together.

On our services for men, we attempt to market our various plans strictly for straight guys who are bi-curious. Obviously we can’t exclude gay men but the gay community has numerous outlets for men and bi-curious guys are really hesitant to go to any of those facilities. So our Emporium is intended to encourage guys who consider themselves straight but would like to engage in sexual contact with other men. If this proves popular, and we think it will, we plan to open Emporiums in major cities across the country.

We do not advertise or promote any type of oral contact between any of our men and women or our men and other men. But on the other hand we do not have any rules excluding it. Our men do report that oral activity is quite often suggested by customers. And performed.

Here are reports from some of our employees:

Roger G. – Hi, my name is Roger. I am 26 years old and have an 8-inch cock when hard. I am known for the hardness of my erections and quite frequently I have a number of repeat women customers who appreciate not only my hard cock but my hard, fit body. I am also known for my voluminous cumshots. I even have the ability to produce several large cumloads in the same day.

I do have one regular customer who really gets off on seeing my prick gush huge amounts of cum. She has even gone to the great lengths of paying the establishment a large amount of money to keep me from performing for the three days before her appointment so that I will have a nice build-up of semen to produce for her. She usually has me cum a minimum of four times during one of our 2-hour sessions. She also brings along some of her friends to watch me jack off but never more than two other women. And it’s not always the same two. She signs up for Package B, which allows the women to masturbate my penis for their enjoyment but she also likes to see me jack myself off. I usually start off the session with a long slow masturbation exhibition and end up shooting a huge load. Sometimes on the women watching me if that is their desire. Then she will have her two friends take turns jacking me off and then she finishes me off with a world class blowjob. Which usually takes a long time because it will be my fourth orgasm in the two-hour session. Sometimes we actually run over the two hours because it takes me so long to cum. But nobody complains because she is a regular customer and lays out some big bucks. She also gives me a huge tip after the last orgasm. Usually $200 but one time she gave me $500. And that’s on top of the generous money the Emporium pays me.

Lance B. – Lance is just a stage name. As far as I know, I have the largest penis of any of the Emporium employees. It’s about 9.5-inches long and very thick. So a great many of the repeat customers ask for me by name because many men and women really appreciate a large penis. I host sessions with both men and women and if the interplay eventually involves oral sex, some of my partners, both men and women, have a difficult time getting my penis in their mouth. But you would be surprised how badly they want to get my cock between their lips and usually eventually do, even if they end up choking on it.

I had one customer who was very shy the first time we were together. He had signed up for Package D, which was the group masturbation. Even though this session is primarily designed for a group of customers, management likes to have one of the employees on hand to help things get started and also to kind of oversee that nothing gets out of hand. The shy guy had trouble getting hard so I offered to masturbate him to an erection. Which fortunately didn’t take long. And when some of the other customers saw me stroking his cock, that spurred them to start masturbating each other. The next time this particular customer showed up, whose name is Jack, he signed up for Package C. this is a one-on-one session with one of the Emporium employees and Jack asked for me. When we were in the room together, and undressed, he asked if it was ok for him to play with my cock. I said that it was and in fact that was encouraged in Package C. He very gingerly started to fondle my prick, which quickly began to harden. He ran his fingertips all over the bulbous head. By now I was fully erect and the head of my cock was super shiny and a dark purple color. He was literally mesmerized by my throbbing penis and couldn’t take his eyes off of it. I attempted to stroke his penis, which was a decent 7-inches in length, but he said he didn’t want the distraction. He wanted to focus 100% of his attention on my cock. He had signed up for a one-hour session and said he wanted to spend the entire hour stroking my cock and for me to plan on cumming just as time was up. So that’s what we did. Jack told me he was married with two kids but had always had a secret desire to play with another man’s cock. In subsequent visits, Jack went on to be involved in a number of very delightful experiences with me and my cock.

Jim D. – I participate with both men and women but I prefer the women. I will do the men because it pays more but my preference is women. The Emporium knows this so they attempt to place me with women as much as possible. My penis is a bit smaller than most of the others guys. It’s about 7-inches long but very thick with an amazingly oversized head about the diameter of a Red Bull can. Many women literally are in love with the head of my cock although it’s damn near impossible to get it in their mouth. So there is lots of licking and kissing with some rare sucking.

I have one repeat customer who, after much varied activity, ends up making me shoot just by friction on my frenulum. That’s the area just under the cockhead. Since the frenulum and the corona (cockhead) are the two most sensitive areas of the penis, this woman has become the past master of stimulation of my cock concentrating on very light friction of both the frenulum and the cockhead. Sometimes she stimulates both areas with her fingertips and some times with her tongue. No matter how she does it, she manages to produce an extremely intense orgasm. Although it takes a while, when I finally do cum, it’s in the form of a thin powerful stream that shoots out several feet. Since I am usually laying on my back with my cock pointed at my face when she does this, I usually end up with a cum splattered all over my face and chest. Which she thinks is really funny and starts cracking up when the cum starts to shoot. But I don’t mind because she always cleans me up with a warm washcloth and usually cleans any semen residue off of my cock by sucking it clean. Plus she always gives me a big tip.

Jeff C. – Hi, I specialize in the cock-to-cock jackoff sessions. Because of this I have a more normal sized cock, about 6.5 inches but a bit thicker than the average guy. C2C works best if both cocks are approximately the same length and since most of our customers are in the 5.5-inch to 6.5-inch range, my cock size is about ideal. And because I have had so much C2C experience, I have learned to control my orgasm to the point that I can keep from cumming until my partner starts to shoot. Having both cocks spurt their load at the same time adds a huge amount of visual pleasure to an experience that feels out of this world. Some of my partners want to wrap their hand around both cocks and do the jerking but I have found that once they have had a few minutes with that experience, they much prefer to have me do it. So it’s extremely rare when it’s not my hand gripping both cocks when the semen starts to flow.

We like to cater to customer’s special needs. Up to a point. One that pushes the limit of what we will do concerns a regular customer who only wants to do C2C cock jackoff with me. But the twist is he wants his girl friend to participate. I know the Emporium charges a big premium to allow this. She does most of the masturbating. And we don’t start right off with the C2C action. At first the two of them work together getting me hard. They both take turns sucking my cock so it doesn’t take me long to become fully erect. Then she sucks and strokes his cock to full hardness. Although I am not much into sucking cock, sometimes I participate because I know I will get a big tip if I suck his penis. Then she does most of the stroking of the two cocks. The three of us alternate stroking both pricks but she always takes over when we are getting close. When her boy friend starts shouting “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” she leans over and positions her mouth directly above both cockheads and when the cum starts spurting from both pricks, she greedily takes it all in her mouth, or as much as possible, and quickly swallows it down. When both cocks have exhausted their semen supply she licks and sucks every drop of cum off of the two cocks.

Fred L. – Somehow, I have become the specialist for customers who want Package A. I think it is because I get off on performing in front of groups as opposed to most of our guys are more comfortable in one-on-one sessions or those with just two or three people. I have performed in front of groups as large as 30 women. The Emporium has one large room strictly for this purpose. It even includes a bar because not only is that a nice profit center, but the women customers get a lot looser with a couple of drinks in them. I am also fortunate to have an 8-inch penis, which goes over well with the larger groups of women. You’ve seen those videos online where it appears that a male stripper is performing in front of a large group of women and ends up waving his cock in the faces of the women in the room, many of whom suck his penis. He ends up jacking off on the face of one of the willing women while everybody else cheers. Well, that’s basically what I do.

The way we do this is our website lists the various dates and times when one of these group affairs will be staged. We try to do three of them a week. The women who want to participate sign up and pay their fee in advance and are issued an online ticket. We limit the total number of women to 30 but most of the time it’s 12 to 15 of them at once but every so often we will get a bigger crowd when a bridal shower or batchelorette party is involved.

Some of these women are literally crazy. You would think they would hesitate to perform blowjobs on a total stranger in front of all their friends. But they do it. Sometimes they get so wound up that they actually want me to fuck them right there in front of everybody. Usually that involves taking their panties off and hiking up their dress but on several occasions I have had them strip totally naked. It just blows me away that any woman would do that. And most of these women just seem to be regular people. But I should talk. Usually by the time we get to that stage, I am equally horny and want to fuck. And some of these women are really good looking with great bodies so who wouldn’t want to fuck them, even if it’s in front of 20 or 30 people? I never cum in the girl’s pussy. I know that many of the attendees want to see the cum fly so my regular procedure is to pull out just before I cum and then jack my cock to orgasm. One of my assets is I shoot a lot of cum and “shoot” is the operative word. So when I pull my cock out and start spurting, I wave the damn thing around and manage to splatter cum on at least five or six of the spectators. Most of them seem to love it. But you know that some of these women are married and I always wonder what their story is when they arrive at home drunk and covered in jism.

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  1. In case you readers didn’t figure it out, this is a fantasy story. I wish there was such an emporium. It would be a lot of fun.

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