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The Ethics of Masturbation

Hedonism and the ethics of masturbation

Is Masturbation Hedonistic?

“Hedonism” is the act of engaging in personal pleasure or self-indulgence. Many people take hedonism to mean acting in self-interest at the expense of others. An example might be spending the money your wife was saving for a vacation on a motorcycle, or getting drunk and becoming threatening to your family.

Masturbation is hedonistic if you also believe that brushing your teeth or practicing yoga is hedonistic. It’s true that masturbation is strictly a solo pleasure. You would think it doesn’t help anyone else, but maybe it does. If you’re sexually satisfied, then you’re less likely to tell off-color jokes at inopportune times, chase people around begging for sex, or act foolishly around people that you find attractive.

In the same way that brushing your teeth is taking care of yourself, so is masturbation. It has been proven to have many physical and mental health benefits.

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Almost everyone on earth has masturbated, is masturbating, and/or will masturbate in the future. It is completely normal and almost universal. It is so universal that you might live your entire life and never meet a person who has not masturbated. Some people do it in their sleep. Some babies have done it in their mother’s womb. Old people do it (see credential). It is a harmless and healthy thing to do once in a while.

Despite the insane and absolutely psychotic attitudes of some towards masturbation, a huge amount of bullshit has been generated since the dark ages about it, partially as a money-making scheme (selling anti-masturbation products like torture devices, fake “medicines”, as well as their books which were complete works of fiction from their twisted and sick imaginations). Some of it was based on superstitions and false information, and some based on some religious ideas they made up and claimed it is what God himself wants (because they said so). In 2020, we know that almost every single thing they said, and some people are STILL saying, was completely made up. All bullshit. (in fact I can’t off the top of my head think of any exceptions to this. It might have been 100% lies, not 99%)

Your parents most likely are uncomfortable with discussing this. My parents were old school, and their idea of having “the talk” with me is my stepfather “storing” (!) a box of porn in my closet. Soon thereafter I had my first wet dream, which he interrupted and ruined. So besides telling me that masturbation will “harm” me in some way, and not to do it, they put porn in my closet, knowing damn well I’m going to find, read, and masturbate to it. THEN they sometimes spied on me to catch me in the act.

The attitudes towards sex in this country have always been kind of schizophrenic and confused, so if your parents were silent on this, it is no surprise. They push sex through the media, sometimes blatantly and explicitly, but also act all coy and hesitant to speak openly about it. They’re still BLURRING OUT MIDDLE FINGERS on some TV shows, for God’s sake. It’s a MIDDLE FINGER. How crazy is that? Like NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO SEE YOUR MIDDLE FINGER? (“Oh my God! a middle finger! the children are here! blur it out!”)

So your parents, sadly, are a product of the past mentality towards sex, and no wonder they haven’t openly discussed it.

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