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Taking Care of My Sister – Male POV, poignant

Taint: The area between the bottom of the vagina, or the scrotum, and the the start of the anus.

Tantra – The Big Draw technique

Tantra, Brother-Sister

Tantric Massage Stories – by Spurtz

Tantric Solo and Mutual Masturbation

Tantric Tease – Male Female

The Taoist Masseur – Interview

Tattoo, Genital

Tattoo, My Sister – Brother-Sister

Teabagging – Oral sex involving the scrotum.

Temperature, Peehole – Brother-sister urethral play

Temple Grandin, Like

Tennis, Instead Of – female point of view

Tent, Cousins – Homoerotic Youth Story

Testicles – facts

Testicle, Flabby – Strange testicular experiment

Testicles – Hit in the balls

Testicles: Proper Massage Technique

Testicles On Fire – Female-administered BDSM

Testicle Size – Info

Testicle Vise – More commonly known as ‘ball vise’

Testicle Vise Play – Two guys play with a testicle vise

Testicular Implants

Textiles – A term nudists use to refer to people who are wearing clothes

Thelarche – the age at which breast development begins

Thompson, Working for Mr. Thompson – Female POV

Threesome, Bisexual Jackoff – Male point of view

Tickle Intense – heterosexual short technique memoir

Tied – Male-male fun

Tight, Pull Tight – Male technique

Tile Game: Breasts – Memory game

Tile Game: Ejaculation – Memory game

Tile Game: Lesbian – Memory game

Tile Game: Penis – Memory game

Tile Game: Vagina – Memory game

Tile Games List – Full list of tile games

Tiny Penis – Small Penis Bao

Tit Torture – Breast torture

Tomboy – Memoir

Tonga Monarch – slept with 37,800 women

Tony and Anne By The Pool

Too Fast – MMF Threesome to cure premature ejaculation

Topless In Buffalo – Female POV

Torment, Brother-In-Law – Male POV

Torn Scrotum – Medical fetish, male point of view

Torture: CBT – Torture Info

Torture: Clamps – Info

Torture: Fisting – Info

Torture: Needle Play – Play piercing, Info

Torture: Nettles – Info

Torture: Post-Orgasm Stimulation – Info

Torture: Spanking – Info

Tonguing Peehole

Tough Guys (And Girls) Club

Toy: Rotating Sex Toy Review

Translation, Weird

Tribadism – Info

Trivia, Sexual

Truck Full of Toys

Tub Fun, Hot Tub – A man builds a hot tub and invites his friends

Tubing for Urethral Play

Twain, Mark

Twelve Students

Twister – a popular game in the 1960s, often played naked.

Two Boys and Darkroom Timer

Two-Person Office – Male/Female

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If you haven't seen Chaturbate, you're in for a treat, and it's free, no sign-up required!