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Sound Business

From an early age, my dad taught me to work with tools. His one great tool was a metal lathe, down in the basement. He let me start working that when I was 11 or 12 years old. Oh, I didn’t know much about cutting threads or anything fancy, but I could turn candlesticks and similar silly things.

I had made a half-dozen, highly-polished skinny rods that I took to inserting in my urethra. Oh, at first it stung, but my body got used to it, and soon it didn’t hurt at all. My dad did caution me to keep everything sterile, and so I had a great time without any complications. I often wondered if he was into urethral play, but he died before I ever got around to asking him. The poor fellow was an alcoholic.

My first rods were just straight with well-rounded ends. I made them thicker and thicker, and enjoyed the sensation of slowly forcing them in. I got up to 11 millimeters. I made a four-millimeter rod with a six-millimeter ball on the end that was very long, and inserted it beyond my sphincters into my bladder. That was especially fun. I had to kind of press my hard penis downward, to straighten out the bend just inside the body leading to the prostate and bladder.

I soon had a whole collection of ones with spirals, ones with blobs every half-centimeter, ones that tapered, and so on.

In time, I needed money, and wondered if I could put that lathe to good use. Naturally, I figured other guys might like these things. Ebay was just kicking in, and on a lark, I placed an ad for one, for way too much money, It sold immediately. Way cool!

Before long, I had a solid business that mostly put me through college. Sometimes guys would write, even send pictures, telling me about and showing me their adventures with my urethral toys.

I thought I might have a business that would support me for the rest of my life. But no, pretty soon other people were selling everything from penis plugs to catheters online, including many rods just like mine. The price got so low it was rediculous.

So, while my wife and I still play occasionally with one of my own rods, I earn a living as a high school math teacher these days. I sometimes wonder if the kids in my class ever play like I did at their age.

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