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Sondra’s Crazy College Roommate

Sondra's crazy college roommate - explicit, sexual

hen I was in my teens, I hung out with my two friends all the time. The three of us spent time together almost every day after school and on weekends. Like most girls that age, we always talked about boys and sex as much as about family, or parties or fashion.

Like many kids of that age, we didn’t really know much about sex, but we blustered about it to each other that we knew more than we did. When the topic was sex, we’d often pull our skirts up or take our pants down, or off, and start masturbating. Usually if one girl did it, the other two would do it too.

There was no embarrassment. We just would masturbate, looking at each other’s boobs or pussies, and that would enhance the mood, and we’d orgasm, and that was that. We didn’t touch each other, no kissing or anything at all like that. We would have called that ‘lesbian,’ which at the time was a huge no-no. At some point, one of us would start quietly moaning and groaning, arch her back, and with wet fingers working away would have a very solid orgasm. The others watched, and often that drove us over the edge too.

When we were at one of our homes, like in Kylie’s bedroom when her parents were busy downstairs, we’d be careful to stay as quiet as possible. It wasn’t quite clear whether our parents were aware of our naked, masturbatory activities or not, so we kept a low profile.

My first day of college was a shocker, but not for me. For my roommate. Not knowing that everyone wasn’t like the three of us, in the early evening, after my first cafeteria dinner, which I ate with my new roommate, the two of us retired to our dorm room. We were already hitting it off nicely. I knew I was going to like Sondra. Oh, she was a bit religious, but not crazy or anything.

So, there in the dorm room, I stripped naked, kind of expecting Sondra to do the same. She seemed a bit, well, embarrassed to see me naked. Go figure! I didn’t really understand why that would bother her. In fact, I didn’t even notice at first that it did bother her. It was when I sat in the little rolling chair by my desk and started doing those little circles on my clit that every girl knows so well, that she really freaked out. Sondra’s face turned all red, and she started sputtering, “What the devil?” “What in the world?” It was about then that I realized that she found my jilling in front of her unusual – to say the least.

Suddenly, I was embarrassed, and of course I quit rubbing. Before I could say anything, she walked out the door.

Now what? I had lost my horniness entirely, and was very concerned. Was Sondra ever coming back? Was she going to complain to someone? Oh fuck!

I put my clothes back on, and decided the only way to take my mind of what had just happened, and what was possibly going to happen next, was to crack open one of my new textbooks. I couldn’t concentrate, however. I kept imagining Sondra coming back with the dean, or a policeman or someone like that in tow.

Ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door. My heart leapt into my mouth. It was Sondra, alone. What she did was the last thing in the world I expected. She started apologizing profusely about the way she reacted. It seems she was brought up in a way quite different than me. She explained that in her world, there’s no way that she and her friends could have ever done anything remotely like masturbating in front of another person. She had never been skinny dipping. Never showered together with her gym classmates. Never been seen by anyone without at least underwear.

I couldn’t resist asking about medical exams. Somehow, her family doctor had never even asked her to remove her panties. Never had her boobs checked for lumps. She said she would have freaked out if the doctor had asked for that.

It took me literally weeks before I could masturbate in front of Sondra. Somehow, the whole thing made me remarkably shy. Finally, she busted in on me when I was wanking one day. I thought she had a class until 3pm, but I mixed up the schedule. I immediately stopped, jumped on my bed, and threw a blanket over myself.

“No need for that,” she muttered, as she sat down at her desk. Slowly, I removed the blanket, and decided it would be best for everyone if I simply continued what I was doing. It took me forever to get excited again, and I felt like I was doing something terribly wrong the whole time. But in my opinion, it was something that needed to be done. To clear the air or something.

Sondra was cool, doing some studying on her laptop. I couldn’t help noticing that she was taking surreptitious glances at me.

I wasn’t cumming, and just about ready to give up, when Sondra cleared her throat, and said, “What the hell.” It must have a big deal for her, because she usually said “What the heck” when something unusual needed to be expressed.

And, with that little exclamation, she pulled off her shorts, revealing an already wet area. Sondra sat in her chair, facing me, looking directly at me, at my vagina actually, and started wanking away.

Solidarity! I was so pleased, I must have been smiling from ear to ear. Within less than a minute, Sondra was literally screaming in ecstacy. Seeing that, I came a moment later.

We didn’t really talk much about it, but from that day on, we frequently masturbated in front of each other. About a month later, Sondra sheepishly asked whether there might be some advantage in masturbating each other.

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