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Something Different, Give This a Try

female masturbating, give this a try

I’d like you to give this a try, then leave a comment below and let everyone know how it went. This will work for both men and women.

Start masturbating in your favorite way.

As you approach orgasm, back off, but only a little bit.

I want you to focus on really feeling the impending orgasm.

For men, it’s important not to let yourself ejaculate just yet. Your whole body will really want you to cum, but with sufficient focus and determination you can overcome that. Believe me, you’ll be well-rewarded for doing so.

For women, it’s important to stay in the light, beginning stages of orgasm. You don’t want a full-blown orgasm yet, because minutes or maybe even an hour of pure joy awaits.

Keep backing off, but only for a second. Don’t let the pre-orgasmic feeling die entirely away.

If you can hold off, knowing that this is entirely possible, that lots of people practice it every day, then you’re in for a real treat.

You can get to where you are in an actual orgasmic state and stay in it for quite a while. You may feel tingles anywhere from the top of your head to your feet, although most often, the greatest intensity is in the middle of your body. Exactly where it happens doesn’t matter, you’ll be in full orgasmic physiology. Pure joy.

You will have to pay attention, especially if you’re a man. You might be so caught up in what you’re doing that you don’t notice what’s going on in other parts of your body. Feel it. Notice it!

If you’re a guy, with practice, you can learn to have dry orgasms as strong as ejaculations, maybe even stronger, but certainly longer lasting than ejaculatory orgasms. And the cool part is you can do it over and over again. You may even get urethral contractions, but nothing comes out. Or in some cases, you get only a drop or two of cum each time. When you finally do ejaculate, if you ejaculate, it will be super-strong. Some guys will actually quit without cumming, saving ejaculation for another day, which leaves you in a heightened state all day. Like, colors are brighter.  You may not believe me. You’ll just have try it to find out for yourself.

For women, especially for those who haven’t experienced long-lasting continuous orgasms before, you get to enjoy either continuous orgasms, or waves of orgasm over and over again. If you’re already experienced this, see how much farther you can take it.

Have patience. You may need to try this more than once before it works for you. I did teach it to one guy who got it on his very first attempt. Others could take months to really get it. But practicing is fun, right?

OK folks. Give it a try, and once you get it, write a detailed comment below letting us all know what happened for you.

Note: This info isn’t free. You’ve gotta pay for it by leaving a comment below documenting all the details.

2 thoughts on “Something Different, Give This a Try

  1. Oh, totally! I’ve been edging for years, but had no idea I could take it this one little, yet giant step further!

  2. I was always a one-orgasm woman until now. Imagine, like almost all guys, and many women, I suppose, I’d masturbate, have my orgasm, and be done. For 43 years. Sad! Now, I’ve learned to go all day, over and over again. It’s so cool! But what will become of me? 🙂

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