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I was on a trip to Edwards Air Force Base to watch a Space Shuttle landing. There were seven of us in a big motorhome. I was the driver, because the owner, an older, bearded, long-haired, but surprisingly conservative fellow named Smokey was too much of a drunk to drive his own rig. He drank himself silly every night.

There were seven of us sleeping in the motorhome that night. There were me and my new friend, Amy, a curly-haired small blond girl with delicious large tits. The other five were all guys, including Smokey. They ranged in age from 17 to 70-something.

Amy and I were zipped together in a sleeping bag in the back of the motorhome. We started playing, threw off the sleeping bag, so we were totally exposed, then we started playing more earnestly. She blew me. I was seriously sucking her clit, with one finger in her ass. She reciprocated by trying to see how many fingers she could put in my ass while simultaneously giving me a handjob. The others were all asleep further forward in the rig.

I was on the verge of cumming, when suddenly the lights came on, and there was Smoky staring at us saying something sort of angry, like, “Hey, no fucking in my motorhome.”

The thing was, I had been right on the verge. As soon as the lights came on, Amy pulled her fingers out shockingly quickly, and I kind of spread my body protectively in front of her, in case the old guy was going to get violent. What happened next is as I spread out right there in front of him, my erection started jerking up and down, and my cum came splashing out. The others in the bus were waking up and all saw clearly what was happening.

Smokey didn’t get violent, just staggering back forward without a word and went back to sleep. The next morning, he was kind of apologetic about his drunken condition the evening before and no one said anything else. I started the morning feeling terribly embarrassed, but as the day went on, I started feeling OK with it, and eventually oddly proud about what had happened. Amy later told me she was a bit of a closet exhibitionist. While she certainly didn’t intend for anything like that to happen, she was proud to have been seen naked and fooling around by all those guys.

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  1. I’ve only been caught in mid-cum once. My second wife and I divorced but continued to live in the same house (separate bedrooms) until the house sold. I thought she had left for work and was blissfully laying in bed jacking my cock when the door opened and there she stood just as the cum started spurting from my cock. Not that this was anything especially new as we had been together for 25 years, but being divorced somehow made it different. She was obviously shocked. Apologized and left the room. We later laughed about it.

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