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Small Penis Bao

Below is a true account that I emailed to a friend. I thought you might enjoy it also:

Hi Ron,

It’s a busy day with clients today, so I’ll just write a quick overview of Marshall’s Beach on Saturday. It was a bit windy and in the low 60s, but sunny. So, walking naked was uncomfortable. However, getting naked and laying on the sand in the sun was perfect.

There were only about 20 clothed people, and maybe ten naked men. No naked women, unfortunately.

I was waking along, clothed, and Bao was there, wearing a long shirt, but nothing else. He’s the Korean guy I think I told you about last time. He is an interpreter for the deaf.

We smiled big at each other, then he invited me to a place partially hidden behind some rocks. We immediately started getting each other hard. Meanwhile, another Asian fellow walked up right behind us. Bao and I kept wanking each other, and that other guy sat on a rock ten feet away and watched. I asked Bao if I should invite the guy over, and he agreed, so we invited the third guy to join us. Bao wanked him while I gently massaged his balls. The guy came pretty quickly, put his clothes back on, and left.

Bao and I resumed with each other. Here’s the thing about Bao, he has the smallest penis I’ve ever seen. I’m guessing it’s 3.5 inches when erect. His balls are small too. As I was playing with him, I sort of scooched my legs under him, giving me great access to his nearly hairless asshole. I just swirled my finger around it’s outer area for a while while stroking his tiny cock with my other hand, until I noticed that his asshole was contracting, as if he was ejaculating, but nothing was coming out of his dick. So I kept going, and then maybe 15 seconds later, he did ejaculate.

Afterward he blew me for a while, which did feel nice, then he jerked me off. I was doing my dry orgasm thing, and I asked him whether was getting bored or tired, but no, even though he had just cum, he was having a great time ‘doing’ me. He kept going, and I lost control at one point and ejaculated all over the place.

After leaving Bao, I was now warm enough to walk naked in the sun. I put my clothes on when I came to the part of the beach where nearly everyone is clothed. As I was heading south, I found one of the many places where rocks and driftwood have been piled around against the cliffs to provide some privacy. The one I found was one of the furthest south. Still, I figured it was sufficiently private, so although I had just cum with Bao, I got in there, found it to be quite warm, with soft sand spread around. I put down my towel, and jerked myself to a second great orgasm.

I should mention that the place Bao and I played was only partially obscured. Ceremonially obscured, one might say, so that everyone walking by saw us playing, which I found quite exciting.

So that’s Saturday’s account.

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  2. Wow sounds fun. Sounds like a good time had by all mmmm.

  3. I have a small unit and big balls

  4. I want to suck both of you💗

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