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Sister Takes Me Beyond Orgasm

How my sister learned this stuff, I don’t know. I’ll probably get around to asking her one of these days.

What’s she’s been doing lately drives me crazy. After every time, I swear I won’t ever let her do it again, but then between sessions, I really start to crave it once more.

Here’s what she does, with minor variations every time:

She gets me entirely naked. Sometimes she remains clothed, sometimes she becomes totally naked also.

She has me lay on her massage table. I’m usually already erect. It used to embarrass me to have her see me erect, but that was long ago.

She has tied up some short ropes to the table legs ending in four bandanas that she ties around my wrists and ankles, explaining that the treatment will be so severe, she wants to make sure I don’t thrash and fall off the table.

She’ll dangle the corner of a sheet of toilet paper over my penis. She lowers it slowly, waving it back and forth. My penis twitches in anticipation. Finally the corner of the toilet paper just brushes over my frenulum ever so lightly. My oh my, what a feeling, as my penis jumps an inch. If I wasn’t hard already, I certainly become hard during this procedure.

Kayla then abandons the toilet paper, and starts massaging my balls. She starts out lightly, but then adds more and more pressure. She squeezes them between her thumbs and first two fingers, making them pop back and forth in my scrotum like wet bars of soap. Yes, it hurts, but not very much. I love it. I once ejaculated just from this treatment. She hadn’t even touched my dick.

Next, after some gentle fondling, she jerks me off in earnest. I cum. I cum hard, squirming all over the table. But, as she explains it, that’s only a side effect.

She keeps jerking me off after the pleasure subsides. It becomes agony. I am indeed thrashing, yelling, but laughing too. I would fall off the table if I wasn’t tied down. I’d stop her if I could, but I simply can’t do anything about it.

The treatment gets worse. She starts rubbing the palm of her hand over the tip of my penis. I’m screaming. I can’t stand it. I so want her to stop. But, as she has told me several times, there’s no safe word, because there’s no way I can get hurt. It’s not like some BDSM practices in which one could be injured.

That’s not entirely true. One time, she rubbed my glans like that, but without oil on her hand. The next day, I had a sort of burn, or chaffing on my glans that took a few days to heel.

She keeps going. I’m screaming. I’m laughing. I’m writhing out of control. My wrists hurt where I’ve pulled hard against the bondage. I know the drill. She’ll stop when my penis becomes soft. Not before. The damn erection won’t go down. I guess it’s because of the continuing stimulation. She keeps going.

One time, I ejaculated a second time during this part of the process. But most of the time, it’s just torment. I hate it but I love it. Go figure!

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  1. Who is this lovely creature? I want the same thing. Do you think she’d like to meet and help out a desperate stranger?

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