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Simultaneous Orgasm

When a couple have orgasms at the same time during intercourse or other forms of sex, that’s a simultaneous orgasm. It is a remarkably enjoyable experience for both parties, and something that many couples work toward with plenty of practice.

One of the best techniques to achieve simultaneous orgasm is to have the woman facing downward on her hands and knees while the man enters her from behind. The man works on edging or holding back from orgasming too soon, while the woman may stimulate her clitoris with the fingers of one hand at the same time. Communication is helpful, so the man knows when to hold back and when to let go, and the woman can bring about, or delay her orgasm.

The man can sometimes feel her orgasmic contractions while he is in her vagina or anus, and that will sometimes trigger his orgasm within a second or two. And it can work the other way too, where the man cums first, and the woman feels the orgasm and follows suit. While there may be a momentary difference when both people start their orgasms, as long as they are orgasming concurrently for at least part of the time, that qualifies as simultaneous.

Simultaneous orgasms can happen in other scenarios as well, such as with two men jacking at the same time, with two women licking each other in a 69 position, or when one man is butt fucking the other while the recipient is masturbating.

In the solo sex scenario, your authors can imagine two people on either end of Skype, each wanking, and having simultaneous orgasms.

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