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Shifting Gears

Shifting gears with a penis

I was fourteen. Davie, the boy across the street, was thirteen. We were both automobile fanatics. All we ever talked about was cars.

We told each other about things like brakes, fuel injection, exhaust manifolds and shifting gears, as if we actually knew what we were talking about.

I was completely taken with little classic British sports cars – Triumphs and MGs in particular. He was more into the modern muscle cars.

In my room one afternoon after school when no one else was home, we got back onto the topic of shifting the four-speed transmission. I was explaining like a real expert how first gear is up and to the left, second is straight down, and so on. He listened with complete attention. He was more rapt than I realized. It was making him horny.

Back in my room a few days later, he wanted me to explain the gear positions again. Then, “Will you demonstrate?”

I had already been shifting an imaginary gearshift in the air. “No, I mean, on something that’s more like a real shifter.”

“Like what?” I asked, looking around the room for something suitable.

“Like this,” he said in an oddly shaky voice.

I looked back at him, and didn’t fully understand what I was seeing for a moment. He had stood up, and let his shorts and underwear fall to his ankles. He was standing there with an erect 13-year-old penis.

I was shocked. This was totally out of character. He had never expressed anything sexual before. I had never seen him naked. The closest we came is when the neighborhood kids swam together in Ron’s pool, up the street. The boys wore ordinary swimming trunks. Funny thing is, those swimming days always made me horny, and as I became older, all of 13 and then 14, I started wanking to memories of seeing the boys at the swimming pool. I hadn’t really started thinking about girls that way yet. That was still a few years into my future. At the moment, girls were incomprehensible and annoying.

Seeing Davie standing there like that didn’t anger me. Didn’t frighten me. Didn’t upset me in any way. Instead, my heart started racing. I knew immediately he wanted me to touch his penis, to handle it like a gearshift, and at that moment, that’s exactly what I wanted to do. More than anything in the world.

I tried to speak, but only a squeak came out. I tried again, “Um, sure…”

I had him lay on the bed while I sat on the edge. I reached out, and put my hand around the hard naked knob of his penis. It was warmer than I expected. And, it felt so nice in my hand! I started making engine noises the way a car sounds when accelerating, and pushing his penis into first gear, second gear, and so on. After hitting fourth gear, with nowhere else to go but down, I decided we were going up a steep hill, so I had to downshift to third, making noise like trucks I had heard. After that, I didn’t know, I just silently started moving the gearshift back and fourth into the various gear positions.

“That feels so cool!” he said, being otherwise silent.

A moment later, “You’ve gotta try it.”

There wasn’t a doubt in my mind. Within record time, my clothing was in a pile on the floor, and I was on the bed instead of Davie. Of course my penis had been rock hard the whole time I was shifting Davie’s transmission.

When he reached out and touched my penis, I jumped with an almost electric shock. It just felt that good!

“Ummm” he said as he stared maneuvering my penis back and forth. Then, becoming a little more organized, he asked, “Like this?” as he started putting me in first gear, then second, and so on.

He did it for a minute, then kind of digressed in to just moving my shifter up and down and around. Meanwhile, I felt that inevitable feeling building, and a moment later, I was spurting a few little drops of sticky clear fluid out of my five-inch penis with a few curly hairs at the base.

“Woah, is that sperm?” Davie asked with big eyes.

“Yup, you’ll be getting it soon too.”

Over the next couple of years, talk of cars died down to be replaced with talk of girls. We shifted each other’s gears many more times, although soon it wasn’t shifting gears, but all sorts of handjob variations.

That was twenty years ago. Davie and I still get together to ‘shift gears’ today. Our wives know. They don’t care. They’ve even watched Davie and I play, and I’m pretty sure they go off to shift gears themselves, in some sort of female way.

I’m not sure about our kids. I know that Davie’s kids and mine play together all the time, like as if they are one family. I installed a pool in our backyard, and the kids are there all summer. I secretly hope they get together and shift gears like Davie and I did way back then. I don’t know what the girls can do. They don’t have gearshifts, but I’m sure they will figure something out.

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