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Many men do not pay much attention to the scrotum, but may learn in time that very pleasurable sensations can be had in the scrotum. One of the favored techniques is to very lightly brush the scrotum with a soft brush, a feather, a very light touch of a fingertip, or the corner of a sheet of toilet paper. For best results, start with remarkably light strokes, some of which may not touch the scrotum at all. In fact, just touching the hairs on the scrotum does the job nicely, causing a delicious feeling. This is best done early in a session, leading up to more intense activities only after the scrotum has been satisfied.

Another technique many men like is to grab the bottom of the scrotum below the testicles with the curled up fingers of one hand, so it can be firmly pulled. If you’re doing it for someone else, be careful about fingernails, they do not add pleasure to the situation. Simply pulling and holding the scrotum is quite enjoyable. Along the same lines, the scrotum can be grabbed with two hands and stretched out as much as possible. When loose and warm, you may be surprised how many square inches of scrotum you have.

A few men enjoy scrotum piercing, called hafada. Like any such technique, risk of infection is high, although less high than piercing the testicles themselves. The scrotum, unlike the testicles, can sustain one or more long-term piercings. One common type is a single small ring on one side, toward the top of the scrotum. Another is a scrotal ladder, consisting of a series of rings or small ball-ended bars in a vertical line up the middle of the scrotum.

The most typical genital hair removal that men do is total shaving of the scrotum and along the inner legs where the scrotum is frequently in contact. The first few days may be itchy, and you may be surprised to feel the scrotum sticking to your legs when you are sweaty – something you might not have felt since adolescence, but these sensations normalize in a few days.

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