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Ruined Orgasm

A ruined orgasm isn’t anything like what it sounds like. Instead, it is a situation in which a man is stimulated to ejaculation, but just before the ejaculation starts, the stimulation is discontinued. The man ends up cumming anyway, but without the satisfaction of the continuing physical contact during the orgasm. For some men, in some circumstances, this is a frustrating feeling, hence, “ruined.” For others, it is very exciting. An interesting consequence in some cases is that after the ejaculation, the penis may stay erect, and the recipient can enjoy a second or even third ejaculation.

Ruined orgasms are usually achieved with handjobs, but can be performed in other ways, such as through oral or anal sex.

Ruined orgasms are often part of light BDSM scenes, in which a partner ‘ruins’ the orgasm.

Hands-free orgasms are often synonymous, but are more often a solo exercise. Hands-free orgasms, often abbreviated HFO, can also be different in that they are sometimes set off without stimulation, or with light, intermittent stimulation.

Whereas most discussion of ruined orgasm pertains to men, women can do it too. I recently talked with @SoloRuinOrgasm on Twitter, who brought that to my attention. Just like a man, a woman can get so close to orgasm that she can’t stop it, but she can stop the stimulation. You’ll see some hands-free orgasming (ruined orgasm) women on that Twitter feed.

10 thoughts on “Ruined Orgasm

  1. HFO what a lovely concept.
    what i want from this site is more pictures and hopefully short film to go with your good stories.

  2. I’ve had a few “ruined” orgasms in my life where I was receiving a hand job from a young, inexperienced lass who would let go of my cock the instant the cum started shooting out. I would quickly grab it, if possible, and finish myself off. This would only happen once as I would make sure to provide some input on how to finish off a hand job. I did have one experience that was just the opposite. I was in a jackoff threesome with a guy and his gf. She was young and somewhat shy and when she started pumping my cock I was positive I would have to finish it myself. But just the opposite happened. She kept jacking me even harder and faster when the cum started shooting and milked out every last drop. Her bf had trained her well.

  3. It would be great if you could show some example videos of how to ruin your orgasm incase people want to try

  4. Great idea. I’d like to film either myself, or with a partner, my sister perhaps, in which I work on ruined orgasms in where only a single drop of cum is ejaculated, and then do it several times in a row. Of course, I don’t have that perfectly mastered, but I suppose I could film it a few times until it works just right. Maybe I should just show an ordinary ruined orgasm here, and then something more in the pages devoted to the more advanced techniques.

  5. @admin that would be great! Maybe you could show your ruined orgasm for males, then maybe show your sister ruining her orgasm for females 😉

  6. Getting her to agree to that is a long shot, but I’ll ask. We do need more original videos on the site.

  7. @admin any eta on those videos? It would be so hot

  8. My sister claims she’s ‘too busy’ to help. My wife just doesn’t want to. Due to Covid, there isn’t anyone else I’m playing with right now. I guess I should get one of those little desktop tripod gadgets so I can at least aim the camera (phone) at myself. I would really enjoy showing you some of this stuff.

  9. @admin are you still working on those ruined orgasm tutorial videos by chance?

  10. Gosh, I should get onto that project, but just haven’t had the time – yet.

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