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Rock Juggling With Hot Asian Chick

Rock Juggling with Hot Asian Chick

I went to the nude beach, you know, in hopes of getting lucky. Actually, I’d be lucky to just look at any naked women down there. Even that would be satisfying. I could come home later, remembering the image. Or, maybe I’d become so horny that I’d jerk off right there on Marshall’s Beach. Guys go up to the north end, where anything goes. I’ve seen sucking, handjobs, even anal sex there, but that’s mostly gay guys. Not my thing.

There is a large Asian culture in San Francisco, so you do see the occasional young Asian chick showing off. But these girls seldom do anything except walk around in the nude, lay around and soak up some sun, then go home. I do have a ‘thing’ for Asian girls.

On this particular afternoon there was another Asian girl there. She was exactly, well, just perfect – for me. She was short and very slim with long, jet black hair. She had very small tits, with little pencil eraser nipples, and no extra width at her hips. She was tube-shaped, not unlike a young boy. Don’t get me wrong. I have no interest in boys at all. Hell no! But girls who are boy-like, oh my, they do turn me on. Sorry about that. It’s just the way I am. I love small-titted, skinny Asian women. And that’s exactly what she was. Not only that, she had no hair on her crotch area, an extra treat as far as I am concerned. I’d certainly be jerking off while thinking about her later on.

Of course there was no way me, a 24-year-old, tall, thin, white, gawky guy could approach her. But at least I could look, right?

I walked past her a few times, pretending not to look, but catching glances as much as I could. At one point, she leaned over, and picked up three tangerine-sized rocks. As she did so, I was directly behind her, perhaps 10 feet away, and got a perfect view of her puckered little asshole, and a portion of her inner labia. Oh my! I felt my penis starting to chub up.

That, to me, is embarrassing, although I have seen a good few erections on the beach, so I suppose it’s OK.

What was she going to do with those rocks? It took only a second to find out. She started juggling them. She was pretty good. She must have gone fifty throws before two of them crashed together and fell to the ground. She picked them up and did it again. This time, as she leaned over to pick them up, I wasn’t in the right position to see her asshole, and was disappointed.

Suddenly, an idea came to me. Feeling awkward, but remembering what I’ve been learning in my confidence coaching, I asked whether she’d teach me to juggle.

She smiled big. Really big, and said, “Certainly.”

Being shy like I am, I almost wanted to walk away, saying something like, “Just kidding.” It’s stuff like that which is why I’m still having sessions with a confidence coach. [He laughs.]

Anyway, I didn’t walk away. I really couldn’t do so without looking like an idiot.

She stood directly in front of me and asked, “Are you right-handed?” then placed two of her rocks in my right hand, and one in my left. Just having this remarkable girl standing so close to me made it a very lucky day already. But when she touched my hands while giving me the rocks, was, well, I felt a delicious, cold tingle throughout my body. And it was like 80 degrees in the sun.

She proceeded to demonstrate how it’s done, taking the role of gravity, and lifting the rocks, one by one out of my hands, and setting them in my opposite hand. I immediately understood the concept.

Then she stood back and watched while I practiced. In two attempts, all the rocks crashed to the ground right away.

“Not all at once. One after the other,” she quietly instructed.

Then it happened. I got six throws in a row. I was surprisingly proud of my accomplishment. I tried again, and got five or six throws again, but found myself moving forward. I believe the body has a natural tendency not to throw things close to one’s face, so I was throwing them forward. On the next attempt, I got maybe eight throws, and found myself literally running forward. I was so intent on the rocks, I bashed directly into my new friend who jumped out of the way just enough to avoid having the rocks fall on her, but not quite enough to avoid me. She put her arms out to catch me, hugging firmly so I wouldn’t fall in the sand.

No one was hurt, but I immediately apologized. She surprised me by saying, “I rather liked that. It’s not every day that a big, handsome guy bumps into me.”

I felt so good! One thing led to another, and we eventually found ourselves sitting in the shade of a big boulder having a long conversation. Melonie and I started really liking each other. I was wondering if this was going to be like a romance movie. Might she and I start dating and everything? Oh, what a lucky day indeed it would be!

Our conversation must have lasted an hour. She told me she’s studying software engineering. I’m a nursing student. She thought it was odd for a man to want to be a nurse. “That’s old thinking,” I told her, explaining there are a lot of men in nursing these days. Besides, I’m planning to use nursing to pay my way through medical school. Melonie seemed impressed.

Then she asked the oddest question, “As a nurse, do you get to see people naked a lot?”

I explained that I guessed so, but I wasn’t actually a nurse yet.

The conversation drifted, or more likely guided by Melonie into the whole idea of nudity, genitals, and then even masturbation. She got me to admit that I wank at least twice a day.

“So do I,” she responded brightly.

Then she floored me by asking, “Have you ever wanked with someone else?”

I was a bit chicken to admit it, but then I figured, ‘What the heck?’ “Yeah, with my brother, a long time ago.”

She wanted all the details of that. Then she told me about how she had a semi-girlfriend in high school. That they fondled each others breasts, and then actually masturbated, and licked, each other.

Shortly after saying that, there was no hope for me. My penis became fully erect. I thought about hiding it from her. Like, maybe run into the ocean or something. But under the circumstances, all I could do is just sit there, with my flag at full mast.

I happened to glance at her nipples, and noticed they were more pronounced than before. Oh, my, it suddenly occurred to me that Melonie was turned on also. Then, I looked at the rock she was sitting on. It was wet! A few drips of fluid had dripped off her inner labia onto the rock.

I almost wanted to pinch myself. This was like a dream coming true. What was going to happen next? I hadn’t gotten her phone number yet. I just started to turn toward my backpack to grab my phone, when she said, “May I?”

As I turned back toward her, I didn’t understand at first. After all, this was an all-new experience for me. Without waiting for an answer, she wrapped her tiny fist around my penis. I erupted in an ejaculation immediately. Oh, yes, I suffer big-time from premature ejaculation. Can confidence coaching help with that also?

Melonie squealed in delight. She tried to stroke my dick up and down, but as a guy, I’m sure you know how sensitive a person becomes afterward.

I had to return the favor, right? It was awkward to get my shaking finger on her vagina. I tried to find her inner labia, and her clit. I mean, I know through the porn I’ve seen that girls do have a clit, and where it is, but I didn’t manage to get it at all right.

“Here,” she said, as she got off her rock, spread her towel on the sand and laid back. I thought I was going to finger her vagina, but something came over me. I knew what I wanted to do. What I had to do. My biology was compelling me beyond words. I scooted down, and kissed her pretty vagina. Then I touched my tongue to it, then after a moment, I was licking, sucking and slobbering all over her vagina.

Meanwhile, Melonie was “Oohing and Aahing” and just loving it.

My eyes were closed, so imagine my surprise when she had a huge, squirming, loud orgasm and I opened my eyes to find six guys standing right around us, staring, and cheering us on. Two of the guys were unabashedly fondling their own erect penises.

For a split second, I was terribly embarrassed. Then, remembering where I was, and who I was with, and, well… I was proud to be seen having done what I just did.

The sun was getting lower in the sky. It was time to head home. Except, I didn’t head home. I went to Melonie’s place.

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