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Rock Hard on the Pickleball Court

Rock Hard on the Pickleball Court

Here’s a story for you Jeremy. I don’t know if it’s the kind of thing you’re looking for, but feel free to put it on ProWank if you think it fits.

So, I’ve been to a dozen nude beaches, and well, I just enjoy nudity. Oh, I don’t do anything rude. I just end up jerking off when I get home, thinking about all the women I’ve seen.

I also play pickleball. [A fast-growing sport, like tennis, but on a slightly smaller court, generally played with four players, two on a side.] So naturally, I developed a fantasy that I’d like to play naked pickleball. I didn’t think it could ever be for real. One day, I discovered that there are nudist clubs that have installed pickleball courts. My vacation came along and you can probably figure out where I went. Right! To a nudist resort in Florida where they play naked pickleball.

On the very first afternoon, after I settled into my room, I pulled off all my clothing, and started by strolling the grounds. I noted the hot tubs and Olympic-size pool that I’d have to try out later. I also saw the tennis courts, which somehow don’t excite me. Then I wandered over to the two pickleball courts. I have to say, by the way, that the weather was perfect. It was sunny and about 80 degrees with just a trace of wind.

There were nine people there. Eight were playing, one was waiting for the next game. They saw that I had a pickleball paddle in my hand, so they knew I was ‘one of them.’ As I walked to the fence surrounding the courts, they greeted me enthusiastically.

I talked briefly with the guy waiting. He was probably your exact typical nudist. Around 50 or 60 years old, balding, a bit of a belly, shaved crotch, and super-friendly. He was also well-mannered. You might think these guys are the unclothed version of lounge lizards; I’m sure they would hump any nude woman at a moment’s notice. It probably never happens, but just the thought of it makes them happy, or so I hope. How do I know all that? Well, even though I’m younger, that’s my status. I do get horny, but I also enjoy the pure freedom of being nude outdoors with other people. As I think I said, I’ve never done anything other than jerk off when I get home. The most interaction I’ve had with other nudists is playing volleyball, talking over a beer or two, or things like that.

If you don’t know about the nude scene, you might think a guy would get erect, and that would be a problem – sort of like being naughty in a scene where people don’t want you to get all sexual, or sexually excited, even. Well, I’ve never had a problem with that. Oh, I worried it about it at first. The first times I went to nude beaches I discovered I can easily control myself.


Except this time. I kept noticing the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in a very long time. She was on the court, playing well, and was just gorgeous. Asian, short, thin, medium-size tits, totally shaved, long straight black hair, and a most pretty face. I can’t explain it really. There’s just some people who you fall in love with the moment you see them smile. She was one of them. Then, it was my turn to play. Because she and her partner, another ordinary 50-something gentleman, played well, they won the previous match, and so stayed on the court. Since these were pickup games, me and the other guy took over for the losing pair on the court. As we were warming up, I felt something else warming up, but wasn’t too concerned. There’s a world of difference between feeling a twinge of excitement and actually getting erect.

But, I couldn’t help kind of half-staring at the Asian woman. I was trying not to obviously look at her, but kept trying to get glances. Geez, I was acting like a lustful teenager and here I am, 34 years old and divorced. She caught me looking a couple of times and smiled, almost invitingly.

The game started and, of all damn things, for the first time in my life in front of people, I lost control of my penis. It hardened up. I can’t even tell you how fucking embarrassing that was! Here I was trying to enjoy good quality, naked pickleball. I mean, these players were seriously good, as I like to think I am – most of the time. In truth, I played fairly well, but had to do it with what was now quite a handicap. I could feel my now full six and a half inches jutting up at a 45-degree angle. It was waving back and forth, not quite painfully, but quite noticeably as I ran around the court. I was totally chagrinned about the situation but what could I do? My partner, thank goodness, didn’t say anything. To my good fortune – I think – the opponents didn’t either. As I think back, perhaps it would have been better if she did say something. Maybe a sort of inviting joke or something; or anything. But they were all polite and proper, no one said anything.

The game ran long to something like 14-12, and dang if I didn’t stay hard the whole time. The game ended with my side finally winning. I quickly thanked everyone, said I’d be back for more pickleball later, and went over to the pool where I could kind of hide my erection until it subsided. As soon as it did, I went back to my room, and jerked off big-time! It was surprising to see sperm squirt six inches in the air. It usually more-or-less just oozes out of me.

I was fantasizing about more things happening with her of course. Maybe she and I could go out for drinks. Maybe she was single and looking too. Maybe she’d find me, a slightly dorky IT professional, to her liking. I mean maybe, we’d even end up married or something!

I came out later in the day and the Asian woman was nowhere in sight. I wish I had caught her name, but we never introduced ourselves at the pickleball court. I tried asking around about her but there are other Asian women there, and I couldn’t point out anything about her that stood out, at least to anyone else. To me, she was the sexiest thing in the world.

Well, I stayed at the resort for five days and didn’t see her again. My guess is that the time I saw her was her last afternoon there. I was a bit reluctant to come back to the pickleball courts out of sheer shyness. I mean, people were probably talking about ‘the guy who got erect’ and I just didn’t want to be identified in that way. I eventually did return because, after all, pickleball is my thing. I did play every day, even getting a bit of sunburn, and had a wonderful time. I also didn’t get erect any more. Of course, I wanked every night when I got back to my room, sometimes ejaculating twice in one session, which is rare for me.

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  1. I keep. hearing about pickleball. I guess I’m going to have to give it a try.

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