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Rare Pink Line

There are a few individuals among us who have the rare pink line. This is a degree of pinkness leading up from the anus between the ass cheeks. The pink skin is generally smoother, and perhaps less thick than the rest of the person’s skin. In some cases it is shiny. If you are one of these rare individuals, you should feel blessed.

We don’t know about sensitivity. Neither I, my sister, my wife, my sister’s husband, or anyone we’ve asked know whether the pink line might be slightly more sensitive, more erogenous, than the same area on all of us regular people.

I believe the woman who is playing with anal beads below illustrates the pink line nicely. Look above the inserted beads, and you’ll see the line leading up her crack.

The Pink Line of the Anus

Among those who have the pink line, it is usually less pronounced, like this woman:

Anal pink line

And of course most don’t have it at all, or it is so slight as to not really be a pink line at all:

Ass crack, no pink line

Men can have it too:

Even Black people can have the line, but in their case it will be pigmented:

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether someone has the line:

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