Race Relations – Black Lives Matter

Rare Pink Line

Reactions to a Hard Cock

Relieved – Unintentional lesbian action

Religion: Jewish Masturbation – Career Path Thoughts from a Young Man

Reverse Sexual Imprinting – This is a tendency for people not to be sexually attracted to the people they were raised with up until at least age six. In other words, One may be sexually attracted to another person in a classroom or sports group, but a person in one’s own family. This is also known as the ‘Westermarck effect.’

RACK – Risk Aware Consensual Kink

Rack – another term for breasts (tits, boobs, knockers, etc). For instance, “Look at the rack on her!”
Look at the rack on her

Randy: Generally a synonym for “horny,” but it can also mean rude or obnoxious

Raphe: A seam or ridge. In sexual discussions that usually refers to a midline that appears on many men’s scrotums under the right circumstances. That’s generally when the scrotum is cold and drawn up tight. Raphe can also refer to a ridge that some people have in the perineal area, between the scrotum or vagina and anus.
raphe of scrotumRaphe between vagina and anus

Realization – Advanced male technique

Rectal Exam


Removing Hair

Repeated Circumcision

Requested – Excruciating experience

Resorts for Nudists – Info

Restaurant Workers – Former chef turns to a new line of work

Restoration, Foreskin – Info

Retrograde Ejaculation – Info

Retrograde Ejaculation Play – Memoir

Rewarded for Erection

Ride My Bike – Gay, male, young

Rimming: To like the area around the anus.

Ring, Cockring

Rin-no-tama – Ben wa balls

Rock Juggling With Hot Asian Chick – Male POV

Rod: – A colloquial synonym for penis

Romance: Naked Pickleball Romance – Story, female point of view

Ron Weasley – and ejaculation

Roommate, College Wanking

Roommates Due to Covid-19 – Short homoerotic story

Rope Broke – Male-male, mature

Rotating Sex Toy Review

Rosy Palm – Another name for glans blame or glans rubbing.

A Rough and Wild Get-Together – Gay Male

Rowdy Young Women

Rubbers – Another word for ‘condoms’

Rubbing My Brother’s Glans

Ruined Orgasm – Info

Rusty Trombone: This involves at least two people. The bottom one has to be male. He gets on his hands and knees or stands. The person behind him tugs his penis with one hand, not unlike operating the slide of a trombone. He also gives oral attention to the recipient’s anus, licking around the opening, or actually sticking his tongue inside. That looks reminiscent of blowing into the mouthpiece of a rusty old trombone.

RV Hot Tub Oops – Male, Caught

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