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My wife got a Covid test, and it gave her an idea.

We have tried some crazy things, but this has to take the cake.

Her idea was so weird that I just shut her down right away. I said “No fucking way,” with a laugh.

But the idea was gnawing at her. She started pestering me about it, the same way I’ve pestered her about some of my ideas.

Finally she talked me into it.

Her idea is that we should shove Q-tips into each other’s peeholes.

Since it was her idea, she went first.

After getting her all wet and slippery with my tongue, I spread her inner labia with the fingers of one hand, and tried inserting the Q-tip into her peehole. It went in less than a half-centimeter, and she said it was too scratchy. I dipped it into some of her ample pussy juice and tried again.

She was kind of wincing, which made me really want to stop, but she insisted that I press on. I got it into her about three or four centimeters, and she reported that it gave her a strong ‘gotta-pee-like’ feeling. We left it there, and I focused some attention on her clit, by rubbing it lightly with another Q-tip. She went into immediate orgasmic convulsions. Knowing her as I do, I kept up the rubbing with the other Q-tip, and she orgasmed again. It was fun watching the Q-tip sticking out of her peehole bob back and forth as she came.

After she calmed down, I pulled it out, perhaps a little too quickly. She kind of squeaked, telling me that pulling it out like that stung. Oops.

Now, it was my turn. She had me lay down. It didn’t take any convincing to get me erect. I was already hard in anticipation.

Have you ever had sex that’s so good, or maybe freaky, that you start shivering? That’s what happened to me. The thought of having a Q-tip jammed in my peehole simultaneously excited me, and scared me, and my body started involuntarily shaking. My lovely wife found that particularly exciting.

She grabbed another sterile Q-tip, and introduced a half-centimeter into my peehole. It was immediately ouchy. I told her, and she responded by pulling it out, coating it with her left-over pussy juice, and pushing it very slowly back in. It stung a little bit, but not very much. She tried twisting it, which caused me to yell. That hurt! Finally, with no more pain, she got it half-way in. I took a look down at my penis with that Q-tip sticking out, and it sent me over the moon. Or more specifically, I just started pumping out cum with one of the strongest orgasms I’ve had in a while. Mind you, she had never even stroked my cock.

I was scared to death that the Q-tip would block my cum. I have no idea what might have happened if it did, but the semen simply oozed out around the Q-tip.

She pulled it out. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! That really stung, even though she did it slowly and gently.

The next day, peeing was very difficult. My urethra was stinging like crazy. She reported the same thing. A couple of days later, we were back to normal. We have decided not to try that experiment again!

[Note to you, dear reader: If you absolutely must try anything like this, be very careful about infection. Keep everything sterile. Avoid even the tiniest sharp edges to prevent tearing the very delicate urethral lining. While some people find they can go years with untroubled urethral play, those who have had infections will tell you it can be very, very severe. It’s like Russian roulette. You never know if or when it could be you in the hospital emergency room trying to explain how you got such a severe infection.]

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