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Prudish in America

“Pardon my English,” he said, “I’ve only been in America for 3 years.”

[I assured him his English is better than many of my clients who were born and raised in America. From this point forward, I’m quoting my client as closely as I can remember.]

What do I find most different about America? Well, it’s insane that your inches, miles, quarts, gallons and all that are different than most other worldwide measurements. And, the way you Americans are always so busy. Oh, and I have to say the American medical system is so sexually prudish.

For instance, right before I came to America I decided to take care of a small medical problem.

My mom took me to the doctor. I was eighteen, but it still felt better to have her with me. The nurse, a very attractive, thin, younger woman, after the routine of checking my blood pressure and looking at my eyes, ears, nose, throat and so on, had me and Mom follow her to an exam room. The doctor introduced himself, then got right down to business. “What seems to be the problem?”

I explained that every time I ejaculate, I have a pain in my anus for a few minutes afterward. I was a little worried about basically admitting that I jerk off in front of my mom, but it had to be revealed at some point. I didn’t know how she might react. What she did was the last thing I expected.

She tried suppressing a laugh, then blurted out, “I’ve always said you’re a pain in the ass.”

The doctor smiled briefly. My mom laughed then settled down. Evidently, she wasn’t bothered by my revelation.

Doctor Jacovich then told me that the problem is very likely nothing serious, saying he had seen it once before.

“I had a young female patient, just about your age, who was experiencing something very similar. I had her masturbate to show me the problem. Her anus was so tight that it was difficult to get my finger in. Anyway, I sent her home with some exercises to do.

“She was just back the other day for her 6-month checkup. She’s fine now. No more pain. I’ll examine you to make sure it’s the same thing. Please remove all your clothes while I set up the exam table. Mother, you can leave to give your son some privacy.”

“No, that’s OK,” I told him. “She can stay.” I don’t know why, but I felt rather excited about her seeing my genital exam. As I started removing everything, the doctor attached some big stainless steel, um, how you say in America, ah, ‘stirrups’ to the end of the table.

He explained that the stirrups are generally used for women during gynecological exams, but work perfectly well for men in this situation as well.

My mother seemed to have rather big eyes as the last of my clothing, my underpants, came off. I felt a certain heaviness in my cock, as if it was starting, just beginning, to become erect. Part of me was mortified that I might have an erection in front of the doctor and especially my mother, but at the same time, another part was hoping it would happen.

The doctor had me lay on the table, scoot toward the end, and put my legs up in the stirrups. It was rather comfortable, actually. He rolled a lamp over and focused it right on my genital area. My mother scooted forward in her chair to have a better look.

My cock started erecting of its own accord. There was nothing I could do about it. It wasn’t that this slightly overweight, gray-haired, male doctor was attractive. Far from it. My mom is attractive, but I don’t think of her in that way. It was just the situation. Well, I must admit, there was a sexual component to being seen this way by the two of them. Especially Mom.

Dr. Jacovich went to work. Reaching forward with gloved hands he started manipulating my balls between his thumbs and first fingers. I guess he was looking for lumps. He was being a bit harsher that I would have liked. It didn’t exactly hurt, but came close to it. Meanwhile, my penis extended to its full, throbbing length.

I apologized to the doctor. He assured me erection was normal under the circumstances. My mother was stock still in her chair, staring intently. I can only imagine what she was thinking. Actually, I have no idea what she was thinking.

The doctor then lubed up a finger with something that came from a tube like toothpaste, then he slowly worked a finger into my anus. “Any pain now?” he asked.

I told him there was no pain. What I wanted to say was, “Hell no, that feels great!” as my penis was throbbing with every heartbeat and sticking almost straight up. Normally, when laying down, it lays against my belly or sticks up only a few centimeters, but it must have been even stiffer than usual this time.

“Now, go ahead and masturbate for me young man, if you would.”

I started to jerk off with his finger still in my anus. As spectacular as it felt, I felt quite awkward about actually masturbating in front of my mother. This was weird! So, I stroked for quite a while, actually enjoying the situation immensely, but didn’t manage to come to ejaculation. The doctor decided to lend a hand. With his free hand, he pushed my own hand away, and started jerking me off with his hand firmly wrapped around my penis.

He went on for a couple of minutes, and I was starting to worry that I wouldn’t be able to cum, which I assumed was important for the doctor to learn what he needed. Do you know the situation where when you really want to cum so badly that you somehow put it off so it’s harder to cum?

After a moment, the door burst open, and the pretty nurse came in with a clipboard. She barely glanced at me, asking the doctor something about ordering supplies. I mean there I was, with a strong light on my genitals, my mother sitting in a chair right next to me, the doctor on his rolling stool jerking me off with one hand, and his other with a finger in my ass, and she’s casually asking about inventory.

He answered her question, and she turned to leave. She stopped, looked at my cock in the doctor’s grip for a moment, then looked me directly in the eye, and smiled before leaving the room, as if assuring me all was OK.

That was just too much, and I ejaculated right away, right there with Mom and the doctor watching intently.

A moment later, I felt the usual slight pain in my anus. As always, it subsided right away, even though I had a finger in there. The doctor slowly removed his finger, handed me some paper towels to clean myself, snapped off his gloves into a trash bin, and walked over to his desk.

“You can dress, young man.”

After doing so, my mom and I pulled up chairs to his desk.

He asked me how I felt when I first started masturbating. I said it was scary but nice. He asked if I was afraid of doing something wrong or being caught masturbating. I admitted that I had at that age.

He then went on to explain that I was perfectly healthy, but I did indeed have the same problem as the female patient he had mentioned earlier. It was what he called ‘sphincter spasms.’ He said I, and the female patient, at the moment of orgasm, had squeezed his finger so hard it almost hurt. It was some sort of psychosomatic response of the body, initially triggered by the fear of our early masturbation experiences.

He then suggested the following exercises:

1. Try masturbating at least three times a day for three days.

2. Feel the pain in the anus. Really notice it. Then start to try to like it.

3. Place my finger, or any long smooth cylindrical object, in my anus while masturbating.

He added with a wry smile, “Your mother can help if you’d like.”

As if all this open talk about masturbation, in front of my mother no less, wasn’t shocking enough, that last statement was, well, super-embarrassing, and yet also exciting. Even though I had just ejaculated, the thought of her helping me jerk off got me all horny.

At home, my mom and talked about the experience at the doctor’s. She then went on to say that if I’d like her assistance with my masturbation sessions, that she’d be happy to help.

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  1. That was good. Really good. wild enough to be interesting, but believable.

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