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Professional Cuckold

professional cuckold watches his wife perform with other men

I am a professional cuckold. That’s a man whose wife has sex with other men. Here’s the scoop:

When I married Evelyn, I knew she had worked as a prostitute. She was more of a call girl. Clean. No drugs or anything. She doesn’t even drink or smoke cigarettes. I felt honored that she’d actually choose me as the one to marry.

Things went well for a few years, then our finances fell apart. Who knew that our bookstore would fail? We should have known with the Internet, and Kindle, not to mention everyone watching movies on YouTube and Netflix instead of reading.

Anyway, we needed another source of income, and quickly. With my agreement, Evelyn went back to whoring. I asked her several times to be very careful about STDs, and she was. The only problem is I felt jealous, especially since she was so busy with all the other guys that she seldom had time for me.

It got to where I’d jerk off next to her in bed as she fell asleep. But sometimes, she’d tell me about one guy or another. Sometimes her recounting of these sessions got me hot, enhancing my little masturbatory sessions next to her.

One day, she told me about a guy who said he likes being watched. She thought she might have an idea, if he was willing to pay double. She ran it past me, and I found the idea delicious.

The arrangements were made, and two days later, I was in our back bedroom, the one she uses for all this activity. In there was my wife Evelyn, and a guy named Chris. He was tall, and pretty darn good-looking, for a man. Normally, I’m not much interested in looking at men, but Chris was alright.

To make a long story short, they got naked and did the nasty, while I sat in a chair next to the bed, fully clothed, and watched. Chris was quite satisfied, and paid the double fee plus a tip. I had become inexplicably horny, and retired to our bedroom to jerk off almost immediately. I was amused to think how much I enjoyed seeing my wife getting fucked by another guy.

Chris wanted another session. Evelyn knows me well, so without even consulting me, she asked Chris whether it would be OK if I was naked, and jerked off while watching. He was not only OK with that, he was delighted.

So that’s what we did. At one point while the two of them were laying on the bed, Chris looked over in my direction. Being seen jerking off by another man was too much for me, and I came right then and there. That triggered Chris, who came in Evelyn, or actually in a rubber within Evelyn, and that may or may not have triggered her. She seemed to be having an orgasm, but I don’t know whether it was an act to please Chris or whether it was real. I hoped it was real.

It turns out Chris had a friend who wanted the exact same thing, so Evelyn fucked him, while I watched and jerked off. This guy had a real thing for licking Evelyn’s nipples, which soon enough sent me into an ejaculatory frenzy. Who knew that I’d react so positively?

She had a client who wanted a three-way, and she easily talked him into this new cuckold arrangement. I had been asking about her orgasms, and she swore they were real. To prove it, by prior arrangement, when he started cumming in her, she wanted me to slide a finger in her pussy next to his dick. I did, and sure enough, I felt her orgasmic contractions. On another occasion, I put a finger in her ass, and my gosh, her contractions were strong!

Evelyn started telling her clients about this cuckold situation of ours, and to make a long story short, we have a pretty steady thing going with a whole bunch of clients. Not only that, but a few times I have been more involved. It’s not just any guy who can handle a m-m-f three-way, but those who can love my participation.

The typical arrangement is that those who enjoy anal get her backend, and I’ll fuck her conventionally. Those who don’t like anal leave her best opening to me. Then there’s the occasional guy, maybe one out of twenty, who wants me to buttfuck him while he’s fucking her. I love that. I don’t know why, but I do.

So that’s our situation, and we now make more money than we ever did with the bookstore. Plus, it’s a whole lot more fun.

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  1. i’d love to make money that waym

  2. It’s crazy how some men, including me, get off on seeing their wife or gf being fucked by another man. In the threesomes I was in, I really loved seeing my wife (and later a gf) suck the other guy’s cock right to the balls or slide her wet cunt down onto his erect cock. I was also an active participant. I was never one to just sit back and watch.

  3. I’ve watched a lot of cuckold videos on the internet and was always surprised that the husband just watched his wife getting fucked. I always expected the husband to take his cock out and jerk off while watching but they never do. I was glad to read in this story that you did jack off watching your wife.

  4. I recently did find a video on of a wife getting fucked while the husband watched and jerked off. But I don’t think the guy came.

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