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Penis Size


As it turns out, there is very little correlation between the height of a man, and the length of his penis. You cannot tell the size of a man’s penis by the size of his shoes, his hands, or his nose. For that matter, from a man’s penis, you cannot tell the size of his wallet.

Size isn’t as big an issue as you might imagine. Most women don’t care about a small penis, but fifty percent of men feel their penis is not big enough. In fact, many women report that a man with a very long penis results in poor-quality intercourse because his penis painfully bangs against the cervix or back of the vaginal cavity.

The vast majority of men have erect penises between 5.5 and 6.5 inches (14 to 16.5 cm) in length. The longest penis ever recorded was 13.5 inches (34.3 cm), owned by Jonah Falcon of New York City. The shortest: 17 mm (5/8-inch). This latter may have been a case of hermaphroditism.

The proper way to measure an erect penis is to run a ruler from the base of the penis right at the top of where it joins the body to the tip. Do not press into the body. Do not stretch the penis beyond it’s normal erect length. Circumference can also be measured. Wrap a string or tape measure around the penis. The diameter is only around an inch, but the circumference may amaze you.

Many men wish they had a longer penis, but they probably don’t want one as long as a barnacle. A barnacle’s penis is 20 times longer than its body.

The longest penis in the animal kingdom is attached to a blue whale and can measure beyond 8 feet (244 cm) in length.

A male gorilla weighs twice as much as a man, yet his penis is only one-third as long at 2 inches (5 cm) when erect.

A recent study found that thirty percent of men are quite dissatisfied with the size of their penis. Many will go to great lengths to avoid disrobing among men in showers, saunas and other public places, because they are afraid other men will think their penis is too big or too small. Some are even worried that people can see their penis size through their pants.

Many products flood the market to increase penis size. Most techniques to enhance penis size do not work. Be wary of companies that want to sell you something. Surgical procedures can work to some degree. One is to make a cut a horizontal incision about an inch (2.5cm) long in the lower abdomen an inch above the penis, and then sever a tendon that supports the penis. The penis doesn’t become longer, it just drops out farther forward. Another technique involves degloving the penis, and then wrapping material under the skin.

Yet another operation severs diagonally all the way through the inner workings of the penis (the corposa cavernosa), then stitches them back together at an offset, so the penis is longer, although perhaps a bit thinner. These rather extreme measures are painful, risky and take a long time to recover from, as you can imagine. And, they may not be necessary. Furthermore, results are not always what the men who undergo them had hoped.

Whereas some women, and some men, prefer large cocks, many others like them small, so the surgery may actually be going in the wrong direction.

Some men will fall victim to the very dangerous practice of injecting oil, silicone or other substances into the penis to fatten or lengthen it, or keep it semi-erect. This can potentially cause necrosis of the penis, requiring amputation.

However, there is an exercise that may have some limited effect. Not only is it painless, it can be downright pleasurable. This exercise is weirdly named jelqing. A man simply forms a ring around the base of the penis with thumb and forefinger, and then pulls forward, forcing fluid outward. Repeating the process over and over is said to result in slight penile enlargement.

Studies have confirmed that gay men average slightly larger penises than straight men.

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