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Penis Plug

Penis Plug: Also known as urethral plug or cum stopper. A device pushed through the peehole and part-way into the urethra. Penis plugs come in two forms: Solid and hollow. The hollow ones can be worn for longer periods of time, because they don’t block urination. They also don’t block ejaculation, which can be more comfortable for a man. Some men, on the other hand, want to block their ejaculations.

Many penis plugs have a big ball, disk or ring on the end so they won’t accidentally slip all the way into the urethra. While the urethra has a natural tendency to push foreign objects out, it might be otherwise possible to have the penis plug work its way into the bladder and become a permanent resident. This ejecting action of the urethra makes it difficult to wear a penis plug, because after a minute or so, the urethra will eject it. Some penis plugs have a ring that slips around the glans to retain the plug.

Some penis plugs have a threaded hole in the side about 1/2-inch (13 mm) from the distal end. Assuming the wearer has a Prince Albert piercing, a threaded attachment, typically a small ball, can be threaded through the piercing to retain the plug.

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