interesting and unusual sex toys for men and women
Interesting and unusual sex toys for men and women

Orgasm Facts

The typical woman’s orgasm lasts 23 seconds, while for guys it is six seconds.

The average ejaculation contains 250 million sperm. That’s about the same number as there are leaves on a large maple tree. Only one of those 250,000,000 sperm will penetrate an egg. So, you could say all the rest are failures. Or, you could say one is very successful.

Does the orgasm feel essentially the same for women and men? No one can fully answer that question. However, the male and female genitals are more similar than different, especially if viewed from the time of fetal development, when they are seen to come from the same pre-structures. A close study of some women orgasming makes it clear that they have contractions or spasms at about the same rate as men. Our brains and the nervous system between our brains and genitals is also almost identical.

In the male, the orgasmic contractions function to push the sperm out of the penis. In the woman, the orgasms help bring the sperm more toward the entrance to the cervix. That entrance has a funny name, the os.

The actual opening of the cervix is also known as the os.

In general, the male and female orgasms do differ in some ways other than duration. Thirty percent of women can have multiple orgasms, whereas few men can do that. Men need a refractory period lasting anywhere from 15 minutes to several days. Women generally prefer more romance and more foreplay, without which, they often cannot have orgasms, On the other hand, most men can cum in three minutes.

According to research, heterosexual women have orgasms in 62 percent of their sexual sessions. For lesbian women it’s 75 percent.

If all men on earth ejaculated in the same place, how much cum would that be?

That would fill 3.5 Olympic size swimming pools.

That’s one ejaculation per man. Assuming the average man cums three times a week, then in the course of a year, that would be 702 Olympic size pools, or a large pond, or small lake. Or, in terms of full bathtubs, that the one-time figure is 71,428 tubs. In a year, over eleven million bathtubs.

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interesting and unusual sex toys for men and women
Interesting and unusual sex toys for men and women