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Ordinary Guys with Extraordinary Talent

Two friends with extraordinary mutual masturbation or handjob talent

I went to see my friend Nick yesterday. He and I get together at his place every few weeks. He’s 24 years younger than me. I’m surprised he wants to hang with an older guy, but any age gap is in my mind, not his. I am fit, fortunately, and I think that helps. I’ll bet if I wasn’t fit what we did would have killed me!

If you feel a need to classify us, you may find it difficult. I’m happily married, and he’s divorced with three kids, and has a very sexual girlfriend. Still, he evidently wants more, or variety, or something. So, we’re not gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Maybe not even bisexual, because we don’t kiss, we don’t do anal intercourse or anything like that. I guess you’d say we’re a couple of ordinary guys, but we feel the freedom to do what we want, since our activity doesn’t hurt anyone. In fact my wife, who has lost her sexual appetite as many women do after a certain age, feels that my visits with Nick take the pressure off her. Oh, she still gives me handjobs, almost every day in fact, which I very much enjoy. She seems to enjoy the conversation and closeness while we’re doing it, so everyone wins. Nick tells me his girlfriend is considering a three-way with Nick and I. I’m looking forward to that.

Nick and I have been practicing techniques for a few years now. We started with ordinary edging. We brought that to the point where we can stay in orgasm sometimes for over a minute, even with occasional dry contractions, but we don’t need to cum. This is fantastic because we stay hard and can do it over and over again. Oddly, we can both do it. It’s as if knowing something is possible, and seeing it done, makes it much easier to do it yourself.

The reality is that we don’t always stay in that orgasmic stage. Sometimes we cum right away, sometimes the orgasmic feeling slips away and has to be brought back up. That’s why we need to keep practicing. But we’ve had it just right a few times each. We have also had mini-ejaculations, where just a drip or two of semen slips out, and we can keep going.

We also like other activities, such as firm testicle massage, frenulum pulling, and glans rubbing, also known as ‘glans blame’ or ‘apple polishing.’ That’s where a guy holds the shaft of the other guy’s dick in one hand, and rubs the oiled palm of his other hand over the glans, the tip of the penis. It is a super-intense tickle that makes one squirm and really want to get away. Sometimes guys have to be tied down or they will wiggle away from it. But there’s also something very enjoyable about it. It’s a contest. Like, can you handle it? It also feels nice if you let it continue for a while. The feeling transmutes into something else. The best I can explain it is a combination between a ‘gotta pee’ feeling and a ‘gonna cum’ feeling. Generally, neither happens. I have done it with some other guys, and a couple of them did pee involuntarily. When they pee, it’s just little spurts from time to time, although one guy just let go. He couldn’t help it, dumping a pint (1/2-liter) or more all over the place.

So yesterday: I came over, and Nick had a sheet-covered mattress on the floor of his apartment. He was already naked, and I took my clothes off. I brought my laptop, and we looked at some interesting websites for a few minutes, and I’m sure you know the kind of websites I mean.

Then, since he started first on me last time, I told him to lay down, and went to work on him. There was lots of time. We had all afternoon, and evening too, if we wanted it. So, I just tickled his scrotum for a while, then ever so lightly touched his frenulum as he slowly became hard. Then I started wanking him in earnest. One of the things he likes, in fact we both like, is to grab his penis with one hand below his balls, and pull upward, so his balls are pressed toward the tip of his penis. With the other hand, I can give him some glans rubbing which also rubs his scrotum with the tightly held balls inside. Or, I can stroke the outward portion of his penis while my fist lightly, or not so lightly, bangs his balls.

He started getting close to ejaculating. Then closer. I could his penis pulse a couple of times in my hand – sort of like pre-ejaculation contractions. One doesn’t generally get those separate from actual ejaculations without practice. I kept going, and he said ‘Wait.’ I knew from experience, this doesn’t mean ‘wait’ in the classic sense. I didn’t stop stimulating him. I just slowed down, and after only one second, I resumed.

That’s the secret, with ordinary edging, one lets the pre-orgasmic feeling subside, then starts up again. With this new thing, you don’t wait that long. You keep the person going so the pre-orgasmic feeling turns truly orgasmic, but you stop just long enough to break the inevitable ejaculation part of the cycle that would normally happen next. So, in fact, cumming is not inevitable with an orgasm. Who knew? But it’s absolutely true, and with practice you can learn to do it yourself. You can stay in orgasm, and not ejaculate. You’ll find it is amazing, and brings you to a whole new level of sex, or masturbation, whatever you want to call it. I believe it does something for a person even beyond what masturbation does, in terms of physical and mental health. It is the ultimate meditation.

So anyway, I had Nick in that place where he was feeling an ongoing orgasm throughout his body. I figured we’d get lucky and it would last maybe a minute, or on a really good day, two minutes. This time, I do believe we kept him there six or seven minutes.

We already knew that the body seems to acclimate, or it kind of wants to help you along with what you’re trying to do. It’s hard to explain, but once you’ve experienced continuous orgasm, you don’t have to work hard to stay there. The body plays along, and lets you stay. It’s easier and easier the more times you do it. Sometimes, in bed when my wife is sleeping, or just while we’re talking, I’ll edge, then bring myself to continuous orgasm for a short while, then let it fall off. I’ll do it two or three times, then I’ll happily fall asleep. Sometimes she’ll do it to me with a handjob. It’s gotten to where I don’t need to bring tissues to bed, since there’ll be nothing to clean up. I have actually fallen asleep on a few occasions while she is giving me a handjob. I fall asleep erect, but not orgasmic. I don’t think falling asleep during an orgasm is possible, but who knows?

With Nick, gong so long was a great breakthrough. Neither of us had ever gone that long before. You’d think I might get bored, but I was having a great time keeping him there. It’s sort of like shooting baskets – where the balls keep going through the hoop every time. Very satisfying, especially since it wasn’t basketball, I was actually doing this to another human being, and he was in such a kind of heaven as I can’t explain. After a while, I wanted to feel more of the action, so I let go of his balls, while continuing to work his penis with one hand, and stuck my free index finger in his anus, so I could feel his orgasmic contractions for myself. Finally, after what I estimate is seven minutes, he fell out of the orgasmic state, and so it was time to trade places.

He got me hard quickly. In fact I had been hard off and on while I had been attending to him. He knows I like ball squeezing, so he massaged my balls hard, just to, but not beyond the point of pain. With the thumb of his other hand, he kept massaging my frenulum area – just moving his thumb around in little circles. That did the job. I hit the orgasmic state, and had to say ‘wait’ over and over again, to stay in the state, yet not cum. It was fucking remarkable! I mean it always is, but it was again yesterday. I stayed in orgasm for perhaps two minutes. It wasn’t quite continuous as it has been on other occasions, but more up and down, sometimes falling back to pre-orgasmic momentarily. But oh, so excellent! Then, I came. I did not feel it coming on, like ‘Oh, I’m going to cum.’ I was in orgasm, had been really in it for maybe 30 seconds, and the cum just started pumping out of me. It was more than the usual amount of cum, as it usually is after a session of continuous orgasm, and I felt it spray up to my chin.

Now Nick knows what to do when that happens. He doesn’t stop jerking me off. He just slows way down and is very gentle for a minute or two. Anything more would be too intense, and I’d have to ask him to stop, as I’m sure you guys know. But what you may not know, is that when you get in that super-sensitive post-ejaculatory state, you can handle very gentle attention. Within a short time, I was ready for more, and he had me in a crazy, yelling, squirming state, with super-intense glans rubbing, then back to some ordinary stroking with one hand, while massaging my balls with the other. He got me back into continuous orgasm, but it didn’t last long. Once again I involuntarily ejaculated, and once again, to my surprise, it was a large volume of liquid. He tried the gentle come-down phase again, but this time it was too much, and I had to ask him to stop.

I have cum more than once on several occasions in my life, but never like that. It’s either because I’m practicing multiple mini-ejaculations, letting out a drop or two at a time (yes, I can actually do that, when everything is just right), or I’d have a small ejaculation, followed by a big one. But never did I have two full ejaculations a few minutes apart.

Nick and I sat and talked a bit, and watched some more porn on the laptop, then I had him lay back down again.

I got him hard, and brought him into continuous orgasm again. Then I switched that off with some more glans rubbing, and again, he was in orgasm, but from the glans rubbing, which is unusual. In fact, I don’t think either of us has been in true orgasm from glans rubbing before. Pre-orgasmic build up, yes, but not actual orgasm during the rubbing. His penis was very, very hard. I switched back to stroking his penis. Suddenly, I saw a spurt of liquid shoot out. A few drops of liquid hit me on the forehead, and the rest landed on his thigh.

I didn’t know what it was. I assumed he came, but it wasn’t thick. I wondered if it was pee, but it didn’t seem yellowish, and it didn’t have an odor. I asked Nick, and he thought it was pee, but he wasn’t sure. In any case, I kept going, getting him back into orgasm, and keeping him there for a moment.

I felt him having contractions in my hand. They were stronger than usual, but not uncommon during continuous orgasm. But this time, approximately two drops of cum came to the surface. Learning about continuous orgasm, I already knew to ignore it and just keep Nick in orgasm. I didn’t even tell him anything came out. A minute later, he had a full ejaculation. I mentioned that it was the second time, and he said, “I thought so.” But I kept going. He was still in orgasm. Within the next two minutes, he ejaculated two more times. It was a nice breakthrough. He had never come four times in a row. After the fourth, he was drained and done.

And that was our session yesterday. I’m sure some of you won’t believe it’s possible, that I’m exaggerating. I guess the only way you can know for sure is to get together with a friend and practice these techniques for yourselves.

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