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One Nighter in San Diego

I was running out of money. Not having a better plan, I took to driving a cab. I found it more lucrative to drive at night. One evening as I was just starting out, I got a call to pick up a girl downtown. She was very sexy Mexican chick. I asked her, “Where to?” and she busted into tears.

It turned out that she had been employed by two guys to help sell socket sets. Yes, plain old 3/8″ metric and SAE socket sets. They planned to come north of the border to sell these sets to ‘rich Americans.’ They had a bunch of them in a van and were driving around San Diego selling them to small businesses and homeowners.

When she took the job, they said there’d be no funny business. Being young and raised in good circumstances, she actually believed them. WIthin days, they were hitting all over her. When she resisted their advances one too many times, they threw her out with the clothes on her back and no money. so she went downtown looking for an embassy or something that could help her get back to Mexico.

She had nowhere to go. I told her to sit in the front seat, and we’d figure something out. Meanwhile, I kept driving, picking up fares in the back seat. I couldn’t figure anything out for this girl. I called the dispatcher. He said maybe try dropping her off at a church. She liked the church idea, being a solid Catholic girl. I tried a couple of churches, but of course they were closed for the night.

Toward the end of my shift, I told her the truth, “I’m living in a Volkswagen van in the Navy Hospital parking lot.” In those days, if you put 50 cents in the parking meter, you could sleep there overnight, and all was well. There were a bunch of people in vans and motorhomes doing that. I told her she could sleep on the bed, I’d sleep on the floor, and it would be OK. Although she was really great-looking with her dark skin and short, skinny body with long black hair, I had no intention of getting all sexual with her. I didn’t want to take advantage of her situation. All I was thinking is that it would be unfortunately impossible to jerk off that night because of having a guest in the van.

We ate, we settled in, both in most of our clothing. Ten minutes later, she crawled up off the floor, and pressed all against me. We fucked our brains out. She was very, very good. We went to sleep. In the morning, she woke me with quiet crying. When she knew I was awake, she got louder, and was all-out balling like a ten-year-old child. She cried for a good half-hour, while I had no idea what to do to comfort her.

When she settled down, she told me that she had never done anything like that and was very ashamed. She had ‘violated God’s will’ or something like that. She didn’t blame me, which I suppose she could have, even though it was her that jumped my bones.

That morning, she phoned an uncle in San Diego who was willing to help her get back to Mexico, so I drove her over there, and that was that.

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