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One-Finger Male Orgasm

There are many intense practices with which you can get off. Here’s one that’s very much on the gentle side, but it can result in an crashing orgasm.

Starting with the very lightest of touch, stroke your frenulum, as shown in the picture below.

You can start so lightly that your finger doesn’t even touch your penis for the first few strokes.

You may find a rather surprising almost electric shock-like effect that makes your penis jump a half-inch (centimeter) if it’s already hard. If soft, you’ll still feel the electric tickle.

Repeat several times. Now, continue to rub just the frenulum of your penis. You might enjoy rubbing a little harder, or keep the strokes very light – whichever you prefer.

This may require great patience, although the process will probably be enjoyable all the way through. just keep it up until you ejaculate all over the place.

Cheers! – Jeremy

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