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On the Way to the Fortress

This is me at Marshall’s Beach, but on a different day.

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Hi Larry,

What I had wanted to do on the beach is to match a picture I found on the internet. It shows a young guy unabashedly leaning against a large rock with a full erection.

Of course I wouldn’t be nearly as good-looking as that. I had hoped to hand my phone to some passers-by, have them wait a moment while I get an erection in front of them, then pose just like you see above, so they could take my picture.

I went there looking for that exact same rock, but couldn’t identify it. It was cool, only in the low sixties, but with the sun, and the air being still, it felt very nice being naked. I believe most people didn’t realize it would be such a nice day. So, there were only around 20 nude people on the beach that day. There was no social interaction. The only sexual activity I saw was a man laying on a blanket idly fondling his erection.

I’ve been on the beach other days when there are hundreds of people, and all sorts of sexual activity.

On this day, with so little going on, I felt shy about approaching anyone. I had been hoping for a naked man-woman couple. I would have settled for a naked man. But I decided to settle for a selfie. I set the phone in video mode, placed it against a rock, and jerked off. As you probably know, the resolution of videos these days is as high as stills, so it wasn’t hard to pick the exact right moment from the movie to provide the still I sent you.

I may actually return to the beach today. It’s supposed to be 63 today which is enough if it’s sunny and not windy. Or maybe tomorrow, when it will be cloudy but 70 degrees.

I was there on another semi-warm day about a month ago. Again, there were only a few nude people. There was a man-woman couple laying on a blanket and literally fucking in front of a few others, which I enjoyed watching. There were a couple of guys, one giving the other a blowjob.

I much prefer women, and do enjoy the few who are brave enough to come to the nude beach, but being San Francisco, well-known for it’s gay population, men are far more common on the beach. I’m sufficiently bisexual to enjoy the guys to a fair degree also.

I saw an intriguing person wearing a hoodie and a face mask, walking along kind of idly poking his or her naked feet into some tide pools. This person appeared to be otherwise naked, but the hoodie hung too low to tell for sure. I also absolutely couldn’t make out if it was a male or female person. I watched, intrigued.

Finally, I put on my mask, came up to the person and said the first thing that came to mind, “You’re studying those tide pools like a biologist.” The person laughed. I still couldn’t figure out whether man or woman. I noticed the toenails were painted.

We engaged in light conversation. I started to figure it out that the person was a young (I prefer older, but whatever, right?), slight-of-build male. I asked, “Would you like to fool around a bit?”

I was hoping maybe we could masturbate each other. That’s what I like doing. I’m not into kissing, frotting, oral or anal. I’m a handjob guy, through and through. Go figure!

He said, “You can cum on my ass if you’d like.” I would have declined, but the way he asked, it seemed he really wanted me to do that. He pulled up his hoodie, and I got a good look at his small, firm ass. It was almost like a female ass, which is my preference. He spread his cheeks for me, and I saw his small, dark anus. I stood behind him, got hard quickly, and did indeed ejaculate on his ass, trying to spray cum on both ass cheeks, which for some reason, he seemed to enjoy very much. He thanked me profusely. I asked whether he wanted me to give him a handjob or anything, but he politely declined. Evidently he got what he came for, what he wanted. Weird, eh?

Perhaps the whole Covid-19 situation played into it. I know we should all be careful, and one does wear a mask when walking up and down the narrow stairs leading to the beach. Maybe he would have wanted to do more but was afraid of catching, or giving, the disease.

On my visit to the beach before that, There were some various men fooling around, several leaning against the cliff and jerking off. I joined them. One older fellow was really watching me intently, which I enjoyed. I was practicing my multiple dry orgasming technique, but was a bit too excited, and several times in a row, separated by 30 seconds or a minute, a single drop of cum escaped me. He must have loved seeing that. Finally, I lost control and fully ejaculated.

I know I can do better, and intend to practice that again today or tomorrow.

I should mention that there are a number of clothed people on the beach also. Many are walking all the way past the north section to look at a very old building directly under the San Francisco end of the Golden Gate bridge. It’s an old, pre-Civil war three-story brick fortress, made to protect the 49ers (gold prospectors) from pirates coming into the bay. These people walking buy – supposedly – aren’t interested in the nudity at all. I get a kick out of these people seeing me naked.

That’s my version of the picture at the top.

Cheers, – JstFrThs

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  1. For a screen capture from a video, that shot of you cumming is amazingly sharp. Years ago I attempted to get a shot like that and was successful catching a nice spurt of semen in the air above my cock, but it was a really crappy photo.

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