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Old Lady Testicle Massage

My buddy suggested this woman in the village who specializes in testicle massages. He said it’s great for a man’s health. I thought he was joking. Then I thought he lost his mind. Then I thought I might give her a try.

After all, I hadn’t seen my wife for 5 weeks. Although this testicle massage business didn’t seem to be a sexual thing, I was so horny, I couldn’t think straight.

You didn’t make an appointment with this woman. You just showed up at her hut. Well, I thought of it as a hut. It was a typical little one-bedroom house on the edge of the village.

I was instructed to wait outside. It seemed to take forever. The state of mind I was in didn’t help. I was horny, scared and doubtful all at the same time. Twenty minutes later, a man, much like myself, emerged from the house, looking sheepish or shy, and satisfied at the same time. I asked him, “How was it?”

He seemed reluctant to talk to anyone at the moment, but did manage an answer. “Oh fine. You’ll enjoy it,” and then he walked off.

She beckoned me inside. The woman was at least 50 years old, gray-haired and overweight. Her breasts – well, let’s just say I wouldn’t want to see her without clothing.

In very broken English, and mostly hand gestures, she asked for the money up front. I gave it to her. What could I lose? Twenty bucks was nothing. Then she motioned that I should take off all my clothes. It was even warmer in the hut than outside, so it was actually a relief to strip naked. However, it was also something else. How to describe it? Strange? Embarrassing? I mean who takes off all their clothes in front of a strange old woman?

Even though I was looking forward to the session, my penis was not the slightest bit erect. As I got on her massage table, she pointed at my dick and laughed. I’m not good at any language but English, but I believe what she said was “Small, like the guys around here.”

Well, at least she was a good-humored old bat.

She approached the table, liberally coating her hands with something that looked like melting butter. She reached out, and ever-so-gently lifted up my limp penis.

The touch was, well, for lack of better words, absolutely electric! I hadn’t expected that. She then started just lightly feeling my scrotum skin. The electricity continued. I decided immediately I was going to like this.

My penis shot to a full erection in a matter of seconds as she continued to lightly fondle my scrotum. We both ignored the erection. I was a bit weirded out by becoming erect in front of her, but I assumed erections in this situation were normal and OK. Surely, she was totally used to such things.

She very slowly evolved her touch from just a gentle scrotum massage, to manipulating the testicles inside. Then she became firmer. And firmer. I believe she said, “Let me know when it’s too much.”

I was determined to take as much as I could. She wasn’t actually hurting me, but let’s just say the massage was very, very intense. This old thing knew exactly what she was doing!

At one point, she yelled something out the window. I knew exactly what it was. She was telling the next guy to wait outside.

My penis was as hard as it had ever been. I started getting that feeling, you know the one, where you know you’re gonna cum and you can’t do anything to stop it. And yet, she hadn’t touched my penis at all, except for that first moment when she lifted it away from my scrotum.

I was so close. I figured she’d seen plenty of ejaculations in her life. Nothing to be shy or embarrassed about.

Suddenly, she stopped. “Thank you,” she said in perfect English.

And that was that. I tried to insinuate, to actually communicate, that I wanted to have her finish. To give me an orgasm. But she wasn’t having it.

I put on my clothes, noticing the rather wonderful feeling in my balls. They were like heavy, and it was nice. Satisfying in an unusual way. It’s a feeling that stayed with me all afternoon.

I couldn’t wait to get back, find some quiet time, and jerk off.

As I left the hut, the guy who had been waiting outside asked me, “How was it?”

“Oh fine, you’ll enjoy it.”

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