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No Safeword

I’m so lucky to have Ray as my roommate. I’m in my second year of medical school, and the things you have to memorize! Terrible. It doesn’t just stop at anatomy, you know. There’s pharmacology, disease taxonomy, and more. So, Ray lets me study. I let him study. Fortunately neither of us are drinkers or smokers and we don’t play loud music.

I’ve been sort of dating Julie, but both of us know it’s not like real dating, because we’re both focused on our studies, same as Ray. Ray doesn’t even have a girlfriend. Fortunately Julie was raised in such a way that she’s not sexually prudish. Neither is Ray.

I’ll bet you know where this story is leading. Right. Ray, Julie and I get together in my room (the room I share with Ray), we make the best of the tiny twin beds, and do all sorts of sexual stuff. Well, not all sorts. Julie isn’t into penetration. She says it’s too risky. And, all three of us know enough about medicine to know that’s all too true. So we do anything and everything that doesn’t involve penetration. Being medical students, we’ve played with specula and catheters, which isn’t totally safe either, but it is a whole lot of fun!

So one hot late spring day, the three of us are naked in my room as usual. I’m gently massaging Ray’s balls while Julie alternates between kissing him with deep French kisses which he seems to like more than me (I’m not much into kissing, go figure!), and playing with brushing her lovely fingertips over my exposed anus, which is difficult but not impossible for her to reach in our current position.

Suddenly, Julie stops and announces something she learned on the internet, and thought I’d like to try, knowing as she does how much I enjoy torturous sensations. She saw a thing where a guy gets a handjob, but when he cums, the attention doesn’t stop. The administrator keeps going against all the guy’s protests. It’s called ‘post-orgasm stimulation.’ I was immediately interested. Then she added the twist: The only way the attention to me would stop would be when my penis softened. There’d be no safeword. “You see,” she continued, “from what I understand, it is unbearable torture, but totally safe. There’s no need for a safeword, because there’s no danger. It’s not like testicle squeezing or extreme spanking or anything that could cause harm.”

As if my penis wasn’t already as hard as it could be! Just her pretty naked, petite, black, long-haired self telling me that was super arousing.

We set it up, Ray was super excited to be the administrator. She got dressed, went to a lab or somewhere, returned, and took her clothes back off in a couple of minutes. She had gotten some soft cloth rope-like things to tie me to my twin bed.

Once I was secure, Ray went to work, with Julie watching intently. Because of my extra-aroused state, he had me cumming in his hand in just a couple of minutes. I had hoped to last longer. Now, the fun began. He didn’t stop. It was immediately excruciating. But that wasn’t the worst. He then grabbed my still way-too-erect penis in his right hand, and started rubbing his oiled palm across the top of my dick. I was literally screaming, laughing and twisting in my rope bonds so severely that my arms were aching. But I couldn’t get away. It was horrible! It was wonderful! It was like the world’s worst tickle, and right where it matters. I really wanted it to end, but my damn dick wouldn’t soften.

Finally, after perhaps two whole minutes, my erection did subside, and Ray was done. I immediately regretted that it was over!

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