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Nina Hartley Picked Me

Nina Hartley, famous porn star, picked me

This dates back many years. I attended the Masturbate-A-Thon in San Francisco. That’s where around 120 people of both sexes got naked together and wanked for charity. It was the party of a lifetime! I wrote up the details at The Masturbate-A-Thon.

Nina Hartley, one of the most famous porn stars of all time, was there as a sort of headliner. There was a famous male porn celebrity as well. I have forgotten his name. He did a sort of stripper thing on the stage where he was supposed to get erect. He couldn’t get hard, even in front of such a large naked audience. He made the best of it, then left.

There was a very good female pole dancer on the stage with very white skin, and beautiful long red hair. I have forgotten her name.

Nina didn’t really perform. She more circulated among us. For some reason, she had electrical tape Xs over her nipples. I’ve seen that before. Does anyone know what that’s about?

We were supposed to masturbate for 55 minutes of every hour. As we did so, many of us walked about and had conversations. At one point I was in a conversation with Nina about her website.

A bit later on the afternoon, she got back on the stage, and asked for volunteers. She was willing to demonstrate whatever the volunteer wanted.

There was a live feed being sent out over the internet of all the activity on the stage, later to be made into a video. When we signed into the Masturbate-A-Thon, we were asked whether we wanted to sign a video waver. Those who signed got a wrist band indicating it was OK to film them. I was like, ‘No way would I want to be on camera,’ but just in case, I signed the waiver and got the wrist band. After all, it didn’t cost anything.

When Nina asked for volunteers, my hand shot up in the air like an eager ten-year-old child. I don’t even know why.

She picked me. I came up on the stage, initially quite wary of the two clothed camera men holding big TV cameras quite close to me. She asked what I wanted. I almost didn’t want to say, what with being filmed and all.

Lately, I had been interested in testicle massage, so that’s what I said.

She had me sit in a folding chair at a 45-degree to the audience. She sat in another chair, half facing me, and half facing the audience. She reached in, and started gently fondling my balls. In a minute, she was giving me a full-on, firm testicle massage as my super erect penis waved in the air. She knew exactly what she was doing. The massage was firm enough to affirm that I was indeed alive, but not so much as to hurt. Meanwhile, one of the camera men literally held that camera over one of my shoulders, moving in for a close up. I had forgotten all about my shyness about being filmed, and was actually rather enjoying the idea that thousands of people all over the Internet were seeing me.

Soon, it felt like I’d ejaculate. I really didn’t want that. I wanted to stay aroused and enjoy the Masturbate-a-Thon to the fullest.

I guess you could say I got lucky. I didn’t ejaculate in Nina’s hands. She stopped the massage, thanking me, and asking for another volunteer. I stepped off the stage to the applause of all the naked people who had been watching.

The next guy wanted her to demonstrate a blow job, clearly in violation of the ‘rules’ or intentions of the Masturbate-A-Thon. He got his blow job from Nina Hartley. Why hadn’t I thought of that? But, I really, really enjoyed the testicle massage in front of everyone, and wouldn’t have traded that experience for anything in the world.

I have wanked many times to the memory of that event. I spent quite a bit of time on the Internet trying to find the video, but never found it.

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  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Nina many years ago when she performed at a strip club in town, as part of her tour. AS everyone knows, she has the greatest ass of any woman in porn, and being the foremost female ass-man I am, I asked her a special favour — if I can have the thong she was wearing — she got me the one she wore into town that day- a thong – so nice of her to do that

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