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Needle Play

This is so NOT recommended!

Play piercing also known as needle play:. The general idea is that needles are poked into a person’s body without anesthesia for a kind of painful pleasure. This is definitely not for everyone. But for those who enjoy such things, needles can be pushed through nipples, exterior and interior labia, skin or tip of the penis, clitoris, or scrotum, at just about any angle as long as they don’t puncture internal organs. One place that can be problematic however, is the corposa cavernose, the large spongy areas in the penis that fill with blood to cause erections. When punctured, they bleed excessively and can heal poorly.

Some men will place needles in their scrotums, and some have been known to push needles through their testicles. This is risky business. Getting an infection inside your body this way is not only embarrassing, but potentially deadly.

Some people will push a single needle through a small area. Others will stick a dozen or more needles deep into themselves.

A place to start for men is to push one from just inside the meatus (peehole) through to the underside of the penis, perhaps 3 – 6 millimeters (1/8 to 1/4 inch) from the opening. This penetrates only a very small amount of tissue and heals quickly. Men have been known to ejaculate just from having a needle pushed into their dicks.

For women, starting with piercing the inner labia has a somewhat equal effect.

You might be tempted to use a sewing needle for your first experience. You may find that too painful. Sewing needles are designed not to poke through skin, so it takes quite a bit of pressure to push a sewing needle through. Many needle play people use acupressure or medical needles. Triangular canvas sewing needles can work well also, although they are large, and can also be painful. In many circumstances, especially if you don’t see it coming, an medical or acupuncture needle can be entirely painless.

Just like other sexual activities, this can be a solo experience, or done to you by someone else. This is serious edgeplay, and you should be properly prepared with knowledge, sterile facilities, a safeword, and be sure you can trust your partner.

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  1. If I trust my piercer, no safeword,hecan pierce me anywhere he likes, and as often as he likes, play or permanent.

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