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Naughty Nudist

by Jenelle Watson

Please enjoy the following story. Although based on true events, the names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. Any similarity to actual places or people is coincidental.

I’ve got this friend, Aubrey, who is kind of crazy. She’s very outgoing. She’s loud, and she’s a real horndog, always talking about sexual activities.

I am, or was, just the opposite. I’m a rather quiet girl.

We met in the second grade, and grew up together. Other than being a bit impulsive, and often getting us into trouble when we were kids, she’s been a very good friend, my best friend.

About the time we hit eighteen, she started getting really out there, trying to get laid by everyone that came along, Even girls. Even me. So far, she had missed the mark every time. Like with me, I think I was so naive that I didn’t fall into her trap. She couldn’t seduce me. I think she scared the guys she went after with her boldness.

I suppose I should describe Aubrey. She’s just a bit on the tall side, has long, straight strawberry blond hair and freckles, and although she’s thin overall, her breasts are larger than average. She smiles big, and always has a sparkle in her eye.

Me, I’m just your average, short, skinny, unfortunately small-titted, Asian chick, second-generation Filipino, to be specific. My parents brought me up rather strict, which I’m just now starting to realize, was a good thing. I always admired Aubrey’s home life. Her parents let her do anything. At the time, I often wished my parents were more like hers.

Her latest thing was teasing guys at the nude beach. We have a beach about fifteen miles outside of town, which, as I understand it, is a fairly typical nude beach. Supposedly, people go there to get sun all over, feel the wind on their bodies, and experience the freedom of being without clothing. Aubrey read up on the nude beach phenomenon. While simply being clothes-free is the ideal some people strive for, there are a lot of guys on the beaches with a sexual agenda, even if it is seldom actualized. On most nude beaches, nothing of a sexual nature happens. Our beach turned out to be similarly conservative.

That’s exactly the kind of situation that Aubrey enjoys stirring up. She likes making a splash in conservative settings. I don’t know how she found out about this beach, but one day, shortly after graduating high school, and right after we turned eighteen (our birthdays are two weeks apart), she came up with another one of her weird ideas.

“Jen,” she said lazily as we were just laying on her parents’ sofa, “I’ve got an idea.”

“Here we go again,” I sighed.

“So, you know the nude beach?”

“Nude beach?”

“Yeah, Sampson’s. That’s what it’s called. You don’t have to wear clothes there.”

My ears perked up. Oh, I’m not all sexual like Aubrey, but I’m still a red-blooded girl. I do take an interest in things like nudity, even if only from a theoretical standpoint.

“Well, let’s go there.”

“No fucking way!”

Of course I’d never do such a thing. Well, in my fantasies, maybe. I mean, it would be kind of fun to see some guys with their dicks and all. At that point, I had only seen pictures on the Internet, and I was pretty sure I wasn’t getting the whole picture.

“Knowing you, Aubrey, there’s more to your plan than just going there.”

“No, I just want to check it out.”

“Go ahead.”

“I mean with you. I’d need company.”

“Not happening, girlfriend.”

That’s where we left the conversation on that day. Her parents came home a few minutes later, so we couldn’t talk about nude beaches any more. Well, maybe we actually could, but I certainly didn’t feel at all right about it in front of them.

Later, at home, in my own bedroom, with the door locked so my horrible brothers wouldn’t come in and bother me, I was laying on the bed, listening to some music, and just sort of daydreaming. The weirdest things started coming to me. Images of nude guys on the beach. Not very clear images, but they were definitely nude. And I liked what I saw. Without really thinking about it, I found myself rubbing my clit, and quickly brought myself to a nice orgasm. I seemed to be doing a lot of that lately. It was kind of a new-found freedom.

Aubrey had said that if you let your mind be free while masturbating, you’re essentially meditating. It is what she called “medibation” or “masturtation.” She said do that instead, and according to her, it is better all around than plain old meditation. Maybe she had a point.

That was just like her, to come right out and talk about masturbation.

During the next couple of days, my mind kept drifting to the nude beach. Oh, I wouldn’t actually go there, but I could see how it would certainly be interesting. Unfortunately, Aubrey had planted something in my mind that started growing.

A few days after that, it was worse. I was actually starting to want to go to the nude beach. Weird, eh? I got to talking with Aubrey about it, and the next thing I knew, we were looking at the tide chart. Yes, tomorrow afternoon, after 2pm, would be good. Right about then, the moment we both decided to do it, I felt quite a flutter in my stomach, and in my pussy, too.

I sure didn’t sleep well. I was just thinking about that damn beach, and having a flood of thoughts and emotions. First, I wish I hadn’t agreed. Second, I realized I’d have to get naked – in front of guys. Oh, what the fuck had I been thinking? On the other hand, I could gaze at a whole bunch of guys without clothes. I admitted to myself that the thought really charged me up. Then too, it might be good for me to do something so bold, so different. Aubrey is always saying I should try new things. My parents say that too, but their context is way different.

In the morning, I was really freaked out. I called Aubrey and said I couldn’t do it. She asked me why, and I told her I just couldn’t get naked in front of a bunch of random people, some of which would be male.

She informed me, as if she knew all about nude beaches, that they are what she called ‘clothing-optional.’ One doesn’t have to be naked if one doesn’t want to.

In that case, I reluctantly decided, I could go ahead and do it. Besides, Aubrey would be disappointed if our plans fell through. Furthermore, what would I do otherwise, sit around home all day?

At one-thirty, we had our stuff, towels, sandals, food, water, and suntan lotion in her convertible, she put the top down, and away we went. I never liked riding with her. She was a wild driver, but she always got the job done. We could have taken my car, but you can’t put the top down on a Toyota.

We found the dirt parking totally full. I guess everyone wants to go to the beach on a warm Saturday afternoon. It took a while, but she found a space a quarter-mile away and parked. We walked in the hot sun to the parking lot, and saw that people were disappearing over an edge. Getting closer, we found a steep trail leading down to the beach.

Walking down carefully, so as not to slip, the trail was longer than I expected. My backpack was getting heavy. Finally, we made it to the bottom. A quick glance revealed about twenty people, all of whom had swimsuits on. I was wondering how well-informed Aubrey was. This didn’t look like anything but an ordinary beach to me. ‘Oh, well,’ I thought as I breathed a sigh of relief, just then realizing how stressed I had been about the whole thing. So, we could have a nice time on the beach anyway. Maybe even meet some interesting guys.

Off in the distance we saw a guy who had skin-colored trunks on. No wait, that wasn’t trunks. He was naked! It turned out that at the head of the beach, people do wear clothes, but farther south, more and more people are naked. Aubrey said we had to walk to the far end, just see what the deal was. So we started walking.

I took off my sandals, but the sand was just too hot. I put them back on. Aubrey did the same thing, The warm sun felt nice on my body, and I felt like maybe I looked pretty good in my navy blue one-piece. Aubrey, was a knock-out in her flowered skimpy bikini. I felt good by her side, as if some of her beauty would rub off on me just by being next to her.

We got to the hard, wet, cooler sand, and could take our sandals off, which was nice. From there, we turned left, and started walking down the beach. Pretty soon, we were in the land of nudes, or mostly nudes. There were about seventy percent men, and thirty percent women. I noticed that almost all the men were totally nude. Probably only around half the women were unclothed, and maybe half of the clothed ones were topless. I understand in France, topless is normal. I could probably do that, if required, although I might be reluctant to let people see how small my tits are. I was glad to see nudity wasn’t required. If twenty women here were wearing full swimsuits, I wouldn’t feel out of place. That had been worrying me.

Most of the people were older than us. There were some really old and fat men. I got my first look at real, live cocks on these guys, and rather liked them even though many were more than three times my age and twice my weight. Not everyone was old, there were some young people too.

We passed more guys of all ages and a few women. I noticed there are really two types of guys on the nude beach. One type is really dark all over. They aren’t what you might call naturally dark. They have been here on the beach tanning everyday. Then there are the ordinary-colored guys. They are actually two-toned. They are blindingly white where their shorts usually cover, and darker everywhere else. They must not get to the nude beach often. Same with the few women we saw. Some were tanned all over, some had light bikini marks top and bottom.

We passed an older, fat couple. They seemed happily married. She was not at all what you’d call pretty. Her breasts sagged low. Seeing that, I finally understood why my mother was so insistent on wearing bras.

I felt attracted to this couple. Not sexually, get your mind out of the gutter. I was attracted because they seemed so sure of themselves. Here they were, old and flabby, on a nude beach with all these fit and pretty people around them, and they weren’t afraid or ashamed to show their bodies.

Then, a hunk came along quite close to us. This guy was gorgeous. He had a pronounced six pack. He was tall, walked along in a self-assured way, had short hair and a neatly trimmed beard, and was really dark. Not black, but dark like me. He wasn’t Asian, however. I don’t know what he was. Native American, maybe? Somehow, I had managed to look at his face first, but then, my eyes couldn’t help themselves. I went right to his crotch. He was covered with thick black hair in that department, so I couldn’t make out much detail, but still, my heart did a little flip-flop.

All this nudity was having an effect on me. My heart was beating fast, and I felt a bit light-headed. I also had a sort of illogical naughty or guilty feeling, like I shouldn’t be here. It all only got worse when I saw him.

He was walking north as we were walking south. As we passed, he nodded and smiled. I would have kept walking, but not Aubrey. This is where she shines. She’ll instantly talk with anyone. She seems to have a skill of saying something impulsive, yet something that’s just right to open conversations.

“Hey Dude.”

“Hello, there.”

“This is our first time here. Can you tell us what’s what?”

I was so glad she asked!

“I was just headed out, but I suppose I have a few minutes to show you around. I’m Mike.”

“Aubrey, and this is Jen.”


“No, Aubrey, with a ‘B’, and Jen, with a ‘J,’ she answered laughingly

“Hey, ladies,” and along with that, he threw us a nice smile. Meanwhile, I was having a hard time not looking at his crotch. I’d look down, catch myself, then stare at his furry chest. I was kind of hoping he’d turn around, because I wanted to see that skinny butt of his, too.

“OK, follow me,” and he turned back south, allowing me to glimpse for a moment exactly what I wanted to see!

We walked past some volleyball nets, with a few scattered groups playing, and more groups lounging around, drinking beers or listening to music. There were a few beach umbrellas. There was a lean-to made of driftwood.

Mike said “Hi” to several people. He must have been one of the regular volleyballers. At his height, he’d be a natural.

One woman playing volleyball was really unusual. She had to be well over six feet tall, Maybe six-four or something. She was thin as a rail, and being nude, I could see that she didn’t shave her armpits or her crotch. But oddly, there were only wisps of hair, not the usual amount. How would I know that? I’ve seen the girls in the school showers, and none of them looked like that. Without even knowing this giant woman, who must have had a hormone problem, I was secretly proud of her. She wasn’t afraid to show herself to everyone. It made me feel my small tits weren’t such a big deal. But still, I could never do that.

Now she was tall, but I’m short, small-breasted, and Asian, which is probably as weird to white people as the tall woman was to me.

We walked past a couple that couldn’t have been much older than us. She was laying face up on her beach towel. Her vagina was totally smooth, shaven or lasered. He was laying on his towel right next to her. He was smooth-skinned in the crotch area, too. She had one hand on his penis, which was totally erect. I couldn’t believe I was seeing that. No one around seemed to mind.

We came to the end of the beach, and Mike threw his towel down. We set our towels down next to his, and all three of us sat down.

Aubrey jumped right in, “So, Mike, spill.”

“Well, there isn’t much to say. People come here to get some sun and be free of clothes for a while. Nude people called everyone else ‘textiles.’

“I see by your lack of tan lines, that you come here quite often.”

“Yes. Yes I do.”

“So what goes on here, Mike?”

“This is not a sex beach. Many of us here frown on anything of that sort. We’ll see a guy masturbating or something, and we’ll try to get him to leave. Some of us will even stop a guy who’s obviously getting his kicks out of looking at the women. You can usually spot them a mile away. It’s easy enough. They’re the guys who come to the beach and keep their shorts on. Like, they aren’t willing to be one of us, but they sure want to stare. We don’t care for that. You may have noticed a bunch of them with binoculars at the top of the trail. Weirdos!”

“But Mike, surely you saw the couple we walked passed, where the woman has holding the guy’s erection.”

“Yeah, I didn’t think it would be appropriate to say anything. Hopefully, they’ll figure out that’s not right on this beach. By the way, stay clear of the alcoves and the bushes. There have been reports of guys doing more than the ladies want although it’s usually just dirty talk. But there have been reports of unwanted kissing, hugging, and maybe worse occasionally. I’d advise you two to stay together.”

That didn’t scare me, but I took his warning seriously.

I saw a look on Aubrey that I didn’t like. She gets that look when she’s about to do something off the wall. One of her crazy schemes. They usually embarrass me, and sometimes they get her into trouble. I tried to shoot her some dagger eyes, but that probably only encouraged her.

“Mike, what about you? Who are you?” she asked as she started removing her top.

Somehow, I didn’t expect her to do that. I thought she’d stay clothed, at least on her first visit to the beach. As he started to answer, her bikini top came all the way off, revealing those magnificent breasts of hers. Whereas my nipples are small and dark, her’s are big around and quite pink. She has freckles all over her body, except on her boobs, which are milky white. I’ve seen her in the shower before, but never really noticed how perfect her boobs are. I can see why guys go crazy over that sort of thing.

“I’m majoring in mechanical engineering. My dad owns a one-off car shop, and I’d like to expand his business someday soon. He’s behind me one hundred percent.”

“One-off?” I asked.

“Ah, I mean he makes one-of-a-kind off-road racing vehicles for very wealthy individuals. All sorts of varations. He’s even made 4 x 4 motorhomes.”

“Cool, Mike,” Aubrey stated. “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Yes, Jean’s her name.”

I can’t say I was crushed. More like informed. This guy was super-cute, but I wasn’t falling in love or anything. I was a bit surprised he wanted to spend the time with us.

To my total shock, Aubrey then took off her bikini bottom. Her vagina was shaved. That was new. In the showers, I hadn’t seen her that way. I found myself staring, and quickly looked away.

“Hey Mike, is sunburn a problem here?”

“Of course, Aubrey.”

“Well, I brought some sunscreen. Could you…?”

Geez, talk about forward! Sometimes, I wonder if she’s a bit of a narcissist.

He looked startled, almost as if he’d seen a snake or something, hesitated a moment, then said, “Sure.”

She already was up to something, I could tell.

Aubrey handed him the tube of lotion, he put some on his hands, got behind her, and started hesitantly rubbing it on her shoulders, keeping his own body at arm’s length. He worked his way down her back and arms. I couldn’t really tell, but I was looking to see whether his penis was rising. She turned around facing him, presenting her legs for treatment. Then she opened her legs wide, giving a great view of her puss, and acted as if she wasn’t doing exactly what she was doing. Really!

I was momentarily shocked, but I shouldn’t have been. First, this was a nude beach, after all. And, it was Aubrey, and this is just the sort of thing she’d do. But to see my own best friend all naked, and exhibiting her vagina like that. Oh my god!

I shouldn’t admit this, but I was suddenly attracted to her. I wanted to reach out and touch her vagina, or rub her clit, or something. You could see an interesting, and dare I say, lovely transition from a lightly freckled belly to her freckle-free, very white vagina. From her suntan lines, it was obvious she had spent time in a bikini, but not out of one. It was all I could do to not draw in my breath. I do believe my heart rate increased further.

Unlike me, Mike seemed unaffected. I guess he’s been on the nude beach enough to be able to take such a beautiful sight in stride.

On the other hand, once I got my eyes off Aubrey’s crotch, stopping for another glance at her tits, my gaze went to Mike. I noticed that his shoulders, his big, awesome shoulders, were glistening with a sheen of sweat in the sun. Oh, I could eat him up, if I only knew how.

Now, Aubrey started implementing her plan. She enticed Mike to put suntan lotion on her feet, her lower legs, and her upper legs.

Mike complied, adding, as if we didn’t already know, “You especially want to get your feet covered, because they’re particularly prone to the sun.”

She flipped around, indicating her ass needed treatment too. He rubbed on some lotion, and lo and behold, it seemed like his penis was hanging a bit longer.

Somehow, the girl remained modest enough not to require Mike to spread lotion on her lower belly and crotch. She did that herself.

She continued on her plan by asking both of us, but more looking at Mike than me, whether the beach made us horny. I mean, she just came right out and asked!

My response was a lie, “No, not really.”

Mike’s was way more honest, “Sometimes. But I try to avoid any sort of, well, anything inappropriate.”

“What would be inappropriate?”

“You know, a sexual response.”

“What do you mean?”

“Like, being attracted to a woman who’s particularly beautiful.”

“How would they know you’re attracted?”

Now, where was she going with that question?

Mike, evidently being an honest and straight-forward sort, said, “Well, an erection would be a definite indication.”

“So, you don’t want to get an erection?”

“Right, that would be inappropriate.”

“Well, the beach makes me horny, but I guess no one can tell. Have you ever had an erection on the beach?”


“What would happen if you did?”

“I’d be embarrassed. I might upset people. But I’d survive. Worse things could happen, I suppose.”

“You mean like to start masturbating on the beach?”

Seemingly shocked, he said, “No, like food poisoning or something.”

All three of us laughed.

“Well, personally, I’d like to see someone masturbating on the beach. I’d get all juicy here,” and with that, she put the fingers of both hands against her pussy, and spread it open a bit.

“Do you like masturbating, Mike?”

Suddenly, I knew her game. What she was up to. She was trying to get Mike to have an erection! That seemed terrible to me, because he plainly stated he didn’t want that. Well, that’s Aubrey. Sometimes I think she’s a cross between an actress and a narcissist. You can never really figure her out. Even as her best friend, I can’t always tell when she’s really feeling something, or just acting to test people’s reactions.

Looking again at Mike’s crotch, it did seem like she was having a bit of an effect. I think his penis was just a bit bigger than before. Knowing there was nothing I could do about it, I just listened as Aub pursued her game with the poor guy.

“Of course I wouldn’t masturbate on the beach, but I might do something like this,” at which point she started running her fingertips over her nipples.”

The next thing she did was positively weird. She got up pretending like she needed to stretch. To me, it looked like a parody of an athlete’s routine. One of her ‘stretches’ involved facing away from us, and touching her fingertips to her toes. You can guess the view, right? It made her ass open up, and we got a great shot of her asshole. It was surprisingly attractive to me. I had no idea I’d find such a thing attractive, but seeing my best friend’s asshole for the first time in my life sent a sort of shiver through my belly and my vagina.

I was hoping I wouldn’t get wet. That’s always been a problem of mine. As I understand it, most women get just a little bit wet when they get aroused. When I get excited, like when I masturbate, I make a real mess. Ounces of fluid come out of me. I think it’s a Filipino thing. I could imagine that I might make a puddle in my bikini that would soak it through. Not good!

Remembering Mike, who was an even grander sight than Aubrey, I looked back at him. He had turned away from us, revealing a small, tight, slightly hairy butt, and I do believe he was trying to hide an erection. He announced he felt like going for a swim. He turned around, walking rapidly past us a bit awkwardly. He was trying to block the view of his crotch without looking like he was trying to block the view as he trotted toward the ocean and then jumped in. For a split-second I saw it. He had a full-blown erection!

As soon as he was out of sight, Aubrey turned to me, and with glee, said, “I did it!”

On the one hand, I was disgusted. On the other, I was, well, it made me horny!

So far, this had been quite a day, but it wasn’t over.

I was conflicted. Seeing Mike and all the other people absolutely stark naked, threw a little switch in my brain. When Aubrey showed me the inner view of her vagina, another switch turned on. When I saw her asshole like that, all my switches was thrown all the way open. Besides, I was starting to feel ridiculously overdressed with all the naked people around me. The thing that I felt I had to do is exactly what I did. When in Rome…

Horniness can affect rational decisions. After weighing the idea for a bit, I undid my suit and stepped out. Aubrey congratulated me.

Even though it was a warm day, I felt a cool breeze on my ass, and a cooling effect on my vagina. Being fully nude for the first time in my life – other than in the bathroom – was indeed a freeing feeling. Now I understood why people like it so much. To be able to walk around without clothes binding you or rubbing you, well, that turns out to be a real treat!

Aubrey, not being the most empathetic person in the world blurted out, “Jenelle, you have the smallest tits I’ve ever seen.”

I had forgotten about that. My swim suit was padded, of course. I think my face fell a bit.

She quickly added, “And you are the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in my whole life!”

I’m sure she was lying to make me feel better. Or so I thought. Guess what happened next? The crazy impulsive friend of mine kissed me. Right on the lips. It happened so quickly that I couldn’t back up, or object, or anything. Not that I would have wanted to. I actually and instantly enjoyed it, and pushed my tongue through my lips, her lips, and deep into her mouth. I had never done that, even with a boy. It just happened. And continued to happen, sitting there on our towels in the sun.

The next thing I was aware of was something blocking the sun. A shadow had fallen over me. It was Mike. He had returned from his swim, and his penis was small again.

“It’s been great meeting you two,” and with that, he was gone, never to be seen again.

It was only a few minutes later that Aub and I decided we’d probably ought to get out of the sun to avoid sunburn, so we packed up our stuff, walked to what we figured was the border between nudity and not on the beach, put on our stuff, and headed up the trail and home.

That evening, on the phone, we talked about it at length. She was jubilant! I wasn’t so sure.

The elephant in the room, the one thing we didn’t come out and talk about, is that it made us both incredibly horny. While we were talking, I was on my bed, with my right hand idly rubbing my naked clit. Oh, and I had shaved my crotch, something I swore I’d never do.

Aubrey decided we were going back to the beach the very next week. I protested uselessly, and just as well, because truth be told, I was very much looking forward to a return visit. She decided we were going to specifically single a guy out, and get him to have an erection. Just for fun, you understand. And damn if I didn’t want to go along with it!

Next Saturday found us on the beach again. as soon as we crossed what appeared to be the border, we took off our bikinis and stuffed them in our backpacks, almost casually striding further south along the wet, compacted sand just past where the water was lapping. I felt all at the same time as if I was doing something ‘naughty,’ and the coolness of the breeze on my naked butt, and also a sort of pride, that here was me, Jenelle Watson, naked as the day I was born, in front of people, and enjoying it! Is there a bit of an exhibitionist streak in me? I guess so!

It didn’t take Aubrey long to find our target. This was a very black gentleman, about thirty years old. Why she picked him, I don’t know. I think she thought of him as exotic. He was beautiful, I’ll hand you that. He was medium tall, had short hair, dark, penetrating but joyful eyes, and had the most amazing penis. It was a bit blacker than he was, and was not circumcised. His foreskin came to a point at the tip of his penis. You could see everything plainly, even his hanging down balls, because he was totally shaved, or maybe even lasered down there. Again, my crotch felt a tingle that extended up into my belly, and part-way up my spine. I’d never been fucked, but I could imagine that thing inside me. I could have masturbated right then and there!

Aubrey quickly caught him in our web. She did the same needing sunscreen routine, followed by the fake stretching thing. But this guy, Sherman, stayed soft.

Leave it to Aubrey. She came right out and said, “I’ve never seen an uncircumcised dick. Yours looks intriguing,” at which point, without asking, she reached out and touched it. This was similar to a customer in a store looking at a sweater or something. You just want to feel the material. So she did!

Sherman gasped, “Oh, my!”

To his credit he didn’t back off. He kind of presented himself so she could keep touching it.

Aubrey continued to fondle his penis, and within moments, he became hard. His blackish-purple tip was starting to push out of that beautiful foreskin of his. While this was happening, I had the surprising emotion of jealousy. I really badly wanted to touch him too, but didn’t know what to do about it.

Sherman interrupted my trance. “Ladies, we can’t do this here. Come with me.”

He led us down the beach a bit further, then to a sort of trail that led back up the cliff a bit. There, he found a private place surrounded by bushes just tall enough that we couldn’t be seen. He had gone soft on our little walk.

I felt like we were in over our heads at this point, but Aubrey seemed to be totally in charge. She instructed him to lay down on a towel she had in her pack, and sat cross-legged next to his waist. She then touched his penis again, and started pulling the foreskin up and down.

He was hard in an instant. I couldn’t resist, and placed my fingers very lightly on his balls. It was the first time in my life I had touched a scrotum. I had heard that guys are very sensitive there, so I touched him very lightly. He didn’t exactly flinch, but his balls seemed to draw up closer to his body in response. I let go.

“Please, continue!”

So I did. After a few minutes, while Aubrey continued to move his foreskin up and down, I became a bit relaxed about hurting him, and started feeling for the balls inside the sack, kind of squishing them around. I found the whole situation fascinating.

Suddenly, Sherman sat bolt upright, almost shouting, “Not yet.”

I guessed he was getting close to orgasm. He then reached forward as if he was going to hug Aubrey.

“No way Sherman. This is all for you.”

I didn’t get it at first, then I understood. Her thing was to get guys hard. She wasn’t ready to make out with strangers or anything like that. On the other hand, I think she realized she had already crossed a line. For Sherman, we both knew, she had to finish what she started.

She had him lay down again. Before she could touch his penis, I jumped in, and wrapped the fingers of my right hand around it. What a remarkable feeling! His penis was remarkably warm. And, oddly, it seemed hard and soft at the same time. The minute I moved his foreskin up and down a bit, I knew I’d be in love with penises for the rest of my life!

I though Aubrey would touch his balls or something, but she just stared at him and me with a hypnotized look. I seemed to naturally understand that moving the skin of his penis up and down would be the right thing to do. Suddenly, he tensed all up. At first I was concerned, but realized he was about to orgasm. It wasn’t much different than the way I tense up. I was looking at his scrunched up face, and then noticed a wet feeling on my hand. Looking back at my hand, I saw what was happening. He was ejaculating on me! How cool was that?!

I tried continuing rubbing him up and down, but he put his hand over mine, saying two simple words, “Thank you!”

When we were done, Sherman wanted to exchange phone numbers. I was all set to do that, but Aubrey stepped in and said, “No Sherman, this was a one-time thing.” He seemed OK with that.

We went again the next Saturday. I’ll tell you all about that in a minute, but first, let me tell you what happened Tuesday evening.

Aubrey came over after school. My parents were out doing some sort of wine tasting event, and all my brothers were at some stupid football game, so we had the place to ourselves.

As we just lolled around on my bed, we got to talking about the beach experiences, of course. We both admitted that it made us horny.

Aubrey came right out and said she masturbated Saturday evening. No surprise, coming from her. She’s talked about masturbating before. What was different, is that I admitted masturbating Saturday evening also. Oh, I masturbate plenty, but that was the first time in my life I ever said it to anyone. And yet, it was so natural in the moment. I just told her, the same way I might talk about a skirt I wore.

Leave it to Aubrey to ask me how I masturbated. I didn’t really want to tell her. Besides, exactly how do you answer that question?

After a moment of silence, she asked, “I mean, do you hump against pillows? Do you use toys? Do you use your fingers? Do you stick them inside yourself or just rub your clit?”

Geez! To shut her up, I simply said, “Fingers.”

“Cool, me too! Just talking about it makes me so horny.”

If she had asked, I might have had to admit it made me horny too.

“If I was in my own room, I’d be rubbing one out right now.”

Coming from me, this is weird, “Go ahead, I won’t look.” And, as I said it, I realized I would look, and I’d love it!

“No, really? Do it here?”

“Sure, we’re all adults here, right?”

“Well, I’d feel weird if I was the only one.”

That set me back. What should I say? What should I do?

“You mean, you want to masturbate together?”

“Well, actually.”

I thought about it for a minute. The idea that it was a lesbian thing crossed my mind. It also crossed my mind that even if it was a lesbian thing, what’s so wrong with that? And it certainly would be fun. A fascinating experience with Aubrey. Why not?



Another first happened for me. For the first time in my life, I took the lead with Aubrey. I must have been even hornier than her, for a change. I didn’t answer in words. I pulled off my sweat pants. She may have been surprised that I had nothing on underneath. Perhaps I was secretly thinking something like this could happen. If so, I was keeping it a secret even from myself.

Aubrey followed suit, not only taking off her bottom, but her T-shirt and bra, too. I then did the same. So, here we were, two naked girls, together, with sex on our minds! I figured we’d probably just masturbate side-by-side. That would be excellent.

But, it wasn’t to be. Aubrey leaned over and kissed me. Just like on the beach, I kissed her back, and it turned into Frenching. Big-time Frenching. Five minutes later, I felt her hand on my little left boob. And, it felt good! No one, ever, had touched me like that, and it was magical! A moment later, she broke our kiss to replace her hand with her mouth on my nipple. I found myself shivering. Maybe it was some sort of fear. I don’t know, but I certainly liked what was happening.

Although somewhat ungainly, I leaned over, and kissed one of her big nipples. I felt it harden in my mouth. I kissed her other nipple. I started gently biting. She told me to keep going, as she laid straight out on my bed. I leaned over her, and nibbled on the other nipple. Without deciding consciously, my other hand found itself on top of her cunt, and I was automatically rubbing my fingers lightly up and down her slit. She, too, was shivering. Almost like jittering. Her legs were out of control, and at the same time, I was still shaking and my knees felt weak. My stomach felt weak, too. It was a feeling like adrenaline, but not that, something more sexual, She broke off, and went down on my pussy, licking between my labia, and before long, she found my clit, sucking it gently into her lips, and eventually tonguing it. That got me. My shivering got worse and worse, and turned into the best series of orgasms I ever had.

As I slowly came back down to earth, I started to figure out what Aubrey was saying. It seems I had squirted juice over her mouth and face as I came. There was a puddle a foot in diameter on my bedspread. As I mentioned, I do have a lot of juice.

I was hoping she wouldn’t be disgusted. On the contrary, she was delighted. She asked how I did that. She wanted to be as wet. I couldn’t tell her how it’s done. I have no idea.

Since I had no words for her, I figured it would be better to demonstrate to the best of my ability. I kissed her lips, but instead of Frenching again, I moved down to her chin, then her neck, then a breast, then her stomach, finally finding her vagina. It certainly smelled nice! Then I tasted it. I was surprised how attractive the taste was. There wasn’t really much taste, but I wanted it, whatever it was, very much. I felt her rubbery inner labia in my lips, and reached my tongue deep into her slit, seeking whatever juice I could find. Truly, she wasn’t nearly as wet as I get, but I was not thinking much about volume at that time. I was in heaven. I could kiss this girl for the rest of my life, and forever. Her slight shivering turned into huge shudders as her orgasm crashed over her. She unconsciously trapped my head between her powerful thighs, and I was concerned she’d crush me. She kept cuming and cuming. I thought her orgasm and all her shaking, moaning and outright yelling was going to last forever.

We woke up an hour later, not realizing we had fallen asleep in each others arms.

On Saturday, we took our new level of friendship back to the beach.

Nothing much was happening for a while. The tide was higher, and I guess people knew that, and mostly stayed away. There were only about twenty people on the whole beach. Then we came across two guys walking together. Aubrey wanted to look for someone else, thinking they were gay. Realizing that they were the only prospects, unless we wanted some 60-year-old flabby guys, she decided to zoom in.

One of the two was tall, like 6’2″ or so, very thin, and had long, black curly hair, and a matching beard. The other guy was more regular at perhaps 5’10” and just a bit pudgy, which I found oddly attractive. He had some kind of a familiar look, like maybe I’d seen him at school or something. Maybe if I had seen him with clothes on, I’d recognize him. Was he a bagger at the grocery store? No, that wasn’t it. Both were older, like maybe 24 or 26 years old. But we weren’t in a position to be picky.

What was supposed to happen is that we were going to play the erection game again. We’d get these guys hard, and maybe play with their dicks a bit. But, we had agreed in advance, no matter, what, we wouldn’t let it go any further than that.

We ended up in the bushes, and sure enough, we got them both hard. I don’t recall how it happened, but from there, we ended up back in the parking lot in the shorter guy’s bus. He had a big silver touring bus and it was spectacular inside. I’ve never seen anything like it. Shiny woodwork, fancy ceiling, gold-plated water faucets, expensive wine glasses, the whole works. There were several guitars scattered around. Evidently, these guys had some money.

Suddenly, I realized who he was. Justin Carpenter! I was in Justin Carpenter’s bus. I was with Justin Carpenter! Then the other guy, that was Jimmy McElroy, the band’s drummer! Justin Carpenter and Jimmy McElroy, and we were hanging with them. Unbelievable!

Now, I was momentarily embarrassed at how we had played the erection game with them on the beach, and I said so.

To my relief Jimmy said, “No worries, we enjoyed that.”

Aubrey asked why they invited us to the bus. She thought they’d have a million groupies, girlfriends, or what-not.

Justin answered, “Groupies, yes, but we don’t touch them. Girlfriends, unfortunately no. We practice and travel too much. Someday, we hope…”

“Yeah,” Jimmy interjected. “Justin, I, and the rest of the guys, figure we’ll do our music thing, and then retire in ten years. We’re focused.”

“Where are the rest of the band?

“They’re on the other bus. We have two of them. The other bus has the band’s logo on it, so in that bus, you never get any peace. They went shopping or something. We prefer to go incognito, like how we were on the beach today. No one knew us without clothes,” Jimmy laughed.

Justin added, “Sometimes people recognize me, and unless I’m with the band, I can say, ‘No, I just look like Justin Carpenter.'”

“Same here,” said Jimmy. “I play the ‘I’m somebody else’ game, too. People generally believe it. They’re kind of disappointed that I’m not really Jimmy McElroy.”

We all laughed.

Meanwhile, Aubrey had taken her bikini off again. It felt sexual. Too sexual, I became concerned imagining the cliche scenario that was likely to follow.

Justin said, “Hey Aubrey, you don’t owe us anything. We loved the spectacular attention down on the beach, but we’d never take advantage of you, or anyone.”

Jimmy said, “Yeah.”

That did me in. Suddenly, I knew that anything that might happen with these guys, it would be exactly what it should be.

In a second, I was out of my bikini, too.

Moments later, we were all naked, rolling around on Justin’s big bed in the back of the bus. Aubrey seems to have paired up with Justin, which was perfect, because I thought Jimmy was much sexier, and he seemed to like me. Jimmy started sucking on my little tits. I mentioned that I thought they were too little.

He replied that he was beside himself with joy, because he always imagined being with a small-breasted Asian girl.


On that late afternoon, I sucked a cock for the first time in my life, and loved it. I had no idea that having such a large, warm, soft and at the same time hard thing so totally filling your mouth could be so wonderful. I started playing with taking his penis really deep, and found that while I almost gagged, I didn’t and it was very, very nice. As he was starting to get close to orgasm, he had me stop. I kind of knew what was coming, and was fine with it.

He asked Justin, who had been busy with Aubrey in a similar way, whether there were any rubbers in the bus. Justin reached into a drawer next to the bed and pulled out two of them, plus a bottle of lube.

Jimmy tore open a packet, and I watched, fascinated, as he expertly unrolled the thing on his rock-hard, circumcised penis. I could barely wait for him to finish, and literally jumped his bones. Oh, I wanted him inside me so badly at that moment. As he laid on his back, I climbed aboard, finding his penis with one hand, and guiding it into me. Oh my god, it was so fulfilling! Not only that, but as we fully connected, I settled down on top of his warm body, and we hugged and hugged. By itself, it was the best hug of my life, but beyond that, I felt him inside me. I thought the first time was supposed to hurt a bit. For me, at least, it didn’t hurt at all. It was pure heaven! We mostly held still for quite a while, then instinct took over, and I was riding on top of him, banging his rather large cock into my cunt as far as it would go.

Looking back, it is surprising that I orgasmed before he did, although he came even as I was in the last throes of my orgasm. I felt slight pulsations inside me, and it was absolutely wonderful. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t wanted this all my life. I was certainly going to want it all the rest of my life!

As Jimmy and I settled down, Justin and Aubrey were still going gangbusters. He had her on her knees, and was fucking her from behind. Even though I had just been so satisfied with Jimmy, I was enthralled watching those two. He came first, asked her to roll over, then kissed and kissed her puss until she, too, had a crashing orgasm.

We laid around in the bed for a while. At one point, Justin sucked Jimmy’s cock a little bit. They were too spent to get serious about it, but I found it fascinating that they could do something so ‘gay’ and not be concerned that we were watching.

Hours later, we were sitting around the table in the big bus, drinking root beer and eating some snacks that the guys pulled out of their fridge. I was expecting wine, but Justin said the whole band doesn’t drink. They’re all concerned they’d ruin a good thing by going off the deep end. Good choice, guys!

To my absolute amazement, Jimmy wanted my phone number, and gave me a special private number that he promised to answer right away. Justin and Aubrey exchanged numbers also.

A day later Jimmy phoned, and it seems they wanted us on the bus with them. They are two weeks into a eight week concert tour, and have invited us to come along. Aubrey’s parents not only supported her decision to go along, they cheered it. Seems they are fans of Justin too.

My mom, on the other hand went nuts. She knew of the band too, of course. I cried, because it seemed there was no way I could tour with them. I really, really cried. A bit later, my mom knocked on my bedroom door. Even though I hated her in that moment, I told her to come in. She had read up on the band on Wikipedia and elsewhere, and said, “Sweetie, as hard as I looked for dirt, those boys have nothing but praise everywhere I look. I want you to be happy. Don’t even think twice about climbing on that bus. Just do it!”

The next day, Justin drove up in the big bus with Jimmy and Aubrey on board. My dad ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ as Justin gave him a quick tour of all the mechanical aspects, especially pointing out the safety features. My parents hugged me, and sent me on my way.

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