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My Wife’s Experiment

My wife's crazy sexual experiment

We’ve been married for three years. Sex is still good, but it isn’t as exciting as it once was. Recently, Junie has come up with something that we’ve been experimenting with, and it really put the spark back into our bedroom.

She wants to fall asleep connected. We’ve been trying with varying degrees of success. That turns out to be more difficult than you might think. We’ve worked out the basics, though.

We stay up an hour extra late.

We do some foreplay, then we fuck in the ordinary way for a while. We never use lube. She generates plenty on her own. I understand that that’s not always the case with women.

We don’t allow ourselves to orgasm. Especially me.

Then, we take a ten-minute break. We watch a little CNN or something. Then she gets me hard again with a little handjob, or maybe she blows me a bit. She says she likes tasting her own girl-juice on my rod.

Once I’m hard, We lay together in various positions. Spoons seems to work fairly well. With her on top is even better. Then we go to sleep. She’s small enough that her weight doesn’t bother me. I’ve done it three times now. I fall asleep while I’m in her. The problem is, a few minutes later, I go soft, and it falls out. We’re still working on that part.

One thing we tried recently is anal sex for the purpose of falling asleep connected. I love putting my dick in her tiny, tight, sort of greasy (in a good way) hole. She has an almost immediate orgasm from that. It’s all I can do to keep from cumming at that moment. If I manage to not orgasm, it’s hard to fall asleep, because I get in this mood where I really, really want to ejaculate. But we actually do fall asleep sometimes, and perhaps due to the pressure of her small pink anus, I do stay hard. I don’t know exactly, because I was asleep after all, but she told me that yesterday night, I stayed hard in her for almost an hour.

2 thoughts on “My Wife’s Experiment

  1. nice. story. the anal part mad me wet.

  2. Amazing that you could stay hard for an hour without any movement. Back at my sexual peak I could stay hard for an hour or longer but there was always some action going on keeping me up.

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