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My Mother Went Crazy on My Birthday

My mom was always very outspoken. I think that’s why my father left when I was five years old. She just overwhelmed him. No surprise, She’s awesome, but by gosh, she can really cause people to rise in anger, break into fits of laughter, be shocked, or blush. She just comes right out and says things. I love her anyway. The things she would say used to embarrass me terribly. She’d talk about things like sex and masturbation with just about anyone. You could tell it would make them squirm, but that didn’t stop her.

Like, in a line at a grocery store, she would just start talking to some strange guy. Out of nowhere, she might tell him he ought to play the saxophone. He’d ask why, and she’d say it’s a very sexy instrument, and rub her crotch. Really!

She used to do other things, like sun herself totally naked in the back yard. You have to understand, we don’t have fences between us and the neighbors. Fortunately, she’s a good looking lady, with dark, curly hair and big breasts. Not unlike Betty Boop. Still, I can only imagine what the neighbors, all conservative types, much have thought.

Lately, I’ve come to admire her spirit, even though I’m just the opposite. I’m shy. Being 6’4″ tall and skinny as a pencil doesn’t help. I’m always self-conscious about that.

Now, I have to tell you, she was always perfectly behaved around me. I mean, growing up, she wasn’t kissing me, or anything sexual. Of course not. She was my mother, after all, right?

But, the minute I turned eighteen, she went fucking crazy. On my very birthday, she offered me a massage. That seemed kind of weird, even for her. I accepted, especially since I had a sore back from shoveling snow.

I stripped down to my underwear, figuring that was OK. I mean, after all, she was a nudist. She unfolded the old massage table that has never been used since I’ve been alive that I know of, threw a sheet on it, and had me lay face down. She went to work, and I have to admit it was very nice. She soothed my lower back very nicely.

I noticed her hands slipping under the elastic of my underpants a couple of times, but didn’t realize what was going on. After all, she was just continuing the massage on my upper butt, and it felt rather nice. So nice, I felt myself getting a bit of an erection. I didn’t think much about it. After all, I was laying face down. Come to remember, the reason I didn’t think much about it is that I didn’t really notice. It just started happening.

Then it got really weird. She stopped the gluteal rubbing, putting one had on either side of the elastic band, saying, “Scrunch up off the table a bit, will you Sammy?”

I always do what she asks, and still didn’t think much about it, so I lifted myself up a couple of inches.

Whoosh, she pulled down my underwear, almost catching my hardened penis in the process. She continued, working my underpants down my legs and off my feet.

“There, that’s better.”

I don’t think she saw my woodie. I certainly hoped not. It seemed quite inappropriate under the circumstances. As to the removal of my underwear, I still didn’t really catch on. I figured being a nudist, she just felt they were in the way or something.

She continued the massage for a couple of minutes, making obvious use of the better access to my ass.

Then she started kind of lightly rubbing her finger in my upper ass crack. This didn’t help the erection situation. I was thinking that little ass crack ticlking motion was quite erotic. But, Geez! It was my mom! She stopped doing that, and pushed my legs apart a bit, so my feet were hanging off the sides of the table.

Suddenly, I felt something on the bottom of my scrotum. My mom was deliberately touching my sack! Worse, she moaned, “Mmm, nice!”

I don’t know why, but I let her keep going. Actually, I do know why. First, it was my mother, and I trust her totally. Then, I wasn’t sure what a better reaction might be. There was no need to be angry. I was only shocked, that’s all. But the real reason is it felt really, really good.

I hadn’t experienced anything from the opposite sex yet. I mean, I was now eightteen, but I think due to being so shy, I just hadn’t hooked up with any girls.

I didn’t even allow myself to think where this might be going. I just let Mom continue, which she did for quite a while. And it got weirder. She spread my ass cheeks, and ever so gently touched a fingertip to my actual asshole. Oh, my god, that was like electric! Coating her finger in oil, she swirled her finger around my asshole a little bit, then pressed it in an inch or so. I didn’t know you could do that. I had never thought about it. Putting a finger in an anus. It was certainly a novel idea to me. My dick was as hard as it had ever been. I could feel it tightly squished under my stomach.

“Turn over,” she commanded.

“Um, Mom…”

“It’s not like I’ve never seen an erection before, Sammy, my boy. Where do you think you came from?”

“But, Mom…”

“Roll over!”

So I rolled over, my dick flopping as I turned around, and then sticking straight up in the air.

She proceeded to massage the front of me, in what I assume is the usual way for quite a while. I was starting to figure that she wasn’t going to do anything more of a sexual nature. Nevertheless, my dick stayed hard.

I couldn’t have been wronger.

“It looks like someone needs some relief,” and with that she grabbed my dick with her massage-oil covered hands, and really went to work. I squirted cum a foot in the air.

“That was quick, Sonny!” she laughed.

I had no idea at the time that guys are supposed to last longer than a few seconds.

So, my birthday massage was over, and I assumed it was a one-off. A really amazing one-off, but certainly the only time my crazy mother would do something like that.


She now does it almost daily. There was a time, when I was in college, that it only happened when I was home for vacations. Now that I’m part of the great American workforce, I get handjobs from her every day, even when I’m not really in the mood. She insists. If I’m really out of the mood, she pouts, she begs, whatever it takes. I generally acquiesce, and it always turns out delightful. And perhaps the strangest part is that she never wants anything in return.

Well, maybe that’s not the strangest part. Three years ago, I met Anna, who is now my wife. She lives with me and my mother, and my crazy mother now has two people she gives handjobs to, altough of course Anna’s treatment is somewhat different. Mom just loves putting her fingers in Anna’s pussy and ass, rubbing and wiggling like crazy, bringing my wife to even better orgasms than I manage with her in the conventional way.

Anna has asked my mother on several occasions to join her for some girl-on-girl fun, which I’d really enjoy watching, but my mom consistently declined.

Next week is my Mom’s birthday. I think Anna and I have a pleasant surprise for her.

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  1. You have a crazy-ass mother!!!

  2. honestly got me pretty excited 😂

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