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My Inner Labia

I love having my inner labia held open

I just love having my inner labia opened up. I can do it to myself, but it’s even nicer if someone does it to me. To my own surprise, it doesn’t matter if it’s someone young or old, fat or thin, or even male or female.

Being a fairly cute person, it’s pretty easy for me to arrange the situation. Now, I don’t want to be fucked. I always make that clear. I know self-defense if it ever comes to that (I have a brown belt in karate), but it never has. Every single person who I have played with in this way has been respectful, and has not pushed the limits, at least not very much.

When I’m paying attention, I can feel the coolness of the air evaporating my wetness when my labia are held open. I can feel the person’s fingertips gingerly trying to hold my pretty folds, and slipping on my ever-growing wetness.

That, in itself, is enough, especially if the person is willing to do it for a long while. That’s all I need to be happy. However, sometimes I’ll orgasm from that, and it’s only icing on the cake. However, once I orgasm, I do want more, and can orgasm several times. I know some women only come once, then collapse in on themselves like all the men I know do. I’m glad I can cum multiple times.

Some of my givers want reciprocation, but a surprising number do not need that. I’m happy to give, too, and will blow or lick or masturbate anyone who wants it.

Every now and then, without me asking – and that’s the important part: I don’t want to ask, someone will go further. They might finger my butt, which I absolutely love, or they’ll tickle my hard little clitoris, or maybe even eat me out.

Oh, and did I mention, if this can happen with a group of people watching, I’m in heaven!

Life is good!

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